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A unique approach that combines personal development and lifelong learning:
Sounds like hard work? It's not!
No need for boring exercises, digging up the past, or painful soul-searching.
You don't even have to tell me the details of "what happened" - unless you want to.



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Helping wonderful people from all walks of to be themselves and realize that they matter!
I'm deeply grateful for being part of personal growth with clients who allow me to act as a "midwife" for their soul and true unique self.
And what I love most is that it's not as difficult, painful and hard work as some people in the industry will make you believe - all it takes is true education (that's not what you think, and certainly not what we do at school) and a human-to-human connection.
No matter what happened in the past, no matter your circumstances now - everybody can find peace of mind, purpose and fulfilment within themselves any moment, and it's super rewarding to help people learn how their wellbeing is entirely within their own power.

My own journey - from "survivor" to a person in my own right, enjoying a life of freedom, zest and purpose.
Having experienced trauma many times over, I went on to study Education, Psychology and Philosophy, have always been training to improve my skills, have volunteered at the Self-Help and Education Centre for Women in my hometown, and worked in various projects to help develop a new understanding of mental health and education, and how the two are connected.
My gripe is that change on an organizational level is painfully slow, so I prefer to work with clients directly.
And it's always amazing what people are capable of once they learn to embrace themselves and go for their dreams!
A better world cannot be created top-down, it starts in each and every one of us.
I couldn't imagine a work more inspiring than that!

I put people first - not theory, dogma or any agenda.
To me it matters who you really are, not who you "should be".
You are not broken, so you don't need fixing.
Together we will create an environment that gives you time and space to meet yourself, experiment, make mistakes, learn, experience successes, and develop a vision for your life that inspires you so that you will move forward naturally, without all the pushing and pulling.
Of course, being trained in the classic approaches, I CAN teach you many tools and techniques, and I CAN use the typical interventions if you want to.
But there is an easier, more natural and more joyful way to grow into the person you want to be.
Do you want to spend your life fending off one problem after another, or do you want to learn how you can actively build the life you want?
Do you want to learn how to "cope", or do you want to free yourself?
Do you want to achieve (someone else's) standards, or do you want to set standards you choose to live by?
The choice is yours :)