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4 July 2019

As someone with a bad phobia of dentists, and only having visited one twice in 55 years, I finally got brave and made an appointment with Maziar at Pearl Fine Dental Care.

I had four wisdom teeth that had been causing me immense pain and problems for many years and it had got to the point that I really needed something doing about them.

Maziar was extremely patient with me as I was very nervous, he took time to explain everything he was doing and answered any questions I had. He never rushed through the appointments and made me feel completely at ease. He is very knowledgeable and caring and has given me great advice for my dental care.

I had a couple of hours of gum treatment, plus all four wisdom teeth removed. Maziar was so good that I didn't even know when he had removed each wisdom tooth, it was all pain free. I wish I had found this dentist sooner instead of putting up with years of pain.I no longer have any fear at all. Thank you Maziar, I whole heatedly recommend you.


Miriam Signore

30 June 2019

He literally saved my teeth and gums. I recommend him to everyone who doesn’t believe to miracles.


James Olney

21 May 2019

I have been visiting Dr Maziar Gorjifar for the past eight years,he explains every procedure and always has he care of duty in hand and I have always come away a satisfied patient.


Rita Boto Cruz

29 March 2019

I have had the good fortune of having Dr Maziar Gorjifar as my dentist in Bournemouth. I have been to several dentists before and none of them was able to properly diagnose my problem. Dr Gorjifar was very effective and diagnosed me severe gum disease and he also explained everything in detail. I had a treatment with him and I couldn't be happier. Excellent and honest professional. Really high-quality services. Extremely recommended. More...


ben beach

30 October 2018

I had a great experience at Pearl Fine Dental, Dr Maziar was very reassuring and explained every procedure extremely well. I’m very happy with all the work I had done and would highly recommend them. More...


Pasha Nouri

4 August 2018

Very professional, Highly recommended.


Morteza Coco

4 August 2018

I was extremely pleased with the level of service and care I received from the dentist. I had an unpleasant experience with a dentist in the past but know my faith has been restored.
In addition, getting an appointment was very easy and my problem was resolved quickly.


Heather Matthews

4 August 2018

I have always dreaded the dentist but when I found Dr Gorjifar he was so kind and patient with me. I have now completed a big course of treatment that has made my teeth look and feel so much better I would not have had the courage without him and he does such an excellent job. Thank you


Sejin Ahn

1 August 2018

Amazing dentist! Highly Recommended!



1 August 2018

My fiance had a surgical extraction done here. The practise was extremely attentive, and flexible with scheduling the appointments. She had some pain following the procedure and the dentist personally called her to discuss the issue. Very impressed. Would highly recommend! More...


Robert Wells

28 May 2018

I love my dental implants! They really do look and feel like my real teeth, except even better! I was nervous about the dental work, but Dr. Gorjifar was calming and worked with me to overcome my fears. He spent time educating me about the implant surgery and what I could expect and didn't pressure me to make a decision on the spot. The staff were kind and considerate, meeting my needs all along the way. If you are missing teeth, dental implants are the way to go and Pearl Fine Dental Care is a great choice for having them done! More...


Nat Bird

28 May 2017

Really Professional Service! Very nice to not feel pressured into making a quick decision on the spot. A lot of time taken was taken to explain all my options before proceeding and some very impressive technology was used to 3D scan my tooth and mill a prefect fitting ceramic crown which is a far better fit than my previous gold crown that I had done elsewhere.


Mahi G

28 May 2017

A very nice clinic with modern equipment and excellent service. The staff were nice and helpful, and the dentist took time to answer my questions and make sure that I understood the treatment. They were very attentive during my appointment and did their best to make sure it would be a pleasant visit for me. I will definitely go to them again. Highly recommended! More...


Dionne Lee

22 February 2017

Fantastic professional Staff felt very at ease Dentist warm and welcoming explained all options for the treatment needed left feeling assured and confident


Reza Remo

19 February 2017

Excellent practice,relaxed and very professional staff. I was truly amazed about Dr Gorjifar's holistic approach and his level of knowledge. I have never had such a pleasant experience at the dentist before. The treatment options were explained in detail with pictures ,animations and models with their respective prognosis and cost.
Such a modern ,and friendly practice,highly recommended.