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Swanscombe, Kent, Kent

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Swanscombe, Kent, Kent


I offer skills in illustration, creative writing and marketing.
I hold a graphic design qualification, experience as a marketing assistant. And I have worked closely with a children’s charity.
I am passionate about writing children’s books and anything arty.



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Usually depending on the type of work I will research and gather images using canon raw images and sketch an idea and then will adapt and edit it using illustrator, photoshop and procreate.

I would expect a down payment for work which is usually about 10% of the asking price to secure the job. Protect both me and the client.

It’s my art that makes me different.
I have never done things for money I still shop in charity shops and work closely with charities. I love knowing that no matter how little I may make a difference I know I’ve helped other reach their goals and there is great satisfaction in that.

My mother passed and was sick for 14 years she always wanted me to use my artistic skills to make a living.

Because I put everything into what I do and for the right reasons. Money is not what drives me. I still shop in charity shops and hope to make a difference to those less fortunate. I am quick hard working and have excellent communication skills.
I have been working with customers for nearly 10 years and my first work for graphic design was at 14 years old. I’ve come a long way!