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Otofonix was co-founded by a retired Board-Certified Otolaryngologist (ENT Physician) who practiced medicine in Michigan for over 25 years. During this time he saw and treated many patients with hearing losses who would benefit from but who were unable to afford the thousands of dollars needed to purchase hearing aids.


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Evie Mabe Talbot

19 March 2019

My grandmother wears her Otofonix amplifier everyday. She truly misses it when she doesn't have it on. It is cost effective and the spare parts are easy to order when I need to order more for her. I would recommend the company and great customer service they provide. More...


Diane Adams

11 February 2019

My daughter bought one for me and it changed my life! Found this company very easy to work with - no complaints about the product or the service! All 5*s!


Steven Corcoran

15 November 2018

I ordered an amplifier for my 94 yr old father and before it arrived he passed away. Otofonix was very understanding and waited for the item to get back to them and issued a full refund. Thank you for your compassion and professionalism. I will recommend Otofonix to friends and family l! More...


John Purdy

12 August 2018

Bought these a few weeks ago for our 33 year anniversary. Kathy has been telling me for years that I needed hearing aids but I could not justify spending thousands of dollars for something that only had an expected lifespan of three to five years. So began researching these personal hearing amplifiers/aids. Decided on Otofonix Elites for features, recommendations from medical research and price. Bought them on Amazon on Prime day and saved a bunch. They work great and Kathy no longer has to raise her voice for me to hear and all other aspects of being able to hear in church, restaurants etc are great. So the blessing is two fold. I can hear sounds that I haven't heard in years and Kathy doesn't have to yell, so conversations are much more civil! If you have mild to moderate hearing loss you should definitely check these out. They have many easy to use settings for volume and modes for blocking out background noises etc. If you have questions please feel to respond to this post or PM me. Also you can ask Kathy Hinchee Purdy and she will tell you how these have benefitted both of us at home. PS Now the kitties don't run out of the room when I turn on the TV. Before I had the volume up so loud that it hurt their ears along with Kathy. Now everyone can coexist when Daddy is watching TV or listening to tunes! More...


Trish Womack

22 November 2016

The Otofonix Elite Hearing Amplifier is a great alternative to a hearing aid. Very easy to use, great customer service if you need it.


Sigmund Ancerewicz

5 June 2016

Affordable, simple to use, discrete excellent customer support and superior sound quality. What else can you say.