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Ortiz Marketing Services offers Website Design, Landing Pages, Email Marketing and Social Media Development Services for any small to medium size business looking to create a digital online presence. Whether you're a small business just starting out or an established business looking to revamp their business image, we can assist.


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Favian Ortiz

7 August 2018

I love working here! Great Atmosphere! And highly motivated to succeed


A great website consists of several key factors. This includes having rich content such as photos, videos, video blogs and a clear explanation of what it is that your business offers as a product or service. The key when building a website is to have it as customized as you would like it to be and having several "Call To Action" buttons across the site allows for more interaction and more time spent on the site too. We also work with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) keywords to see which keywords or phrases will work best for your website to appear on the 1st page of the Google Search results. And if you have a website already and looking to create a new one and drive all of the old sites traffic to the new site, we can set up a 301 redirect so you never lose the customer audience and visitors that you worked so hard to have. We build great websites for our clients, and we're sure that you'll be impressed with yours.

Some questions we ask the client when starting a new project are to clearly explain what they are looking to get out of Ortiz Marketing Services? Are you solely interested in a company website or would you like to utilize our full suite of services as well to create an awareness for your business using our landing pages, email marketing and social media development services? For how long have you been in business? Are you looking to accept reservations/orders online? Are you currently on social media? How have you been advertising your business currently? Are you open to new proven methods of advertising digitally? How much business are they looking to accumulate using our marketing campaigns?

What I love most about my job is being able to leave a long-lasting good first impression for my clients customers. When a business has a website that is fully optimized and ready to accept orders and reservations for the business and is rich in media content, customers will always return to get the inside scoop of your business. Our marketing services also leave a special touch that I love to be a part of every time. When I see my clients social media pages growing and engagements continue to grow, it makes me very happy knowing that a "buzz" is being created organically with real people. Its rewarding and satisfying to know that when a potential customer is interested in your product or service, the first thing they are most likely to do is look up information about your business and then make a decision shortly afterwards. Its what is created at Ortiz Marketing Services for your business that they will see first and we know that we will ALWAYS make our clients look GREAT online.