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Original Movement

Colwick, Nottingham, Notts

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019
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Original Movement

Colwick, Nottingham, Notts

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


We are a team of highly qualified and experienced personal trainers and therapists including sports massage, osteopathy and acupuncture. Our private studio is situated next to Nottingham racecourse. Overlooking the River Trent, it is a truly unique facility.


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12 July 2019

About 20 years ago I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and since then I have seen a number of different Osteopaths but never felt they really understood my condition. I know it cannot be cured but I have developed a number of muscular problems due to it and I felt that these could possibly be helped. Marie was recommended to me and I have been seeing her for just over three months now and have been really pleased with my progress so far. She is very easy to talk to and seems to understand exactly what is needed. She also explains what she is doing an why. I would definitely recommend her. More...



23 June 2019

Marie has been my Osteopath for many many years now. It was initially to deal with trigger finger on my left hand which was making it difficult to drive and impossible to play guitar. She's treated all manor of dodgy shoulders and ankles along the way too.

As someone who is quite body conscious I was initially quite nervous in going to see an Osteopath. Marie's friendliness and professionalism made me feel comfortable very quickly.


Jackie Hart

3 June 2019

My family have all been coming to see Marie for treatments for years and I would highly recommend her. Myself and my daughter have scoliosis so we see Marie at regular intervals. She instinctively knows what we need from a treatment even before we do! Her experience in her field is very apparent and she’s a warm and compassionate person. I also like the way she explains what’s going on in my body. I’d go and see Marie regularly even if I didn’t have a condition as I always leave her room feeling amazing! More...


Tanya Sakhnovich

31 May 2019

Original Movement is the answer, if you want to feel good about yourself, have more energy to deal with your daily tasks, have injuries and are struggling to get back to fitness, or simply want to be fit and healthy. I have been exercising regularly with Steve Aylward for the last 5 years. I’ve enjoyed and appreciated the individual approach to my specific needs and the attention to my fitness regime, which suits the needs of my body and the fitness goals I would like to achieve. Being part of the Original Movement family has changed my life. More...


Ann Micklewright

26 May 2019

Personal attention from Steve my trainer who tailors my training activities to my capabilities as I am in my middle 70's. I feel fitted now than I did 2yrs ago when I started.
I also attend Marie, my osteopath who has kept me going for many years both at this and her previous practice.



Caroline Mabon

16 May 2019

Marie is a brilliant osteopath. A true expert in her field, she seems to instinctively know what I need and works her magic on the whole body to leave me feeling a sense of calm as well as a lot more flexible! I have been seeing her for many years and can’t recommend her highly enough. She is warm, hugely empathetic and intuitive and my absolute go to for any type of ache or pain. More...


Gemma Johnson

13 May 2019

Marie treated me throughout my third pregnancy during which I suffered with Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD) also know as pelvic hurdle pain (PGP). Her treatment was outstanding, her approach sympathetic and flexible and I cannot recommend her highly enough. I honestly would have struggled with the pregnancy without her fantastic treatment. She enabled me to gain more movement on a weekly basis and kept the pain at a manageable level. Thank you Marie! More...



12 May 2019

I’ve received Osteopathic treatment from Marie over many years now. I first went to her after a serious neck and shoulder injury that I’d previously been advised I’d have to live with the symptoms of, which were often debilating, for the rest of my life. Marie’s perceptive skill and holistic approach to treatment enabled my body to heal fully. And I only need to go periodically now for a maintenance treatment. I’ve recommended her to many friends and all my family have been to her when needed; we all highly recommend her. Also the location and the tranquil atmosphere of her treatment room is very conducive to the enhanced feeling of wellbeing I feel after each session. Thank you, Marie. More...



10 April 2019

The team have supported me through injury ( a fractured back), two pregnancies, and countless fitness goals from ultra marathon training, to mountaineering expeditions to triathlon preparation. I can’t overstate the quality and competence the team bring. A truly lovely, supportive, friendly and skilled bunch! More...


Chris Thomas

10 April 2019

Started going to Original Movement about a year ago to sort out a recurring back injury. The trainers are simply the best around. Not only did their wealth of knowledge help rehabilitate my back in a matter of weeks (when I'd seen no improvement going to PT sessions elsewhere), they also provided a friendly and motivational atmosphere to train in. Combined with the great facilities in the Original Movement training studio, detailed training programs and nutritional advice they've given to me, I'm fitter than ever and injury free. Highly recommend to anyone! More...


Eileen O'Reilly

9 April 2019

Small well equipped training studio. Welcoming, friendly and inclusive culture. The PT's coach, motivate and encourage to achieve your goals, mixing and varying sessions to ensure complacency doesn't set in. Sessions are also adapted to take account of any injury. More...


Tony Skillington

9 April 2019

Been keeping fit for several years at Original movement. They fixed my bad back and other problems by working the correct muscles etc that only the best trainers can identify. Every person is different and it’s reassuring to know that the team truly get to understand you and then target the way forward.
I’m no spring chicken but I know how easy it is to take the easy way out and lose your quality of life.



7 April 2019

So friendly and welcoming but they work you hard with sound advice you get results it’s a fantastic place



6 April 2019

Great variety of exercise, beautiful space to work out of and motivating professional team. Love the place


Mary Hayes

17 February 2019

Great up to date knowledge and excellent fun while working hard to exercise


Julie Allen

23 July 2018

The people here are the some of the nicest people I know, and they ALL know what they are talking about.


Sue Toseland

22 August 2016

I have been training with Steve for many years he as help get me fit to run half marathons and after 2 strokes and heart problems he as help get me fitter and healthier than ever. Without the help and support of Steve and everyone else at original movement i can now look forward to a very happy healthy life. Would not train any where else More...


A Google User

25 May 2011

Best personal training studio in the midlands.

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Our qualifications and experience mean we are used to so many varieties of clients. Total support and advice on all health and fitness issues around the clock by a passionate and caring team of experts.

Discipline, however it is not all about getting the body of your dreams. Be fit and well and you will feel more at home in your own skin anyway.
Obviously the harder you work the better the results, but it is not all about looks.

Every day and client is different and it is a pleasure making a real difference to peoples lives.

Our industry is shallow and the training is poor generally. I wanted to put the client first and offer exceptional service with a personal touch big companies couldnt offer.

I believe that our team and facilities are the best you will find.


Bespoke sessions designed and delivered by the very best trainers.

Osteopathy involves a subtle rebalancing of movement and posture to relieve pain. Whilst osteopaths tend to treat back pain, neck pain, headaches and migraine, they can also help the majority of problems related to muscles, joints and nerves and at Original Movement we specialize in treating sports injuries and integrating treatment with functional exercise.

Is an important means of helping muscles recover from fatigue, by increasing blood and lymph circulation, and removing waste products resulting from exercise. Waste products are removed more efficiently and the supply of nutrients to the muscles is enhanced. This is proven to aid recovery and speed up the training adaptations, thereby helping to prevent overuse injuries.

Ultra-fine acupuncture needles are inserted at chosen points along the channel of energy. The aim is to stimulate the body's own healing response and restore its natural balance.

Functional therapy is a cutting edge approach to injury rehabilitation and prevention. This style of therapy not only treats the symptoms of injury but also aims to identify and correct the initial cause of the problem.

Thorough movement assessments are conducted and the latest corrective techniques are applied to ensure the bodies original movement is restored. Individual training plans specific to client function are then constructed to prevent future injury