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We offer peace of mind to businesses. Let us handle your IT infrastructure (servers, workstations, network). We can provide security, backups, helpdesk, continuity, advanced filtering, remote connectivity, failover internet, primary internet, hardware and software sales, and so much more.


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Lisa Hendrickson

29 November 2018

Great service, support, only can give a great review!


Ray Hollister

29 November 2018

They've been a huge help working through IT issues. Highly recommend.


Thor Kutterer

29 November 2018

Great place to get your IT issues figured out, and you can he sure everything is done with integrity.


Dave Jones

29 November 2018

Onyst.IT has been great for our company. We are a small business with only 1 server and 15 PC's. Onyst.IT has taken really good care of us. Our security, backup solutions, support and network has never ran so good. Way to go Zach!!! More...


Scott Smith

29 November 2018

Onyst.IT has been taking care of my computers for a couple years now. They often fix things off site before I even know there was a problem. They are quick to serve and have always been able to correct any issues that arise, usually within a short amount of time, due to their experience and expertise. I highly recommend them for your home or small business. They are, by far, the best service I have ever had for my computers. More...

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Dumping off old antiquated consumer hardware off at the recycle center after installing business grade equipment thinking to myself, "wow that's what they were using for their business?" Can't wait to help other businesses excel!

Definitely the fear of ending up like the rest of everyone else who graduates college without a job in their field and is instead flipping burgers. In truth, that's more of a grateful hindsight... The business formed out of pure force by others around me (market demand), I just had no choice but to say yes to inquiries to help with IT.

Well, first and foremost, I should tell you why you shouldn't choose Onyst.IT. You shouldn't choose us if you don't actually want us.. If you don't actually value an IT consultant.. You see, you can't hold onto everything, you have to delegate or you will not be successful. Specialization is KEY to business success. We know this. And because we know this, you can trust we run our business correctly and outsource when we need to, and don't when we know we shouldn't! We are experts and have got this down to a science. Why try and figure IT out on your own? It's a full-time job to know everything about IT. Trust us, we know! "ITs" quite exhausting sometimes (pun intended!). Focus on what YOU do best! And let us assist you in that! So that's why you should choose us. We will encourage you every step along the way to include us in YOUR company vision. We will become an member of your team. Use us to our fullest and we will help take your business to the next level. Are you ready?