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At On -point based in Kent, I offer a complete range of beauty treatments and services in welcoming yet modern surroundings. Whether you are looking for a totally new look or just fancy treating yourself, i we will give you the attention and precision you deserve.


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Barbara T.

18 June 2018

“I’ve been a student, practitioner, and recipient of massage for 17 years, and I’m very particular in choosing my massage therapist. Roland is the best I’ve found. He’s very knowledgeable, grounded, and tuned into his client. He continues to learn new massage techniques that make him even more expert in his craft. Through my sessions with Roland I’ve come to trust in the healing power of massage.” I highly recommend his service. More...


Roger Christopher

26 April 2018

I'm pleased to say we found Roland a very knowledgeable and professional person, but above all he was very amiable and friendly. Time was NOT of the essence and he was very considerate to my wife's condition explaining things as he was massaging. I would have no qualms recommending his service to a friend. 10/10 - sincerely, Roger More...


My work is different between each session as well as each and every day. No two days are the same, just like neither are two clients. Even though my style stays the same, the work I do for each session varies. Since I run my own business, I also have the opportunity of switching gears from doing the actual service, to creating marketing campaigns, client relations and management, laundry, cleaning, and other business and office tasks.

I had been employed for few years till one day I realized that the only thing I was doing was actually building others' dreams. I had a steady fixed income each month, that's great when you start a career, but I'm a dreamer and a visionary myself and I always knew I was destined for something great. I halted for a second to understand how the world works and it was time for reversing the equation. In the Real World you either be an entrepreneur, or you work for one. On that day I decided to wear multiple of hats till I let the world build my own dream.

My secrete recipe of success: All what I need is discipline, keep daydreaming, thinking outside the box and reading between the lines. I'm not smarter than the rest of the world, but I put much effort everyday to become a better version of myself yesterday. But for every success there is a price, you need to sacrifice something.

I have the opportunity to help people every day they work. For the most part we are all well aware of the fact that people get very stressed out. Just take a drive on the freeway if you are in doubt of how stressed people tend to get. Road rage is sometimes a symptom of an overly stressed individual who has difficulty controlling their agitation when behind the wheel of a vehicle, as just one example.
Massage is an excellent source for stress reduction. I have the ability to relieve the stress of every person I work with and provide them with a pleasant memory to fall back on during other days of the week after they have received massage treatment from me .