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We offer a holistic approach to better health and well-being through the application of pure therapeutic grade essential oils.

Our oil support the body at the cellular level and so are likely to be able to treat the source of the symptoms and any imbalance in the body, in a very natural way.


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11 June 2019

I recently had an AromaTouch treatment with Julie from the OIl Cabin. What an amazing, healing experience. I felt wonderfully relaxed and destressed afterwards and Julie’s calm and intuitive approach put me at ease instantly. Highly recommend.

Thank you for the lovely feedback! ... and so glad you experienced these lovely results

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I love sharing the my experience and knowledge of the oils. Being able to help people make further educated choices about their health and well being. Taking care of of our mind, body and spirit can be very empowering and can also prevent the onset of many conditions in the later stages of life.

I have used essential oil and various natural remedies for most of my life. I used them for myself, my son and my family and friends. I wanted to be able to reach out and share my experiences to help others and teach them the many ways essential oils can be used in their lives for preventative, supportive and nurturing self care.

My approach is to understand each individual and their needs and wants. We are all different and one method doesn't suit everyone for example a headache could be caused by may things e.g. Hormone imbalance, muscle trauma, dehydration, allergy or be stress related ...etc therefore I would need to treat the cause ...