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My name is Nick Lewis with Official Brand Solutions in Philadelphia, PA. My company specializes in brand development for new and established businesses. While we love doing the design, we also value the strategic planning that goes into uncovering the soul of your business and the desires of your market which will help with how we position your brand and develop your identity.


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Annamarie Strawhand

1 June 2019

I was searching for an illustrator for my first book that could bring in the emotion and heart forth in the images of our true story of my daughter who had suffered through bullying and the rescue horse that by faith God brought to her and their journey of healing each other. I prayed for this illustrator to come, and within a few weeks I was able to connect with Nick. I am so blessed to have found Nick and is God given talents. He captured the essence of this story in every single illustration. Nick is amazing to work with and so patient and he added many touches to the story as we went along that was a wonderful experience of collaboration as an author with an illustrator. I am planning on more books with Nick as our illustrator and designer. I am very pleased and grateful with the outcome of our first project together, Pongo The Rescue Horse and I highly recommend Nick as an illustrator and graphic designer for any project you may have. He is truly a gifted artist. More...

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Phone call/email
A meeting (when possible)
Brand Discovery
Design Stylescapes
Begin discussion of proper brand messaging and positioning
Begin design of branded assets
Delivery of approved assets

We'll go through several discovery session together where we will uncover:

-Your goals for the business
-The ideal customer experience with your business
-Your ideal customer
-Challenges surrounding your customers finding you
-Desired direction for your brand

Being able to take ideas, dreams, and desires of a client's business and give them a visual identity. I thrive off of taking someone from an idea for a business and delivering them to the end point when their business is OFFICIAL.


Service includes strategy planning, messaging, and visual identity that will help build trust with more customers and increase conversion.

Streamline the process of harvesting positive online reviews and monitor your companies online reputation vs your competitors. https://www.brandsbyofficial.com/reviewmanagement

Full-service website design for informational website, e-commerce, and blogs. Services have the option of adding web hosting with email accounts included.