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We are the highest rated dog training company in the world. We hold two world records in obedience - longest distance down and most off leash commands in five days. We would love to work with your dog. Check out our YouTube page to see amazing before and after videos.

We offer highly specialised obedience and behavioural modification training as well as therapy dog certification. Our packages include:
*Puppy Training
*Basic Obedience Package (4 Lessons)
*Basic+Advanced Obedience Package (8 Lessons)
*2-Week Board&Train Programme (Most Popular)
*Dog Aggression Package
*In-Home Lessons
*Therapy Dog Program

Off-Leash K9 Training London Ltd Reviews


Review of Off-Leash K9 Training London Ltd by Valli ratnam
5 04/04/2019 Valli ratnam

I have had Leya, now 2 year old GSD, since she was 1 year old. She had no basic manners, bit everything in her sight and pulled my arm off my socket. I was pretty despondent because I also have a 9 year old GSD and I was unable to walk or exercise him because of her crazy behaviour. ( and I mean crazy)
Thank God for Emma Hicks ( olk9). I only undertook the 4 sessions for basic behaviour. I was speechless to see Leya obeying her commands after 15 mins of training and after four sessions, she is nose to my heel and has leant and follows all the commands Emma has taught her. In the mean time, I have also been training myself to be more confident around Leya and other dogs- which Emma has helped me with advice.
Emma is a natural around dogs. She is kind at the same time assertive. Leya loves her ! I would recommend at least this basic obedience package but work on the dogs when we have time. I am enjoying having Leya around me now and actually enjoying teaching and training her. I thank the day I signed up for this course.
I hope to go back one day for some advanced lessons once we have mastered all that she has leant to-date.
Valli Ratnam/ Northwood Hills

Used this pro
Review of Off-Leash K9 Training London Ltd by Justin Cammack
5 24/03/2019 Justin Cammack

We completed our 4 obedience’s classes with Hannah and the results have been amazing.
George our 8month Engapoo absolutely loved Hannah and he’s a completely different pup to the one we had before.
No more pulling on the lead, recall is spot on, not distracted by pigeons leafs and anything that moves. We can off lead him in the park.
He’s a pleasure now to walk and he seems a lot happier when out !! No choking on the lead and pulling my arm off.
Hannah was great, friendly and has a natural love for the dogs she trains.
Thanks for helping coaching and train I now realise it’s both the owner and dog you train!!
If you are unsure then don’t be you’ll be amazed by the results ..,

Review of Off-Leash K9 Training London Ltd by Iain Reitze
5 31/01/2019 Iain Reitze

We had our 1yr Old Labradoodle, Gordon with Emma for 2wks and would absolutely feel happy leaving Gordon with Emma again. She worked so hard on his confidence, his sit and stay etc. She kept us updated daily with videos of his training and his progress. We had an in-depth handover on how to continue his progress to having a happy confident dog. Emma has a very obvious passion and love for what she does. Excellent.

Review of Off-Leash K9 Training London Ltd by Suzy
5 05/12/2018 Suzy

We have a 15 month old German Shepherd called Bear and whilst she is generally lovely and obedient she definitely had a lot of work to be done! Before completing the Basic Obedience course Bear pulled like a steam train on the lead, we’d tried lots of recommended methods and none of them seemed to work at all and she was getting bigger and stronger and was definitely in control when we were out for walks. Walk time became a chore, not enjoyable at all and to be honest was embarrassing walking her down the road looking totally out of control with this big beast dragging me or my boyfriend along. It must’ve looked terrifying for people looking on as it just looked so out of control. Something needed to be done it was getting too much. She also has a bad habit of having to charge over to everyone to greet and sniff them and wanting to play, all very innocent as a puppy but being a GSD she is huge for a puppy and it could be very intimating for parents with children seeing this big dog running towards them.

Anyway we met with Emma at Hampstead Heath and she has really changed everything. Bear is SO much easier to control now, with the collar on she is an angel on the lead, she does not pull at all, she just trots nicely next to you with only very few minor corrections now and we are working on not having to use it at all. I can get her to ‘come’ first time and ‘heel’ to sit on my left side. Emma also kindly took the time to do some off lead work with Bear and me, we are still practicing but I can get her to heel next to me off lead and walk past distractions with her next to my leg at all times until she is released which is really helpful when you notice a dog on the lead or something Bear wants to charge over to that might not be safe.

Emma herself is great and it’s clear she is boss when taking over to show us what to do, she definitely knows what she is doing. She has lots of her own dogs and loves them to pieces, she showered Bear with affection and treats and Bear would run over to her excitedly every time she saw her. Dogs get frustrated when they don’t understand what you want them to do as they are so eager to please so when Bear was ‘getting it’ she seemed to really enjoy the training. Emma is really friendly and easy to get on with and always happy to answer any additional questions you have about tips for training etc. I would highly recommend her to anyone and Bear is my baby so I would never have anyone I didn’t trust training her or if I ever thought any of the training methods would harm her or be upsetting for her. You do of course have to put the effort in to train your dog yourself after being shown what to do if you opt for the courses rather than boarding but we didn’t mind as found it really enjoyable working with Bear and seeing her understand what you are trying to communicate to her. Also I found even just Emma doing her thing with Bear for fifteen mins or so during the sessions she was already well on her way to understanding so was a great basis for us to go home and improve on.

All in all we are very happy we chose to go with K9 Off Leash Training and it/Emma really has changed our walks together which are now much more enjoyable and Bear is so much easier to control which in turn makes as all much happier. Thank you Emma and K9 Off Leash Training for everything!

Review of Off-Leash K9 Training London Ltd by Jan Me
5 14/06/2018 Jan Me

My dog Rocky was a nightmare to walk because if he saw another dog he would literally pull me over to try and attack the other dog. He would drag me along the street, frequently pulling me onto the ground. I had to muzzle him in case he managed to grab another dog. I couldn't even take him out on my own because he was so difficult to handle. I had tried him with other trainers using various different training methods.

It was getting to the stage where I didn't even want to take him out at all because it was too stressful. Rocky wasn't far away from being 'put down' because of his behaviour, as the risk to other animals was too great.

But after just four lessons with Off-leash K9 training with the wonderful Emma, my Rocky is like a completely different dog. He is well behaved, walks nicely to heel next to me, sits when I tell him, and most of all doesn't bother with 'fixating' on other dogs. He is a pleasure to walk with now, and strangers come up to me and tell me what a beautiful well behaved dog he is. If only they had seen him before Emma trained him! They would have had a very different opinion.

Off-Leash K9 Training are first class trainers, and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them. I am so grateful to Emma and OLK9 Training for ensuring that Rocky has lots of happy and restful walks ahead of him.

Review of Off-Leash K9 Training London Ltd by J M
5 22/05/2018 J M

My dog just completed his 2 week board and train with Emma. He has come back a different dog so obedient and a lot calmer. Walking him became a chore he would pull or refuse to walk now he walks at my side so now gets to go on more walks. Emma taught him ‘place’ with distractions this has been a god send I am able to hoover, mop etc while he waits for me to finish. He has become integrated into my routine not the other way around & is now allowed free run of our home whereas before he would look for mischief wherever he went. Emma has been amazing she always took her time to explain things to me & my children patiently. Our dog was very well looked after during his 2 weeks with Emma & I look forward to seeing her again over the summer to do some tracking with Him.

Thanks again Emma !!!

Review of Off-Leash K9 Training London Ltd by Richard Goldblatt
5 02/05/2018 Richard Goldblatt

Amazing! Ted our Cockapoo has just returned from two weeks with Hannah and he is just such a pleasure and delight to have in the house, he walks to Heel, will do what we ask him but has lost none of his warmth and friendliness. He is so well behaved, I can so highly recommend this company and Hannah to anyone who has issues with their dog, it's a magical transformation, thanks so much guys (and Love from Ted too XX)

Review of Off-Leash K9 Training London Ltd by Skin By Melissa Coupe
5 28/03/2018 Skin By Melissa Coupe

My 5 year old French Bulldog called Bluebell has just finished her 2 week board and train with Emma.

Bluebell was overly aggressive towards new people and dogs, very territorial and wouldn't even let people into the house. Taking Bluebell for a walk was a stressful experience and she would lunge at people and other dogs walking past. To be honest, taking Bluebell for a walk, was no longer enjoyable and having people round to the house had become impossible.

When I met Emma for a consultation initially, I took Bluebell with me and she saw first hand how reactive Bluebell could be. For people who don't like dogs and even for those who do, Bluebell could be quite intimidating. However, Emma reassured me that her current behaviour could be improved and from the first meeting, I valued Emma's opinion and trusted her. So, I committed to the board and train. Best thing I ever did. I wish I had done it sooner.

The day I dropped Bluebell off at Emma's house, I was nervous. I didn't know whether Bluebell would adapt to her new environment and I was going to miss her terribly. I also felt incredibly guilty. However, from that moment, Bluebell has gone from strength to strength.

Emma sent me photos and videos of Bluebell everyday. Not only of Bluebell working on commands, heel training etc, but of Bluebell generally making herself at home and having cuddles - this was equally important to me. Knowing Bluebell was happy and relaxed was very reassuring for me.

When I came to pick Bluebell up, I noticed a difference in her behaviour straight away. Bluebell no longer lunges at other people and dogs on walks and now heels!!! I have had friends round every weekend since picking her up after her training and everyone has enjoyed her company and Bluebell theirs. Every aspect of Bluebell's behaviour has improved for the better.

I cannot thank Emma enough, she has helped Bluebell become a happier, more balanced dog. The change in Bluebell's behaviour has also transformed my life, as I no longer have to worry about having people over or worrying if Bluebell is going to lash out at someone.

Emma is a true professional, expert in her field, easy to communicate with and above all, a genuine dog lover. I cannot recommend Emma highly enough. Thank you again Emma.

Review of Off-Leash K9 Training London Ltd by Amie Twinn
5 20/03/2018 Amie Twinn

We have a 3 year old Cocker Spaniel who we had tried just about every obedience course you could think of. We found Off Leash and after a lovely chat with Molly decided on the 2 week board and train. Hannah was our trainer couldn’t have asked for someone better for all our needs which were extensive to be fair not only had Toby developed an extremely stubborn temperament he had also decided that nobody could come into our home. Toby is our 13 year old daughters dog and she has been poorly now for sometime in and out of hospital and needs to use a wheelchair. She couldn’t walk Toby because he would pull away from her we struggled with all the pulling ourselves. Toby would become aggressive when anyone new visited the house. Toby also barked continuously when we ate.
Now for the new Toby unbelievable! He walks next to Zoe in her wheelchair off leash! He can press a button to open doors. He picks up items that my daughter drops on the floor. Waits patiently wherever we are.Toby sits while everyone goes out the front door waiting to be called, no longer barks whilst we are eating. Visitors to our home can now come in at first we keep him on place after a few minutes he then feels comfortable and approaches them for a stroke.
Walking Toby for all of us now is such a pleasure no longer having to pull him constantly back or steer clear of dogs and people.
We can’t thank Hannah enough,during his training we got updates and videos our daughter was in hospital for some of the time so you can imagine how special it was for her to see how he was doing and that he was happy and being cared for so well.
Hannah has also been great since we’ve had Toby home she’s followed up on how he is doing and we have been in contact.
So if like us you thought your dog could not be trained please give Off Leash a call they talk you through everything and really care about what they do. You only have to watch his video to see before and after. We had watched them and thought not achievable must be months of training but we are proof that’s not the case.
Thanks again Hannah and Molly for picking the perfect trainer for Toby.

Review of Off-Leash K9 Training London Ltd by Shann Calder
5 07/03/2018 Shann Calder

Duke our 1 year old German shepherd who went for the teams 2 week board and train has come home a fresh and change dog.
Duke use to be terrible at pulling while on lead, wouldn’t listen to any command, would just do as he pleased. Was terrified of other dogs, due to an experience when younger.
Emma dukes trainer has worked her magic and given us back a well trained doggy, whom listens to commands & is willing to learn.
We now can walk off leash, at a heel, knows every command. The monent I collected duke I could see the bond him and Emma had made she’s brilliant & a grate teacher.
K9 off leash have definitely given us our doggy back.
Definitely recommend, best thing we have ever done.

Review of Off-Leash K9 Training London Ltd by Helen Thomas
5 25/02/2018 Helen Thomas

Brilliant and effective training, my Josie responded brilliantly and is a much happier dog as a result of us being about to control her! So pleased we had Hannah training us, she was so good with me and Josie and we've had such a good experience.

Review of Off-Leash K9 Training London Ltd by Deborah Exell
5 16/02/2018 Deborah Exell

Both Molly and Hannah were very professional and incredibly supportive. This is a training school that genuinely knows what they are doing - and they both went above and beyond to help me. Thank you

Review of Off-Leash K9 Training London Ltd by Maja Sansom
5 09/02/2018 Maja Sansom

OL-K9 a massive thanks.. Luna our year old german shepherd has returned from her 2 week board & train a vastly better behaved and well mannered dog. She’s calmer, has great door manners, food manners, loads into the car perfectly. she was a terrible puller on the lead to the point she’s yanked me into a tree before now... it’s remarkable how beautifully she walks to heel she listens and reacts to all the commands straight away and you can see she enjoys us enjoying the new and improved dog she is. Emma our trainer was amazing and so patient. 100% recommendation from us - it’s brilliant

Review of Off-Leash K9 Training London Ltd by Tracey Biddle
5 14/01/2018 Tracey Biddle

I can really recommend this company. I signed up for the lessons and I was so impressed, our trainer (Tasmin) was so nice to work with, explained things clearly (I understood as well as my dog!) We finished our final lesson recently and we miss our regular meetings! We’ve learnt so much and my children think it’s “magic”
Thank you so much!

Review of Off-Leash K9 Training London Ltd by Jason Reece
5 06/01/2018 Jason Reece

Brilliant brilliant brilliant! I am so happy with Off Leash London, they’ve been great.
We struggled to find 1:2:1 dog training in central London, it was always classes & we never got any results. But OLK9 training worked not only perfectly for our dog, but it was extremely convenient for us too. Door manners were a real concern but not anymore. Walks are strsss free now, no more jumping up on other dogs (or people!)
Great communication with the trainer, everything was swift & professional. Thank you so much! We still watch YouTube as we love seeing the transformation of all the other dogs too!

Review of Off-Leash K9 Training London Ltd by Adele Lockie
5 14/12/2017 Adele Lockie

Emma the Head Trainer took my Rottie on a 2 week board and I honestly had seen all the videos of previous dogs she had trained but I really thought my Rottie youngster might be the first to fail... how wrong I was!! Emma really is a miracle worker! She is so good at what she does! My dog, after 2 weeks, really seems like any their dog & I know that Emma treated my Rottie girl like the part of the family from the moment she started her board there! Not only Emma, but all her family! I couldn’t recommend Emma and this company enough! 100% recommend!!

Review of Off-Leash K9 Training London Ltd by Richenda Farrant
5 02/11/2017 Richenda Farrant

I can't rate this enough. After just 4 lessons with Hannah it's like we have a new dog! Bodhi was always a good boy but used to pull so much and just would not walk to heel. Once I got pregnant I literally couldn't walk him as he was so strong he would almost pull me over, he also chased every ball he saw and would go after any food he smelt no matter who was eating it! I knew something had to give...He is now the best behaved dog I have ever seen and our time together is quality time. He gets double the exercise and as a result is much calmer at home. I can't wait till next summer when we can go on picnics and enjoy them instead of dreading them. It's literally changed our life. Thank you Off leash k9 training, and thank you Hannah!

Review of Off-Leash K9 Training London Ltd by Adam Howse
5 13/10/2017 Adam Howse

Amazing results!! We have a 10 month old westie who is stubborn. Hannah really helped us with simple training techniques that results in happy owner and a super happy pup.

Would definitely recommend Off-Leash K9 training to any dog owner who needs some help with their dog. Great service from Molly who I initially spoke to and talked is through the different options, through to our trainer Hannah.

Review of Off-Leash K9 Training London Ltd by Ben Williams
5 05/09/2017 Ben Williams

We completed the basic obedience course with Emma, with our cocker spaniel George. Before, George would run off and constantly pull whilst on the lead. However, since completing our training, we now have complete confidence and control on and off the lead. Emma was a pleasure to work with; welcoming, patient and knowledgeable.

Review of Off-Leash K9 Training London Ltd by Crazy Mad
5 31/08/2017 Crazy Mad

The board and train facility at this place is 5 star. In 2 weeks my newly acquired dog came back with excellent manners and is so easy to take on walks. Newly acquired dogs can be stubborn and hard to train so I thought I'll let the professionals take care of it and make my life with my dog easier. Definitely recommended. Good job guys!

Review of Off-Leash K9 Training London Ltd by srija may
5 28/06/2017 srija may

Spirit our dearest German Shepherd was so loving but suffered from serious nerves & anxiety so taking her out & having guests was almost impossible. We got a super amazing trainer "Emma". She was truly dedicated in making Spirit gain confidence, become calmer, have obedience & shower her with love in the process. The results unbelievable, I'm able the take Spirit on walks everywhere, she walks to heel and is improving everyday. She rides with me on the bus with people complimenting on how good she is. I honestly recommend off leash training, I can hand on heart say that you will not be disappointed. Thank you so much Emma & Molly xxx

Off-Leash K9 Training London Ltd

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We are the highest rated dog training business in the world. You and your dog are part of our family - and we continue that relationship even after training ends. We provide high quality and professional training, yet treat you like family. Check out Off-Leash K9 Training London's YouTube videos to see our work.

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