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Number Wizards Limited are a firm of Accountants and Business Advisors that support owner managed businesses. We are based in South Leicester but our clients are based all around the country. Our clients range from a taxi driver through to sports car manufacturers so you can be assured that we can take care of your affairs.



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Our services include but are not limited to annual accounts, tax returns, payroll preparation, bookkeeping, management accounts, vat returns and company formations.

Keeping up to date with tax payments, filing and other deadlines is key to running a business. Not just in terms of good housekeeping but also to minimise the risk of penalties and fines. We take care of our clients filings and deadlines if we appointed to do so. Knowing your financial affairs are taken care of will give you peace of mind and confidence to then fully concentrate on your business development whether it be marketing, development or customer management. Lets face it, your not accountants nor do you wish to be, so why take valuable time out of your business for a task best left to an expert. For example, its easier for me to do a days bookkeeping than plumb a sink, so I'd rather do an extra day of bookkeeping and pay the plumber.

Helping business owners grow their business and fulfil their full potential.

Like you or any other business person, I felt I could offer a better service to my clients if I wasn't shackled by seniors and middle management, especially in how to deal with my clients. As we are solely focused on owner managed business I can tailor our service individually rather than have a structured one shoe fits all policy. Luckily we have great clients who all receive a personal service.

We are a friendly and proactive firm of accountants and business advisers who to assist our clients from start to finish. We do all the initial registration with the relevant authorities so you have a few less things to worry about. We then keep in touch with you regarding all your deadlines, prompting you of what is required. Our aim is to not miss a deadline.

Our key selling point is that we are not your typical accountants, even when we named our company we wanted a fun, friendly and approachable name and not to sound like a stuffy firm of solicitors or bankers.

We are also members of the largest accountancy body in the world, the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).


Businesses normally have to prepare annual accounts that get submitted to HMRC (the taxman) and if your trading through a company then also to Companies House . We ensure that you meet all your legal duties. ​​ We provide our services to various types of businesses, soletrader, partnership and private companies, preparing both annual and management accounts. This can be for the business, taxman and in some cases banks. We work with clients that use both manual or computerised systems.

Tax is the most important part of your accounting affairs, not only because you need to make adequate provision for paying tax but also due to the penalties levied on late payment and late submission of tax returns. ​​ Our qualified and experienced team will ensure that your tax is calculated correctly, and advise on your tax planning, ensuring you do not pay more tax than you have to. We deal with tax for our sole trader and corporate clients, as well as high net worth individuals like property landlords.

Payroll is becoming ever more complex with the introduction of RTI. To put it simply, it needs to be correct every time and on time. The accuracy and urgency is also important to keep you staff happy. ​​ We take care calculating your PAYE, overtime, holiday pay, sick pay, maternity pay and other things that may arise. We offer our payroll service on a fornightly or monthly basis and provide you with electronic or paper payslips to distribute. We also run the year end and prepare employee P60s.

Bookkeeping and preparing vat returns can be a time consuming onerous task. We can take care of these, leaving you to run and take care of your business. ​​ We can complete your books using accounting software, prepare your vat return, produce management accounts and raise your sales invoices. All you need to do is gather your bank statements, order notes, receipts and put them in an envelope and post to us, we then organise and file these. Each quarter we will prepare your vat return and help you meet your filing deadline.

Starting a business can be a very daunting task, it can take a great deal of time and cost a lot of money. Getting this wrong can complicate matters with HMRC. If you need to raise finance then you may be required to first prepare a business plan and cashflow forecast. With our prospective clients we first discuss your options, and decide which is best for you. We then make sure your business is correctly set up, whether it is as a soletrader, partnership or limited company. We also inform you of your legal requirements.

If your a company director or secretary then you will have several legal responsibilities, and failure to fulfil these has some severe implications, which could include prison. ​​ Due to the nature of the requirements, we offer this service so our clients do not need to get bogged down and worry about mistakenly breaking the law or failing to fulfil the duties that are required of them. We can keep your statutory files up to date, submit your annual return and accounts to Companies House, advice you on your dividend payments and even prepare the vouchers on your behalf.