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NThused Paws has been in business for 9yrs
NThused Paws is all bout having fun & exersize
NThused Paws will;
Go to dog parks
Geeting treats
Moring&Night food
And above all, pleanty of water

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Janet Wagner

9 September 2019

Brittany was delightful! Positive happy and clearly loved my dogs. She is reliable and I trust her to come in and out of the home for the dogs while I’m at work.

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Getting to know the owners furry friend and there daily Routine

NThused paws has inspired me to greet more pups and making sure the pups r getting walked, feed and getting water, while there owners r @ there jobs and cant walk them before hand

Clients should choose me because, im relidable, responsable, luv animals and most of all
Luvs to help out owners when there @ work or just need to get away and need someone to dog walk there pup


I would take care of ur pup & helping out w/ the house as well Walk pup Pick up poop Feed pup brekfast& dinner Making sure the pup has plenty of water Water any plants Getting news paper Getting bird feed if there is any bird house that u want to refill