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I offer Personal Training and Sports Massage in my Private Studio at WN8 9QP. The studio has it's own private shower to enable you to train and then get refreshed before going to work etc.
I specialise in restoring good movement patterns enabling people to perform better in sports or just manage aches and pains better.


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Chris Ashton

28 September 2011

After suffering a knee injury in my early 20's I allowed my weight to balloon and fitness to drop dramatically. Nicola has been able to smooth out the imbalances caused by my injury and subsequent surgery, helped me to loose weight and more importantly body fat, to increase my levels of fitness and restructure my life. Her positive, honest and friendly approach is fantastic. Her knowledge,<span id="moreReview254582" class="hide"> experience and motivation have been invaluable and allowed me to make changes and tackle challenges that I didn't think would be possible and her patience at my original reluctance inflexibility to changes have been (I hope) rewarded by the results that have been achieved (especially getting me running and changing my diet!). I was originally sceptical about working out in my own home but having done it I am converted, you can still get the same results as sweating hard in a gym and the option to go outside (weather permitting) is a nice experience. Nicola's range of ideas and exercises means there is a variety in sessions you might not get in the gym. The sessions are definitely worth the money for the results achieved</span> More...


I use a variety of methods depending on the clients needs and also what they enjoy. This could be bodyweight training, HIIT, Kettlebells or Pilates and Yoga.

Firstly knowing why this body shape/image is important to you and how it will change how you feel about yourself. Secondly just being consistent week in week out and making permenant lifestyle changes to not just gain but also keep your dream body.

I love meeting and interacting with the broad range of people I work with on a day to day basis. I particularly love when some one achieves something they originally did not think was possible.

I had struggled with my own back pain for years and after being advised to get fit by my Doctor I became obsessed with how the human body works and the many factors that can affect it's performance. I began to educate myself on movement and therapy systems that helped me to lift heavy weights, ride my horse and do things I hadn't even done prior to having a back problem. I eventually left my legal career to start my business helping people full time.

I am not your average Personal Trainer! I used to work in a high pressure corporate environment and therefore understand how this can affect your health and well being, and most importantly how to stop it. I know how it feels to be in pain and have exercise be the last thing you believe will help you-I promise you though it will help if done the right way.
I also understand how difficult it is to be told to just stop eating so much food, or don't eat out or drink. I can help you to manage social occasions etc. and yes there will have to be some lifestyle changes but they do not involve not going out or living off plain, boring food.