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My leading speciality is supporting women by inspiring and empowering confidence from the inside out with

1. Life Coaching
2. Career Coaching
3.Personal Development Coaching
4. The ABC Group and individual business coaching for start ups


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Tracy Simmons

Such a great business plan from a very lovely lady who has a wonderful eye for style, colour and is an amazing role model for organisational and motivational skills. Highly recommend it all!


Suzanne Holloway

What a difference Clare has made to how I think about clothes, decluttering and shopping! Hubby really impressed with the stuff we managed to declutter and I am really grateful for all Clare's advice (and patience) ! Launch night was loads of fun and can't wait to see the new clothing range. X good luck Clare x More...


Debbie Turner

I spent a great afternoon with Clare at a colour and style session. A thoroughly enjoyable few hours which has given me a whole new perspective on my wardrobe... starting how I mean to go on with a purple dress today � More...


Catherine Brannan

Clare's energy, positivity and passion for life makes any time being spent in her company a real pleasure. I always come away feeling more relaxed, happy and educated about myself :)


Amy Percival

She can help us millenials too! Highly recommend getting Clare to come and whip your wardrobe into shape - she really understood that I was hesitant to part with some items, in case my career changes from casual office attire back to needing to be suited and booted at some point in the future, without making me feel guilty for doing so.
I try and declutter annually and never seem to get too far but this time I can already tell it's different... keep up the good work Clare! <3

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When a client has the 'light bulb' moment or when a client tells me that they have achieved something that would have been completely out of their comfort zone before our work together.
When a client sees their path clearly.
When a client calls to say they've been offered that new job.
When a client shares with me a new experience which may have just changed their lives.

What do I love most about my job? My Clients.

I believe I was always building up to something but i just didn't know what that was. After a few career changes, personal change and growth and a life threatening illness, this gave me the incentive needed to start out on my own.

Life is too short to have regrets, or not taking the first step into the unknown

I love the autonomy, freedom and creativity that comes with running a business and in keeping with my fundamental core values.

I am a huge fan of Psychologies magazine and after reading a very poignant article at a time when i was under threat of redundancy, i had the courage to take that leap of faith and change. I am now an ambassador for Psychologies magazine and continue to support the community built around the Life Leap Club.

When it comes to coaching, choose a coach you will know will get the job done. All Coaches offer a free telephone call, use this wisely and ask lots of questions. People choose people and if you get a connection, regardless of paper qualifications, go with your instinct.



I offer colour analysis this is extremely popular especially for women undergoing change.