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Norwich Media Ltd

Bowthorpe, Norfolk, Norfolk

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Norwich Media Ltd

Bowthorpe, Norfolk, Norfolk



Our company is a one stop solution for all your media requirements. Our primary services is Digital Marketing which involves Web Design, Social Media, Graphics and complete branding.

As well as focusing on these we also offer an exclusive service which is the use of aerial drones to participate in photography, filming and surveys.

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28 May 2018

Thank for marketing strategy for my new forthcoming book!

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Key elements to a great website is engaging the audience and forming a relationship with the customer. This will in turn lead to sales and grow your business. A website needs to add value to your business whilst saving your business on costs. The brand is also very important and should be represented in its fullest.

What are you expectations? What is your business? Who is your customer? Do you already have a brand?

Capture the moment. The technical element is great but the photo needs to tell a story. Using creative lighting and a diverse amount of lens and shot angles.

What are your expectations? Do you have a brief and if not its not a problem but could we arrange a sit down or voice call to establish your needs.

Preparation, Incubation, Illumination and Implementation.

Their vision! I would need an understanding of there business and how I could work with the client to help their business grow.

I love being creative and working with start up companies and building a brand and product.

I started my own business because I wanted to work directly with the client and form a close relationship with the product and service I'm offering.

I work agile and deliver projects on time with outstanding results. My team are some of the best designers and developers in the industry and they have worked with brands such as Samsung, Disney and Spotify.