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i do all plastering from internal multi finish skimming left to a high shine finish, dry lining, taping and jointing and all coving, externally i do smooth rendering, wet dashing using chips from 5mm to half inch, dry dashing, old stone work its applied heavy then cut with brushes or sponges to match existing buildings or can do my own pattern that looks great when complete, i also do coins and bands and all silicon based products such as k rend power wall and so on, all of the above are left to a high specification that our trade deserves, all my work comes from word of mouth, referals from buisnesses from both the private and commercial sectors always maintaining a good name for myself and my buisness employing quality men that can keep the standards i have always maintained with whatever i am applying.

depending on what tiles i am using the logic is much the same, most surfaces are coated with pva then adhesive is mixed up and applied to pva when still tacky with tiling trawal this gives the best key, then its levelled before tile is layed and pushed into shape then sighted or levelled so that its flat and running in line with other tiles, adhesive can be bought mixed already or powder form, most decent tilers will put all the full tiles down 1st then do the cuts last its a job that cant be rushed, takes time cutting tiles into shape and can be cut with a tiling machine or a grinder again depending in tiles.

plasterboarding is quite simple its cut to size then nailed or screwed to a stud or joist, depending on specification, cut with a stanley knife or wood saw then ruff edges can be sanded for a smooth finish before being applied.

dry lining is plasterboard thats also cut to size but then its dabbed onto a solid wall, board is cut then a wet mix is mixed up there is alot of different products depending on what surface its being applied to, i usually put dabbing every foot depending on board size and weight, board is set gently onto dabbing then its straightened and hit with a level or straight edge until level is reading level from left to right and top to bottom