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Your Landlord

8 July 2018

Theu have a kennel to take care of your pet while you're on vacation. They are cheaper in my experience than Colonial Park Clinic. We have them spay our dog when she was a pup and pull a cracked tooth as an adult. Both times they had a better price and were so caring. I highly recommend them. (Also don't give your dogs antlers because they're more likely so chip a tooth. I learned this the hard way.) More...


Eugenio Negron

8 July 2018

I love everyone at Noah's, my cats will never go anywhere else.


Carling Sitterley, DVM

10 January 2018

Visited Noah's Ark Vet Center on behalf of Lap of Love. I was welcomed by front desk staff and a Veterinary technician. They were all fantastically friendly and even helped me acclimate my dog to vet clinic smells by making it a positive visit for her. #lapofloveveterinaryhospice


Manisha Kirpalani

23 October 2017

Dr. Simmons is filled with compassion, and treats animals as if they are one of his own. I am glad that I have a vet to go to that answers all my silly questions, and is reassuring. I have been going to an office that was more into taking your money, and not listening to your concerns. My pets are my children, and I am thankful that they now have a doctor that not only takes great pride, but is humble and passionate about animals. I truly cannot say enough about Dr. Simmons. Very compassionate, and sensitive to your needs! More...

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