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At Nirvana Holistic Therapies, I help you manage and better your life through the powers of natural healing therapies.

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Review of Nirvana Holistic Therapies  by Rose lily
5 20/03/2019 Rose lily

I will forever be indebted to the great Doctor Tebe for fixing my broken marriage after my husband left me for his mistress for 6 months. I never believed in spells until my friend introduced me to him. At first, I was skeptical about him because I heard a lots about false spell casters but I put my doubts behind me for i was desperate to get my husband back and I did according to what he instructed me to do. Now my husband is back just within 48 hours of contacting him. I'm living happily with my husband again after 6 months of divorce and I will not rest till he's known all over the world. He's also specialize in money spells, lottery spells, sickness spells E.T.C. Get connected with Doctor Tebe now, his email is drtebe2@gmail. com or WhatsApp on +2348140544262

Review of Nirvana Holistic Therapies  by Brittany Correia
5 24/06/2018 Brittany Correia

I received a mediumship reading from Toral. Before the reading even started she felt a female presence that has been near me and I was gonna ask her if she knew who it was because I’ve been feeling a female presence near me lately, but just couldn’t my finger on who it was. Eventually we figured out it was my friend’s grandmother who was practically my own. She felt my heart chakra was tight and that I need to let go of some stuff which was spot on especially since I had unconsciously been taking on my friend’s energy. So it was almost a 2 in 1 reading. Part of it was for me and part of it for my friend. She mentioned a car but didn’t get much from it and that night my friend’s car broke down. It was crazy! I highly recommend Toral! She’s such a caring and loving person who has a real gift!

Review of Nirvana Holistic Therapies  by Payten Autumn
5 21/06/2018 Payten Autumn

I had a Spirit channelling/Mediumship reading done today and all i can say is wow!. Everything that was said resonated and was correct It was nice to know m Grandparents are around me. I would certainly recommend a reading Xx

Review of Nirvana Holistic Therapies  by Aparna Sri Throvagunta
5 19/06/2018 Aparna Sri Throvagunta

I recently had a spirit channeling/mediumship reading with Toral from Nirvana Holistic Therapies. I was stunned and amazed at the messages I have received. The messages were spot on , very accurate and she even gave a message from my friend’s daughter who passed away recently. I got messages from my grand mother , that was a huge surprise to me. I am so happy with the messages I received, Toral is very gifted and amazing. I really liked how she channeled the messages and answered my questions with patience. I highly recommend her.

Review of Nirvana Holistic Therapies  by Amaran Nicole Sage
5 06/03/2018 Amaran Nicole Sage

I had an distant Angelic Reiki session and it was excellent! First of all Toral is just an absolute pleasure to work with, very attentive and sweet. I felt very taken care of and genuinely cared for by her service. And the session itself was a great experience as well; I did feel tingling all over several times, and like a weightless feeling there toward the end, like my whole body was kinda floating out of my chair. And a pretty steady increasing relaxed feeling both physically and mentally. I could definitely literally feel things going on in and around me, and could for a while after the session. I can't recommend Nirvana Holistic Therapies enough!

Review of Nirvana Holistic Therapies  by Olivia Grace Harris
5 Olivia Grace Harris

Amazing treatment given by Toral. Despite entering completely stressed out I was left feeling totally relaxed and rebalanced!! I would highly recommend, I'll be back x

Review of Nirvana Holistic Therapies  by Elzbieta Tritt
5 Elzbieta Tritt

It was amazing experience to meet Toral and see how the Reiki affect your body. I felt more relaxed from the first session. She brings peace into your life and body.Thank you :)

Review of Nirvana Holistic Therapies  by Tia Harding
5 Tia Harding

After receiving Angelic Reiki from Toral I felt very relaxed. Toral also gave information to me that I need to rest more. I knew this, but it wasn't until after the session I felt that I had to act on it. Since the session I have been taking better care of myself and feel much better for it. Thank you Toral for the wonderful session and guidance :)

Review of Nirvana Holistic Therapies  by Eleanor Morgan
5 Eleanor Morgan

Had a wonderfully relaxing Acu Sound Healing Therapy Session with Toral last Thursday at her lovely, tranquil room based within "Gorgeous Beauty' Berkhamsted. A deeply relaxing and restorative therapy using Tuning Forks, Tibetan Bowl and Tibetan Bells... Toral is very approachable, knowledgable and warm. Looking forward to another session soon. As a fellow therapist, we need to know we also have a safe and healing outlet. Highly recommend...

Review of Nirvana Holistic Therapies  by Chloe Taylor
5 Chloe Taylor

Thank you so much Toral. I had an amazing experience when having the angelic reiki. This was my first experience of reiki and was made to feel comfortable and welcome. I already can't wait to go back to try something different. Thank you so much again.

Review of Nirvana Holistic Therapies  by Nina Phillips
5 Nina Phillips

I recently had my first Reiki session, it was fantastic! I felt so relaxed and completely emptied my mind. This stayed with me for the rest of the day. Would recommend everyone to try this.

Review of Nirvana Holistic Therapies  by Cheryl Schwartz Mazza
5 Cheryl Schwartz Mazza

I received a distant angelic reiki session from Toral. It was one of the most amazing sessions I have ever had. I felt very relaxed from the very beginning to the end. I could feel my body tingling with her beautiful energy as she sent me beautiful angelic reiki. Words cannot express how wonderful it really was. Thank you Toral for this experience!

Review of Nirvana Holistic Therapies  by Stephanie Broom
5 Stephanie Broom

Yesterday I went to Toral for some Reiki, walking into her treatment room I instantly felt calm, Having an hours treatment I come away feeling relaxed and talking thought things I now know what to work on. Will be back for some more by the end of the year. Thank you xx

Review of Nirvana Holistic Therapies  by Aparna Sri Throvagunta
5 Aparna Sri Throvagunta

This was the first Angelic reiki session I got from Toral. When the session began my mind was filled with thoughts but with in minutes my mind calmed down and I could feel the energy surrounding me and it felt amazing and very relaxing. It definitely gave me energy boost and relaxed me . I highly recommend Reiki from Toral and thank you Toral for an amazing Angelic Reiki session.

Review of Nirvana Holistic Therapies  by Brittany Correia
5 Brittany Correia

It was my first time experiencing a distant angelic reiki session. And let me just say it was exactly what I needed. It's been days later and I feel more at ease and like myself. During the session, I honestly felt my heart open up and let out all the negative energy that was inside and then the healing reiki energy coming in. It was refreshing, my heart felt cleansed and not as heavy. I would definitely do it again. It helped me get more attuned with my own guardian and archangels 😇
Thank you so much, Toral❤️

Review of Nirvana Holistic Therapies  by Vanessa Guerrero
5 Vanessa Guerrero

I am so so grateful for the amazing distant healing sesssion I received from Tora. I'm deeply grateful and I know it wont be my last session 🙏💕

Review of Nirvana Holistic Therapies  by Kathy Bosman
5 Kathy Bosman

I received angelic distant Reiki from Toral of Nirvana Holistic Therapies. When I went into the session, I felt very tense. I'd had a stressful day and still had so much to do. My mind and heart were racing, and I didn't know how I would relax through a whole session. But soon I felt a warm, fuzzy sensation in my head. That stayed with me the whole time even though I was fully alert. I felt such peace, warmth, and love. I also managed to meditate a bit which I often struggle with. I obtained some direction for my life at the moment. When I left the session, I expected the stress to return, but I felt relaxed and at peace for a while afterwards. What a powerful session.

Review of Nirvana Holistic Therapies  by Payten Autumn
5 Payten Autumn

Just had the most amazing Spirit Chanelling/ Mediumship Reading done with Toral. Everything she told me was correct and it was heart warming to know my Grandparents are around me. I would certainly recommend having a reading done. I wish i had one done sooner!! Xx

Review of Nirvana Holistic Therapies  by Jane Edwards
5 Jane Edwards

The most incredible session with Toral, leaving me feeling so good 😊 I enjoyed the reiki and felt incredible for days after!!! Looking forward to another session soon!

Review of Nirvana Holistic Therapies  by Mery Rainmaker
5 Mery Rainmaker

I received a distant Reiki session. I immediately felt calm and it felt like I was being uplifted. I was advised to clear throat and heart chakra. After the session was done I got a splitting headache, which is indicative of healing, and after drinking some water, my headache cleared. I definitely recommend her services. She is compassionate and has a strong connection to Spirit.

Review of Nirvana Holistic Therapies  by Helen Frusher
5 Helen Frusher

I had an amazing reiki session with Toral yesterday - afterwards I was very emotional and felt that a lot of negativity had left my body. Last night I had some weird dreams but still managed to sleep well and woke feeling refreshed and energised this morning - so much so I’ve been busy spring cleaning the house!
I shall be booking myself in for another reiki treatment very shortly; hopefully no Housework involved next time �

Review of Nirvana Holistic Therapies  by Nicole Desiree
5 Nicole Desiree

I was lucky enough to experience a distant angelic healing session about a week ago from Toral. I wasn't sure what to expect from the experience, but Toral consulted with me before the session and guided me as to what to do. During and after the session I felt an enveloping sense of peace and clarity. For me the experience had more emotional, mental, and intuitive effects than physical, although I did experience a rejuvenation of energy physically. I've been exhausted from my work and family life, and this healing session provided me with the relief that I needed to truly enjoy my one day off from work. But the effects didn't end there. I've felt generally peaceful through out the week, as though the edge has been taken off all the rough parts of life. I find myself pausing before reacting to challenges. I'm a professional tarot reader and Reiki healer myself, so having this little boost of love was really helpful for me in my craft. I've experienced greater sensitivity in my intuitive communication which has helped me to help others. I have a day job too, so managing everything can be overwhelming. But this one session was just so warming to my heart and exactly what I needed when I needed it. Thank you Toral. :)

Review of Nirvana Holistic Therapies  by Melanie Bellis
5 Melanie Bellis

I had my first Reiki 3 weeks ago and what a fantastic experience.
I have never felt so calm and relaxed afterwards. Cleansed infact.
Ive since been back 3 times and look forward to my next visit. Im working my way through them all.

Thank you Toral.
You are amazing at what you do. X

Review of Nirvana Holistic Therapies  by Michelle Renee
5 Michelle Renee

I had a medium read through Toral, and i felt so happy with the results. Some messages made a lot of sense from my questions, but the visions and advice were charmed with gifts. Some unexpected messages, too which are going to be fun to uncover with time. Thank you!

Review of Nirvana Holistic Therapies  by RosyJohn Hicks
5 RosyJohn Hicks

I have had the first of a course of reiki sessions which I have booked and can honestly say it made such a difference to how I feel. It was so very relaxing and during the session I could feel my mind clearing and literally felt myself unwinding. I experienced very hot hands and something like a muscle moving in my solar plexus. At the end of the session I felt very refreshed, and during the following days my limbs felt looser and not so scrunched up - I didn't realise how bunched up I felt until I felt looser if that makes sense. Very much looking forward to my next session. Toral is an inspiration.

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