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Nexus One: Health & Performance Studio

Leeds, City and Borough of Leeds, West Yorkshire

Nexus One: Health & Performance Studio logo

Nexus One: Health & Performance Studio

Leeds, City and Borough of Leeds, West Yorkshire


Health and Performance nutrition, training and testing.

Personal and group training.
Physiology testing.
Health analysis.
Nutrition programming.
Individual and Team Strength and Conditioning.
Weight management and behaviour change.


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We believe health is the foundation for living a happy, productive and successful life.
Whatever your goal, maintaining your health is the basis on which success is built and that is why we make health the center of all our performance and weight loss programs.

We provide elite level support under the guidance of Dr Paul Rimmer, and expert in coaching and nutrition.
We help to educate and encourage our clients into making better decisions and placing healthy habits at the heart of their daily activities, allowing for a balanced, fun and an nonrestrictive approach to being healthier and achieving health, performance and physique goals.
Ultimately, we help people to help themselves through offering unrivaled support, knowledge and experience of over 10 years coaching.

Being able to identify those habits which are likely to prevent you getting your dream body, then working to reduce those habits whilst promoting ones that are going to take you closer to your goals and placing yourself in the best possible environment with the best possible coaching and support for success.
The most important factor in people reaching their goals, regardless of what they are, is to make the desired outcome/goal present in a persons thinking on a day to day basis and to focus on how good achieving that goal will make them feel, not be stress or unmotivated by how long and daunting that journey might be.

That I am trusted to help people change their lives, and that is about as awesome a thing I can imagine doing with my time on this planet!

I wanted to help people by providing a number of linked services that you can't often find under one roof... Especially at reasonable prices.
The only option to offer what I felt was potentially valuable to many people was to start my business.

Because I have an exceptional track record of success with a wide range of people, credentials they can trust and I am genuinely respected as an expert in my field speaking at national and international events, consulting with large businesses and am heavily involved in mentoring/educating other personal trainers in best practice, client support and identifying clients needs and providing solutions to their unique needs.