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We exist to lift burdens from your shoulders. Sounds fanciful but in fact it is very practical;

• you don't have to learn book-keeping or software but you get constant access to our work;
• you can join in as much or as little as you like while we watch over you.



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Core services;
Book-Keeping and VAT Returns

Optional Extras;
Business, Partnership and Company Accounts
Self Assessment, Partnership and Corporation Tax Returns
PAYE for Employers
CIS for Contractors

The key thing here is competence. It is so easy to get in a tangle if you don't understand the book-keeping. Get that right, and all the Returns and business reports flow from that

Get it wrong and there is a famous phrase "Computer Aided Bankruptcy"

Standing up for the people we work for - they deserve to pay the right amount of tax and not live in fear of the authorities

Someone who used to work for the Official Receiver recently tried to insult me - "Everyone there said you had a reputation for not taking no for answer!"

High praise indeed.