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Massage has been my passion for a very long time. I have been studying different massaging techniques for several years now, and I am still learning new skills. I, myself, also benefit from the blessing of massage, by having regular deep tissue/relaxing massage session.

You are welcome to book your massage treatment in your own home, at your workplace or in a hotel.

Every massage session is preceded by a conversation and client’s questionnaire, which let me establish what are your expectations, the purpose of the treatment and to choose the best technique to achieve them.

As a qualified massage therapist, I always do my best to make my customers feel satisfied and looked after. I appreciate how important it is to cherish that little moment when we can just pause for a little while, stop thinking about our problems and simply unwind. Massage session is the time, when you give yourself and your body a chance to rejuvenate, relax and recharge. I strongly advocate all forms healthy lifestyle. I do take time to exercise, have regular massage treatments, because I understand, that is the best investment of your time and money. Let me take care of your wellbeing and vitality. The purpose of my actions is to prove the values I live by: “Experience yourself what a real relaxation is about … “

New Life Massage London Reviews

New Life Massage London Reviews

Review of New Life Massage London by Daniel Ekelegbu
5 14/12/2017 Daniel Ekelegbu

I was never into massage until Marek... Honestly i wish all could deliver as him. He does a fantastic job ALWAYS.

Review of New Life Massage London by RAYMOND LIANG
5 05/03/2017 RAYMOND LIANG

I have massaged with Marek for a few times and enjoyed it a lot each time. Would highly recommend to my friends

Review of New Life Massage London by Cynthia Dunn
5 24/10/2016 Cynthia Dunn

I've been helped tremendously your treatment is amazing that last session Really helped me.

Review of New Life Massage London by Rochelle Felix
5 23/10/2016 Rochelle Felix

I recently moved to London, and one of the top things on my list was to find a massage therapist. I decided to book an appointment with Marek and I am extremely thankful that I did. He is absolutely amazing! Marek is very attentive, and that paves the way for a massage that is beneficial to you.

Review of New Life Massage London by Andrea Franchini
5 13/10/2016 Andrea Franchini

I work many hours and I do a physical job hence I usually have tension
across my body.
2 massages from Marek helped to relief this pressure.
Feel much better thank you!

Review of New Life Massage London by Xavier Penyafort Schmalfeld
5 08/10/2016 Xavier Penyafort Schmalfeld

I don't normaly do reviews but this time I thought that I have to. Marek is an exepcional massagist and great person. Totally worth it!!

Review of New Life Massage London by belinda balfour
5 16/09/2016 belinda balfour

Marek is fantastic. I have fybromyalgia and repetive strain injury and need excessively deep massage to relieve my pain. Marek is able to deliver on this and is very understanding. I highly recommend him.

Review of New Life Massage London by akhi ak
5 18/05/2016 akhi ak

It was my first session with Marek and it was amazing. Form the first moment he knew exactly what Pressure point to press inorder for the pain to be released and relax the muscle. I would recommend him to anyone with auurance that your money won't be wasted. Again greate person with lots of knowledge.

Review of New Life Massage London by kol lok
5 22/03/2016 kol lok

Marek was amazing. I went to a different masseuse a few days before I saw Marek and got the worse neck pain as a result.

I decided to give Marek a text and he responded quickly. When he came over the house, he talked me through what he was going to do, what technique he was going to use, etc2.

He then asked me where my pain was and what the cause of it; then decided to give me a sneak peak of what he was going to do, some sort of a mini massage before the actual massage. The mini massage itself was SO GOOD that it sort of healed my neck pain straight away.

Then he gave me a full massage, and it was even better! I cannot recommend Marek enough, truly gifted!

Writing this review, I am really tempted to rebook!

Review of New Life Massage London by mmt3 M
5 24/02/2016 mmt3 M

I have used Marek service about three times now and I have been surprised by his therapeutic skills as well as his attention to every little detail (i.e. music, pressure, general health and so on). He seems to gently work to loosen every knot and tension until I am left feeling so relaxed and relieved. After experiencing what feels like one of the best massage experience with Marek, I am more than happy to leave this well-deserved recommendation. In fact, I will not be using anyone else in the foreseeable future. Thank you for such a great service.

Review of New Life Massage London by Rob Anderson-Dukes
5 24/01/2016 Rob Anderson-Dukes

I've sought far and wide to find a massage that can hit those deep knots with a masseur that has the skills and strength to make sure I'm ache free and feeling my best. Professional, highly skilled, respectful New Life brings the experience of a top notch city spa right to your home, music included, for a price that offers exceptional value for money and convenience. I'm not sure what else you could want?

Review of New Life Massage London by Ben Anderson
5 24/01/2016 Ben Anderson

We have used Marek several times for a massages / deep tissue massage. Each time he has done an amazing job helping with any knots or back pains and just general relaxing the muscles.Would definitely recommend him to anyone!

Review of New Life Massage London by emin gul
5 14/01/2016 emin gul

Marek was very professional, turned up on time. Polite and gave plenty of advise and what was expected of the treatment. I have felt so much better since the massage and would higly recommend Marek to all others who are planning on having a deep tissue massage. I hope to use Marek again in the future. 5 Star treatment in the comfort of your own home.

Review of New Life Massage London by Jennifer Earle
5 05/12/2015 Jennifer Earle

I found Marek through Google and all the reviews are correct. He is incredibly professional, polite and a very, very good masseur. Highly recommended.

Review of New Life Massage London by rahman iqbal
5 28/11/2015 rahman iqbal

marek is very professional on time.i had a relaxing massage.he understands what the client wants and do the massage accordingly i will highly recommend marek. what ever questions you have regarding your body he will explain you in detail . He is never in rush about time and give more time on massage .

Review of New Life Massage London by Kent Collins
5 21/11/2015 Kent Collins

Professionally trained and intensely focused, Marek remained mentally present for the entire session. I had suggested a ninety minute Swedish massage with opportunities for Deep Tissue work, as needed, and this was precisely what Marek provided. I couldn't be happier with the quality of the entire experience. I would gladly travel to receive such focused and specific body work so it is really an added bonus that Marek is able to travel on site and to deliver therapy when and where it is convenient for me.

I've been receiving therapeutic massage for over 25 years and just recently relocated from USA to London -- Marek is among the top therapists I've encountered and will be my preferred therapist in London for the foreseeable future.

Review of New Life Massage London by Alexia Pisinou
5 17/11/2015 Alexia Pisinou

I found Marek through a Google search and although I had reservations with home massages I decided to try him due to the brilliant reviews. I'm glad I did and plan to continue using his services. He was very professional and made sure I was at ease. I tried his deep tissue massage on my back which has been extremely painful for weeks due to constantly picking up and carrying my baby. I have to say after just one session I feel great. Highly recommend!

Review of New Life Massage London by Dagmara Kodlubanski
5 12/10/2015 Dagmara Kodlubanski

I had bad neck, back and shoulder pain so much so that I couldn't move my head left and right. I had a deep tissue massage that, rather amazingly, took away all the stiffness in just one visit! It normally takes 2 with an osteopath. So thrilled, I'll be booking myself in regularly just for the sake of upkeep and relaxation! 5 stars!!

Review of New Life Massage London by Gloria Reina Sillero
5 28/09/2015 Gloria Reina Sillero

Marek was very professional, he brings with him all the equipment needed, the massage is great and even advice you of what to do in order to improve the pains you have. I would really recommend him.

Review of New Life Massage London by Julien Burnier
5 26/07/2015 Julien Burnier

I was looking for a massage therapist who can do a good, strong and professional massage so I booked a treatment (Deep Tissue) with Marek and it was just perfect! His technique is very good, with a perfect balance of deep and lighter pressure. Marek is very nice and professional. I went for my regular Crossfit training the day after and really felt a big difference! Thank you Marek, I'll book again for sure.

Review of New Life Massage London by Common Objective
5 05/06/2015 Common Objective

I have been meaning to write this review for some weeks now, I work in a very demanding and tense environment, and I am constantly red-lining...., I have had many different massages worldwide, and up until now I favoured Thai massage, but recently after feeling very low, and burnout I decided to take a punt, and find someone local on the internet.... I found Marek, I think it was one of the best finds for the year.... in addition to the ability to apply the method of deep tissue massage, he also brings a calmness that cannot be learnt from a book, or classroom. After many years of working in the cooperate world, I have spent the last few years in re-valuating everything..., there is something very special about the energy of Marek and I have no problem in saying that I would recommend him to anybody. I think I have found someone that is very like-minded and projects some good energy that has helped me a lot.... ;-)

Review of New Life Massage London by Aftab Hussain
5 31/05/2015 Aftab Hussain

On the recommendation from a work colleague I decided to give Marek a go.
It was a great decision as I knew instantly that I was in good hands and a massage therapist who knew what he was doing. Marek is polite, professional and well mannered who listens to to you and accesses your needs very well. The entire time that Marek is with you he does not try to rush things or try to work to the clock and you can see his passion in the work.The massage itself is a pure relaxation experience carried out using the pressure. Highly recommended.

Review of New Life Massage London by Danka Nowakowska
5 29/05/2015 Danka Nowakowska

Very professional attitude and professional done massage. Marek has knowledge and passion sharing to relief the pain and gain the full muscle relaxation. Highly recommended.

Review of New Life Massage London by Anna Jeleniewska
5 14/05/2015 Anna Jeleniewska

I came across Marek when I was looking for a massage therapist due to having quite regular neck spasms. I was hesitating at first as I never had a massage before in my life but reading all the great comments I decided to have a go. I was not disappointed! From the first session I knew that I am in good hands. Marek is very polite and gentle; he listens and adjusts his strength during the massage depending on how I feel. I am really happy with the results despite having only few sessions. I would recommend Marek both to people having neck/back problems or to those who just want to relax!

Review of New Life Massage London by Shivanie Bee.
5 19/04/2015 Shivanie Bee.

Marek is very professional and polite, he pays attention to what the customer wants and honestly gave me the best massage I've ever had. He was very informative beforehand too which is great. I'd recommend him to anyone! :)

Review of New Life Massage London by Sophie Nazir
5 24/03/2015 Sophie Nazir

Marek was very professional, and during my deep tissue massage he knew exactly where my problem knots were. I asked for hard pressure so it wasn’t the most relaxing, but that’s not why I wanted it!
I would definitely recommend him, as he is reasonably priced and it’s an added bonus that he does home visits!
Thanks Marek :)

Review of New Life Massage London by Agnes Herczeg
5 29/10/2014 Agnes Herczeg

Marek and me do swaps and as a massage therapist I am amaized about his passion in his work. My back feels much better, released and like "new born" after every session. I am very happy to work with him together. He is a great college and a helpful person. I could recommend him to everyone who need a proper massage. :-)

Review of New Life Massage London by Stefania Venuti
5 14/10/2014 Stefania Venuti

Marrek gave me a massage last week. I have problems to my lower back and the usual pain we gave to our body due to the stress!! :D I talked with him first, telling him which was the problem and when he came to give me the massage he has been really professional. First of all I was pleased with the form he gave me to fill because it means that it's not something that he does just like that; secondly, before starting, he explained me everything, and during the massage he was asking me if I was ok, if he needed to be more gentle etc. Unfortunately for me it wasn't a relaxing massage due to my back problems, but I can tell that I am feeling already better; my back is less tense and combining the massage with some sport is helping me a lot!! So! Thank you so much Marrek! I will definitively call you next month for another massage!! I recommend Marrek for massage sessions as he is professional, good in what he's doing and he is passionate about it! Grazie!! Stefania

Review of New Life Massage London by Jik Tak
5 25/09/2014 Jik Tak

Massage that I received from Marek is a true pleasure and pure relaxation. I am really happy that I have chosen Marek from all the massage therapists’ offers I have browsed on the net. The massage techniques that he recommended were carefully tailored to my personal needs. He’s got it! I feel that I am in very capable hands of a person who’s got qualifications, courtesy and great feel for the client’s needs. I was ready to have one or two sessions, but seeing what a wonderful effects massage has on my body and well being, I make conscious effort to have regular treatments. I recommend Mobile Massage London for everyone who feel stressed, knackered, willing to do something for themselves.

Review of New Life Massage London by Ian Lam
5 08/08/2014 Ian Lam

New Life Massage London is a truly great experience! Marek has a very friendly approach and respects his customers needs and home. Being a highly active and sporty person he tailored the massage to target areas where he believed I would need this most. His understanding of my needs and how he approached the massage made me feel very comfortable and positive that Marek knew exactly what he was doing for me as an individual! An excellent experience and will definitely book again!

Review of New Life Massage London by Wojciech Soczko
5 19/05/2014 Wojciech Soczko

I have found Marek after browsing the net. I was suffering from bad back aches, neck muscles strain and pins and needles in my shoulders. I decided to give it a go after reading his clients' feedback and checking his professional qualifications. Massage therapist arrived to my place. He turned out to be a friendly and courteous man. He conducted a professional health check interview with me. Next I was ready to let his hand work. I chose relaxing massage session with some elements of deep tissue technique, and it was amazing! The pain was relieved I felt amazing. I could at last sleep without painkillers and stand tall and straight. I felt relaxed. I am very grateful for what he has done to me and I can recommend Marek to any one who is still hesitating.

Review of New Life Massage London by Mefcyfer
5 30/03/2014 Mefcyfer

You do not need to look suffer from any aches or pains to book yourself for a relaxing massage session with professional massage therapist. Massage is your time to unwind and forget about reality. and if your massage therapist finds any trouble areas, he will surely adjust the session so that they are relieved. After the session I feel relaxed, what a blessing! I appreciate Marek for his ability to tailor the treatment to his client's needs, combining the therapy with individual's preferences .all of them I mean. Marek is a passionate professional; he can guess his clients' needs without a fault. He will go with your frame of mind and personality. He either engages in a small talk, or stays quiet, so you can get lost in your own thoughts and relax. I have never met any other massage therapist with such a great feel and passion! After your first massage session, you will not hesitate ever again. And having massage treatment in comfort of your own home is just perfect solution for me! L

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