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On February 2019 Gummy Bear SEO announced the merger with Net Creater and the encorporation of The Big Marketing Agency to deliver you Excellence in Digital Marketing. Working from their London office, they seek to deliver a digital experience that matters - to clients and to their audiences.

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11 April 2019

Great service. I would recommend them to use whenever you needed professional people.



10 February 2019

Really nice credible guys. They listened to my business requirements and sent me examples and a proof which was in line with what I needed. They even met with me on a Sunday to discuss things with me because I work in the week. Fantastic service! More...

Thank you Daniel for the kind words, much appreciated.

6 February 2017

Very professional, efficient and I am very happy with my website.


Alpz Sucre

I Highly recommend NetCreater to everyone!!. First of all, Amit came to our office to discuss our requirements, he advised our requirements can be fulfilled, considering I'm extremely fussy when it comes to how clean the website looks and one click to get to your final point on the website.

During the development, Amit sent me a few mocks of the website, thereafter, they started to develop the front end / back end. The communication from Amit from our initial contact till the end of the project was extremely good, and If I couldn't get hold of him, he would always call me back when he was available.

During the end of development, there were a few minor errors, however, Amit again resolved this in no time! They are literally on the ball!

Lastly, in terms of price, you pay for what you get...THIS MEANS SERVICE, QUALITY & COMMUNICATION!!!

Amit has Definitely gone out his way in order to keep us satisfied!

You won't be disappointed!


Your website is your first digital impression and you want to make sure it’s a great one. It should reflect everything you want potential customers to know and remember about your business.

Why are you doing this project?
Who is your target audience?
What is going to be the core functions of your website?
What are your brand guidelines (if any)?

We love design, we love designing different website everyday and seeing them grow overtime. For example we work with a company called British Bike Hire they came to us when they were just a start-up and today they now turnover just over 1 million pounds a year and all this within 2 years. We have seen the business grow and with this in mind we had to ensure the website was growing at the same pace as the business. Now the website is the main source of turnover (2/3 of the turnover comes from the website alone).

Watching friends and family start their own and being inspired to follow my dream.

We have a proven track record with great customer service, as well as great web design at low prices. See for yourself, call our customers and ask them for their opinion on The Big Marketing Agency.