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Neil is the CEO and Founder of A1 Positive Recycling Project Ltd T/as Carpet Magic Cleaning which he started in 1990 and became an IT technician, upgrading, repairing computers as well as providing Eco-friendly services in Exeter and Devon.



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The non-profit is the brainchild of Mr. Neil Wintrip, who originally came up with the idea in May 1997. In January 2005 He won an UnLtd Millennium award and was recognised as a Community Champion. We aim to offer local Computer Recycling to specialize in the secure on-site data wiping, collection, disposal of working computer equipment under 4 yrs old, recycling of mobile phones and devices across the South West of England. We operate a local collection service, A1 are the only non-profit social enterprise who's fully licensed exempt by the UK Environment Agency to collect, transport, recycle working computer and electronic, equipment in the South West of England.

Hello, we are based just outside of Exeter please read below: We are currently looking for skilled people to become part of our management team. Please read the information Below: A1 Positive Recycling in Exeter is looking for dynamic and committed individuals who can offer sound business and community advice to act as board members of the technology and recycling non-profit social enterprise. The computer recycling venture in Exeter is building up a management team to help lead it through the next stage in its development. Neil Wintrip came up with non-profit company in May 1997. In May 2005 he won an Un Ltd level 1 Millennium award and a Community Dividend award. A1 Positive Recycling recycles, reuses and resells working IT equipment, mobile phones and ink ‘n’ toner cartridges to fund the establishment of an alternative technology education centre for the South West to support adults with learning difficulties and people from disadvantaged areas and aim to teach them practical, hands-on-skills that will educate and empower them – although all groups and individuals are welcome. The funds will also go towards other non-profit social enterprises that focus on primarily social objectives for the community of which that they serve and positively promote positive change through social enterprise in Devon. Neil said he’s looking for ‘dynamic and committed individuals’ who can offer practical, sound community advice to act as board members on the A1 management team after a qualifing period. For further information about being part of a positive team call 0800 999 3833 or email a1prp@yahoo.co.uk

Formal Partners are partnership organisations that are working directly with A1 Positive Recycling Project to deliver manage the project. Such partners may be drawn from the voluntary, statutory or commercial sector. In this case there will be an identifiable contribution in terms of service delivery management. Some of these contributions may attract remuneration for services, e.g. bookkeeping, payroll, administration and management, and service delivery. However, it would be expected that such services would be provided on a not-for-profit and voluntary basis. Informal partners are those who help with the working up of the A1 project and may be involved in the delivery (e.g. members of a project steering group, or informal advisors) Such partners may be drawn from the voluntary, statutory or commercial sector, where mutual objectives are being met, or the specific partner has a mission to support co the A1 community & management groups. www.a1-prp.co.uk

Computer Cleaner, On-Site Data Wiping, Experienced Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner.

positive management team in Exeter, Devon to help lead the future development of the social enterprise.Neil Wintrip is the CEO and Founder of A1 Positive Recycling he started out as an IT technician upgrading and repairing computers and providing Eco-friendly cleaning services throughout Exeter and Devon.A1 Positive

A social entrepreneur based in Exeter, Devon is looking for positive people to give practical-hands-on-help and support to co-manage an exciting non-profit social enterprise and help raise vital funds to build an alternative technology education centre for the South West of England. (The first of it’s kind in the UK) He said he is currently looking for positive dynamic and committed experienced and skilled individuals who want the opportunity to be part of a local steering group and help make positive change happen. Neil said the social enterprise is looking for people with practical-hands-on-skills and expertise to give the practical-hands on support with the building up of this community enterprise, to help co lead & manage, run pilot project for Exeter & Devon, you could become part of the non-profit management team after completing our three month work with A1 Positive Recycling Project Ltd in Exeter, Devon. “Helping To Save The Environment to Save The World” “ Save The Environment To Save The World ” Tel: 01392 202 779. Freephone: 0800 999 3833