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Ashley Pullen

26 February 2019

My kids love Gail and her services are amazing.. it was a wait to get in but I’m happy with it


Missy White

27 January 2019

NCG has been a HUGE help to me and one of my students this year. Because of their consistency, low-key attitudes, concern, & genuine caring for the student, NCG counselors have been able to help the student reach a place where extreme emotional outbreaks, classroom destruction, and running away have become a thing of the past at school. The child knows that there is safety, security, love, and acceptance in the building. I wish that this could extend out to the rest of this young child's life, where there is still a lot of turmoil. But I'm glad that with a LOT of help from NCG, we have been able to teach the student how to manage emotions and we have made school a safe & enjoyable place to be for the child. More...


Shawn Vance

27 May 2018

I work here and it is great place to work!


Sumone Hewins

27 May 2018

The people was nice


Amy Cosner

27 May 2017

I've learned some hard lessons and they have helped me through them.


Juan Luis Rossi

27 May 2017

The counselors I worked with were phenomenal! They were able to accommodate my hectic schedule easily and were always available when I needed them. I would like to thank Christian and Brad for working with me and wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors! More...


Sue Dean

28 May 2014

My support workers are wonderful.

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