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Naga Info Solutions Limited

Basildon, Essex

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Naga Info Solutions Limited

Basildon, Essex


Naga Info Solutions Limited is a rapidly progressing firm, with offices in UK and India, committed to provide IT solutions specific to the business objectives of its clients. Naga employs a group of young talented software professionals & designers, who are highly committed to developing top quality innovative solutions for different industries all around the globe.



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Every website is different from the other and requires special attention to detail and thorough research to ensure that it serves its purpose well while looking unique and beautiful.

From a perspective of interacting with clients, we'd say the project can be split into 2 parts. Part 1 is where we try understand our client's requirement, analyze and plan. In Part 1 we prefer listening to our clients more rather than enforcing our ideas. Our questions are more generic in the initial part. We keep these questions as less technical as possible. Common questions include (1) What problem do you want the new system to solve? (2) Who would use this system? (3) How would the users use the new system to achieve their goals? (4) What all do you want the users to be able to do on this system? (5) Is there a time and cost budget you'd want us to stick to?

Ours is a simple, collaborative four step process.

Step 1 - Define
Collaboratively Identify & Understand Client Needs.

Step 2 - Ideate
Create New Ideas & Prepare Strategies

Step 3 - Prototype
Build Real Tactile Representation of Ideas

Step 4 - Implement
Put the Conceived Vision into Effect

The information requested truly depends on the project. However, the following are details that we normally ask our clients for:
1. Details about the Business including Products and/or Services, History, Vision, Mission, Competitors, Market Landscape.
2. Details about the Target Audience including Geographic, Demographic and Socioeconomic details
3. Details on the Goals and what is expected of the final product
4. Other non-technical details like expected milestones, budget etc

We love the fact that every project is a different challenge for us. The work we do allows us to work with individuals and businesses, across various industry domains and geographic locations, on a solution that is unique to them. Our team loves solving problems and cherishes the experience associated with it.

Our tagline is "Our Innovation. Your Tomorrow". We strongly believe that the work we do and the technology solutions we deploy impacts our customer's future in a very big and positive way. We take great amount of pride when our solutions spanning multiple technologies and platforms help transform companies. That is our motivation behind starting on our own.

Clients should choose us because:
1. We are an established player with high capability and experience in developing customized IT solutions
2. We understand the fast changing nature of the business environments and use a flexible approach to cope with the changes and exploit the new opportunities
3. We use proven frameworks and industry best practices to plan, organize and manage our resources to bring a project to a successful completion.
4. Strong communication
5. We are really conscious to make certain that our customers get the best results out of what they invest. We help them do that by delivering top quality products at competitive prices.
6. We put to use industry standard frameworks and handy tools aiding project management to make sure that projects are completed and delivered to our customers on time.

Above all, we genuinely care for you and your success.