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Muzz Productions is simple…We Provide your event with everything you need to make it Fun & memorable! Don’t just take our word for it, ask the thousands of happy customers we have entertained over the past 29 years and they will tell you of their experience!



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Knowing & reading your crowd, experience to know when to change a song or entertain them with fun interaction vocals. Just doing your homework for each event is what we do. Our staff makes phone calls and does research on what to expect (agenda) from the people going to the event also what styles of music is expected and is any requests taken okay at the event. You see, we want everyone to feel comfortable and feel like they can approach our DJ's with no worries and see that a great song request is played quickly but also precisely when needed to energize the floor!

Personable, Fun, Flexible. Knowledge of all styles of music and able to mix in any song at the right time!

People, the places it takes me, Not too mention, always a fun time!

Just saw the need to the area with something they deserve. Also, as far as the kids I want to keep them off the streets and really have a great time when they attend a school dance. I have been instituting the "tradition" back in school with the help of consistent school staff administrators who want the same thing. It help out the kids, the school & the community. As far as weddings, I wanted to give the brides and grooms much more than they imagined! This special day is a moment to remember and I want to provide that for them! Corporate events are the same theory, memorable and can't wait for the next one!

You have to be on your game or you couldn't have lasted this long right? I love what I do, I care for each event and each client as I am not a "one and done" company. I know that there are plenty of companies to choose from, and we all can share the demand of great service. I say take your time and ask specific questions to make sure your getting the person your talking to or make sure they are upfront and transparent so you get NO SURPRISES!