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Mrs Hughes Ltd is a company for housekeeping, house management and maintenance handle your household - cleaning, laundry, groceries, dry cleaning, deliveries, etc.
Mrs Hughes gives you back your Time to live your life! We are extra pair of hands that break the chains of chores.


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Maria K

3 June 2016

I have been using Mrs. Hughes services for over half a year now and it has been fantastic. The maids are discrete, reliable, always on time and no request is too small. They take care not only for laundry and cleaning. They are initiative to all maters around the house – dry cleaning, groceries, flowers, even pets. More...


2 years as an individual housekeeper and from April 2016 as a limited company.

Our one-off services include equipment and supplies in the price.
Our housekeeping service does not include supplies in the price, but we offer providing environmentally friendly products with extra charge.

Meeting new people and helping them.



Mrs Hughes handle your household - cleaning, laundry, groceries, dry cleaning, deliveries, etc. • clean and tidy all bedrooms, bathrooms, living, dining, spare -room, kitchen according to specifics of every one - floor, surfaces, furniture, etc. • laundry - sorting of your clothes by colour and material; separating and packing clothes for dry cleaning; changing bed linen, etc. • ironing - shirts, clothes and all other home textile. • Entirely attend to all your electrics - cleaning and prevention with special products • Professional attend to all your furniture (leather, textile) and surfaces by stone (granite, marble), wood, etc. - cleaning with special products and care

The initiative is our greatest advantage and our most valuable ability. We take our job very seriously and pay attention to even the smallest detail. With us you can be restful about your deliveries, repairs, the handyman and everything your home needs. We are your eyes and ears while you are not at home.

The plumbing is blocked? The carpets have to be washed? Or the garden needs cleaning? Windows are dirty or you need a handyman? We can help and organize everything!