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Mrs Bumbles of Burford

Burford, Oxfordshire, Oxfordshire


Mrs Bumbles of Burford

Burford, Oxfordshire, Oxfordshire



We pride ourself on providing delicious and creative catering that's tailored to your unique event. From buffets to canapés, and intimate dinner parties to large events, we can cater for your every need. We have a keen eye for the detail that is required to create fabulous buffet and party catering dishes.


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15 February 2019

Mrs Bumbles was lovely! I needed catering for a dinner party, canapés, drinks and hot food. Everyone loved the fish, cooked to perfection and timings weren't a problem at all. Was great to have a cater that can come to you in the comfort of your own home and provide such excellent service. would definitely recommend. More...


Beef Wellington is a showstopping alternative for a celebration feast or a truly special lunch. Perfect also for a big dinner party. Beef Wellington, or boeuf en croute, is one of those classic recipes that will always impress your guests and I really love cooking it.

Beef Wellington celebrates the luxurious and very tender fillet of beef and is one of those ultimate blowout dishes that hits the right spot several times in one meal.

Once I got the sense of how to perfect it in my oven and make it work for parties and special occasions I found it super-easy to cook and serve. Inside a puff pastry case is a succulent piece of prime beef and a rich stuffing of liver pâté and mushrooms. The pastry locks in all the juices and ensures none of the wonderful flavours are lost. I serve it with a mushroom and red wine gravy.

The perfect menu evolves from one key starting place - careful discussion(s) and meeting with clients. I might have all the ideas in the World for what I think is the perfect menu for your event but this is of no help if it does not mesh with what you and your guests actually want.

I have many years of experience in catering and I still make my first priority to listen carefully to what our clients want from us, and achieve just that.

I love cooking. Even though I have been cooking for many years I never get bored with it.

It is a fantastic opportunity to share my knowledge and love of food with people by cooking them a delicious and exciting plate of food. I particularly enjoy seeing the happy faces of my clients and guests after the meal is over.

It gives me the push I need to do the washing up!

I originally trained to a Cordon Bleu standard at the Cookery School currently owned by Gordon Ramsey.

Originally I started by working for other caterers. I enjoyed doing that as I enjoyed cooking a variety of different dishes ranging from simple but delicious buffets to fine dining.

I found it frustrating not to be able to implement my own ideas and thats why I started my own business.

1. We offer excellent food - When people attend an event the thing they are most likely to remember is whether or not they enjoyed their meal. 2. We offer Good Drinks - It is easy to forget that the drinks can be just as important as the food. No meal is perfect until it has the right beverage accompanying it. 3. Food Safety – we are fully certified with a 5 star hygiene rating. 4. Adaptability – we are ready to adjust to whatever the situation requires. 5. Creativity - You want a caterer who is going to be able to help you plan a memorable and unique event. 6. Professional Servers - Whether you're serving a plated dinner or setting up a buffet table, you need servers to make sure the food gets where it's supposed to be. We offer friendly, professional service. 7. Flexibility – we can work willing to work with you to get you the meal you want within your budget. 8. Experience – there’s very little that we hasn't seen and handled before.

We are ready to expect the unexpected!