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We build best-in-class SEO software for every situation, from our all-in-one SEO platform to tools for local SEO,
enterprise SERP analytics, and a powerful API.

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Vikram D.

12 March 2019

Great service! I'm happy to find your blog also. Very informative and supportive community! Thanks for your work!


danny w.

19 May 2017

These guys are getting better all the time. I am often referring back to their work. Keep it up guys!


Joseph K.

28 June 2016

Moz is rather well known in the online marketing industry. They offer a few well known tools that digital marketers rely upon and they offer a lot of interesting information. Some of the articles you can find are really thought-provoking rather than repeating things put out by Google and other SERPs. Can really help you look at things from a different perspective, though you really need to already have some of the knowledge to connect the dots. More...


Zeeshan J.

12 June 2016

this is awesome if you want to start SEO i recommended !


Lorna D.

13 April 2016

I'm not an SEO geek, a little knowledge of it may be. But because of seomoz, it has helped me understood how SEO works. It's really a great tool for those who are beginning to learn seo and social media marketing. Whatever need you may have as you go on the process, seomoz has it all. More...


John G.

16 March 2016

SEO MOz now it Moz tool I have experience using the premium account for months and tried all the tools and they kept on innovating to be more effective SEO tools.


Jaime S.

8 March 2016

I love SEO MOZ. It's really an informational site with unique thoughts.


Mike C.

16 February 2016

Moz is one of the greatest website out there when it comes to SEO. They have proven themselves through the past years and can highly be recommended for any kind of seo relationship.


Robert J.

17 November 2015

I'm using seomoz a lot and can say it's one of the best services on the market!


Maddy B.

4 October 2015

only good topics and result oriented...


Andy T.

15 June 2015

If it's SEO then it's SEOMoz. It's always been a trademark for SEO world. Almost everything you want to know about SEO is there. From beginners to intermediate, everything is here. Thumbs up guys! :) More...


Ommy P.

22 May 2015

Seomoz provides the best information related to the seo and relevant terms


Alex B.

29 March 2015

I like this site, there design is simple yet elegant. Very straight forward!


Madword-Media M.

17 December 2013

"Update Yourself Everyday"
All professional SEO and Online Marketers need to know what changes are rolling in the industry. I would like to read all news and blogs from here and update myself. More...


Joel M.

6 June 2013

I would be besides myself if i didn't have SEOMoz for all the latest in search engine marketing and optimization. Love this site.


Steven S.

23 May 2013

Even though SEOmoz have great content on their site, I think their tools and subscription in general are overpriced. I found another tool called Webmeup that's just like Seomoz, but it lets you tracked a way larger number of the keywords. So, why don't SEOmoz do the same?
That's why - only 4 stars.


Betty B.

9 October 2012

Great website!!! I've founded it with full of my required inquires...
Must recommendable..


Anna C.

20 April 2012

Agree. Great site! Well done guys. Keep up the good work!


John B.

20 October 2011

SEOmoz.org is a webmaster and Search engine marketer resource publishing blogs, articles, news and information related to the search engine optimization and search engine marketing industry. The website is also home to SEOmoz software which is a SEO software that claims to simply the process of Search Engine Optimization for the SEOs. The interface and reports it generates are like a combination of Google analytics and histats. The real traffic goes to the website's community section where search engine experts are actively engaged in discussions. More...


lili b.

4 October 2011

Very useful website, full of resources : blog, tools, beginner's guide, etc.


Habbakuk J.

25 August 2011

One of the best SEO resource websites out there.

My complaints are that many SEO tools that you can find for free elsewhere on the Internet are not available for free use on seomoz, on their resource page Internet Marketing Handbook, even though they call it a "free resource page". It's only for paying members, even simple tools like checking keywords and other things. Definitely not impressed with that.

Even so, probably the main reason I love this site is their articles, community and blog. I've used their tools before, and my money is best spent elsewhere. Their tools aren't bad, but they aren't worth it for the price in my opinion.


Ramesh S.

26 May 2011

The best resource for SEO, I just loved what these guys are doing. They have solutions for every problem and helping us whenever we need help. Especially Rand is an awesome guy, and hats off to him for making such beautiful community for SEOs. More...


Sharma S.

20 May 2011

i have been using seomoz for almost 3 years. Very useful place to learn & share latest search engine optimization related Trends and information's. Especially I like Semoz Pro Tools Performance. More...


Samara H.

3 May 2011

Love Rand and the team at seomoz. They have developed a set of SEO tools that are second to none and built a community of SEO folks that are helpful and welcoming. Definitely one of my favorite websites. More...


Josh B.

4 April 2011

Was looking for articles and cool info on how to promote my blog...ran into this website. A MUST-HAVE bookmark for anyone dreaming of getting more traffic to their blogs or personal pages. And it's free.


John G.

9 August 2008

If you're new to SEO, start here - Rand Fish at SEOmoz is one best when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. If you're new to SEO the best place to start is SEOmoz's beginner's guide: http://www.seomoz.org/article/beginners-1-page It will give you all the basics and point you in the right direction to become a pro... with a little hard work and few years of experience, of course :) More...


Jeremy G.

30 July 2008

Whiteboard Friday SEO instructional videos are very useful - Rand and company give very useful SEO topic overviews in their Whiteboard Friday videos. Particularly useful are:

Site review overview:

On indexing problems: