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Morton Visuals is a corporate communications photography company. Our services range from business headshots and executive portraits to advertising and marketing images. We cover conventions and conferences for up to 15,000 attendees. Now based in north Dallas, we work nationwide.


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Randy F.

2 July 2019

I took my first-ever pro headshot yesterday and I'm glad I chose William! He was professional but fun, knowledgeable without making me feel like a dunce, and funny too! His quick wit loosened me up a bit so I didn't have to look a know-it-all jerk in my LinkedIn picture. I will definitely return for my next set of pictures and recommend him to anyone needing shot (and maybe even photographed)! More...


Destiny Washington

30 April 2019

Very professional and efficient! William was a pleasure to work with and has a knowledgeable eye for talent headshots. I will be back!


Julia Bessler

30 April 2019

The studio was spacious with a large private dressing room. William was patient with our child headshot session and the photos turned out great.


Rina Bale-Henderson

22 April 2019

William did such a great job on my first headshots. He's a very talented photographer and was so easy to work with. It was my first time doing a photo session and he was patient, understanding, and walked me through the whole process. Definitely recommend using William for all your business/ acting/modeling/professional headshots. More...


Rina B.

22 April 2019

William did an amazing job on my first set of headshots. He is professional, uses quality equipment, and did a great job of giving me direction for my first photo shoot. Definitely recommend for anyone needing new or updated headshots. More...


Maureen Boutilier

1 April 2019

I went to Morton Visuals for a new headshot for my portfolio. William is warm and genuine I felt comfortable right off. I cannot say enough about the level of professionalism and courtesy. I will be back!


Natalie Kessel

1 April 2019

Really nice facility with complete setup for all your photography and video needs. Was very pleased with the professional headshots that William shot for me. Turnaround time was fast and communication was easy. He's very experienced in his craft and also really easy to get along with and conversational in nature. More...


Jena Apgar

1 April 2019

William is an incredibly talented photographer and videographer. And more than than raw talent, he works with duplicates and triplicates of the best equipment. When one isn't getting the look he needs, there are plenty of pieces to choose from. His studio, Camera Ready Studio's almost seemed like too much for our little project. You could put like 3 cars in there! The video he was able to turn out for our project was phenomenal and I received several calls that it made several of the moms cry with the emotion it evoked. For business owners, there is not one the photographer I would choose in the entire DFW area. To view our joint project, you can see it pinned to the Mom Boss Club Facebook Business Page. More...


Danielle Mairs

30 December 2018

William was uber professional throughout the process - setting up my appointment, during the shoot and afterwards. He has a great studio and vast amount of knowledge that translated into me looking my best. I absolutely love my headshot!


Tina Bennett Burton DC

21 October 2018

I hate taking pictures but they made a very painful experience rather pleasant. I’d highly recommend using them.


Melda Ozsut

30 June 2018

My husband and I went to Morton for professional headshots. William is really professional and friendly. Plus, the service is reasonably priced.


john swingler

15 February 2018

Great guy, great work!


Maureen Boutilier

9 February 2018

I went to Morton Visuals for a new headshot for my portfolio. We started on time. William is warm and genuine I felt comfortable right off. My pictures were ready sooner then expected. I cannot say enough about the level of professionalism and courtesy. I will be back! More...

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Depending on the genre, the key is to capture a moment that perfectly represents the subject - whether it's a person or an event - and shows it or them in their very best light. A great event photograph illustrates the highlight(s) of the event, and makes the viewer want to be there. A great headshot or executive portrait makes the subject look warm, trustworthy, confident, and like someone with whom you'd want to do business. A great advertising or marketing image makes the viewer want your product or service.

What budget do you have to work with? I know many don't like to offer that information for fear of raising the pricing, but to me there's a huge difference between a small budget (when I have no allowance for assistants or a team and will have to "do it all myself") and a larger budget (when I can bring in a team to work more effectively, be equipped for more contingencies, and be more efficient with my - and your - time).

What are the needed deliverables? Do you need one image for a magazine cover, or eight images for an ad series? More images will mean more retouching and preparation - which will impact the time requirements and hence the budget.

I love going in to a new and different scenario and solving (photographic) problems! Capturing a subject in their environment presents a range of opportunities and approaches, and I love collaborating with the client on the type of image they want to present.

I've been shooting since junior high school yearbook days, so I've always loved photography. By making it my career I am able to do more of it, as I'm not bothered by a pesky "day job."

My clients quickly learn that I'm easy to work with, I'm pretty entertaining (and can get along with most anyone), and I am able to work quickly and unobtrusively. With proper collaboration on desired outcomes, I can create images that are ideally suited to the clients' needs. And I do it painlessly!