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Moroccan Flavors

Kenwood Gables, Minnesota


Moroccan Flavors

Kenwood Gables, Minnesota


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Lindsay S.

15 November 2019

Wow... speechless.  We have eaten at most of the places in the Midtown Global Market but it's been a while since we've been there. Moroccan Flavors sounded awesome and it didn't let us down. They have a really cute space in the market. We ordered the lamb shank tagine and were floored by both the flavors and the service.  My favorite type of meals are where the plate is beautiful and everything compliments one another. That was this plate. It was perfect for sharing as well. The lamb was fall off the bone tender and the lamb and gravy was flavorful and crave-worthy. It came with rice, chick peas, cabbage, carrots and apricot.  Service was fast and friendly. We will be back! Pair this with an iced mint tea with fresh mint and lemon. It was very refreshing! Yummy yummy!  Thanks again for great service and food! More...


Richard S.

8 November 2019

I love Moroccan food. This place has excellent tagine and couscous dishes. Had Shrimp Couscous with Saffron Rice and various roasted vegetables. Really, really good. This is what you would get at someone's home in Morocco. Very homemade and savory.This fine gentleman needs to have a larger spot where more patrons can enjoy what we did.I'll be back. Next time...couscous! More...


Yuko L.

2 November 2019

Every time I went to Midtown Global Market, I was curious about this place.  And this time, we tried it and I am so glad we did!!  We wanted to try different food from different place, so me and my friend got Lamb Shank Tagine and shared.  OMG!  The meet was so soft and everything was delicious!!  Beautiful look on beautiful plate.  It was pretty good size and we are glad we shared.  I can't wait to go back and try again!  The person (woman) who was working there was very nice too! More...


Sam P.

30 October 2019

I ordered a shrimp tangine both times that I've been here, and wow. Seriously so good. Something about the dish immediately puts me at ease, and as an added bonus makes me genuinely excited to eat vegetables. It's fun to experiment with different combinations of the ingredients, and each and every one goes so well together. I'm also a big fan of their mint tea, absolutely perfect for a cold Minnesotan day More...


William P.

18 October 2019

Came to the Global Exchange after hearing all about variety of foods and experiences. So many options and then I came across Moroccan Flavors. I read about this restaurant on Yelp and was thrilled to find it without looking for it. (It was on my to do list and I just happened to find it). So instead of waiting for dinner, I enjoyed Moroccan for lunch. The owner/chef made several recommendations after learning I am vegetarian.  And he was spot on. I enjoyed the salad sampler plate. I then had the Vegetable Tagine. Both were excellent. I do not like olives so the only thing I didn't enjoy was the spicy olives on the sampler plate. But everything else--simply delicious. I chatted with the chef and read his story. Because he's living his dream, we get to enjoy the fruits of his labor. I highly recommend coming here. More...


Maggie H.

8 September 2019

I had the pleasure of eating here when they were new and we ate again a month or so ago. Their food is so simple but so amazing. I can't recommend this place enough. Staff is so kind and hard-working. More...


Scott N.

28 August 2019

My first time here.  The Kofta Tagine and mint tea were excellent!  Friendly service.


Anne Q.

6 August 2019

One of my favorite places in the Midtown Market! Everything is "bnine" (delicious in Moroccan Arabic). I love mint tea and I was curious about theirs. Mmmm fresh mint and it has the perfect amount of sweetness! The first time I came here, I tried the beef tagine, it was delicious! The beef was very tender and it felt like it would "melt in your mouth" With the prunes and apricot, it's sweet and savory! This time,my friend and I shared the chicken tagine. Mmm the flavors! I can understand why this place is called Moroccan FLAVORS! I love the decor. There's nothing to not love about this place! The owners are really nice too. I'm hoping to try more and also check out their new restaurant soon! Shukran! More...


Teresa M.

6 August 2019

Moroccan Flavors was a great place to go visit & eat some great food! Its located in the Mid-West Global Market. I just love  ethincal places like this where you can get anything from true Arabic, African, Oaxacan/Mexican, Ethiopian, Japanese, Jamaican, Moroccan, etc foods & also shop and even enjoy good music from local artists. We got to meet the owner/Chef & his lovely wife of Moroccan Flavors. They were both sooo very kind & friendly!!! More than willing to tell you about the foods being  served for that day. It smelled AMAZING!!! I really had a hard time deciding between getting authentic Arabic & the Moroccan food. I had to have what smelled the BEST!!! The Moroccan food smelled sooo heavenly that, OF COURSE, I had to go Moroccan!!! We had Chicken Tagine & Beef Tagine with Homemade Moroccan Mint Tea. Oh, the FLAVORS!!! Absolutely DELISH!!! If you're ever in or around the Twin Cities, MN, make sure you get to the Midtown Global Market & eat at  Moroccan Flavors!! You won't be disappointed!! More...


Adam T.

31 July 2019

Fast, delicious, and authentic. It's in a food court but they made it so secluded from everything else you would forget that you're in a food court. The lamb was well cooked and it is affordable More...


Troy S.

30 July 2019

There are so many options for food in the Midtown Global Market - and we are so glad that we picked Moroccan Flavors! I ordered the Beef Tangine - I've never had tangine before, but I will again soon!  The combination of beef, vegetables, rice, and sauces were perfect. I ate the whole meal with a spoon! Would choose this place again for sure. More...


Tam L.

28 July 2019

Go here!  Best flavors, amazing taste.  We had the lamb tagine which was a first for my husband. Each bite had a perfect layering of flavors. We also had the salad sampler, a sample of over 6 different salads.  Each one was splendid!! More...


Xia Y.

19 July 2019

Very flavorful. This was my first time here and my first time having Moroccan food. It was a positive experience. The woman who served me was very sweet and patient as I decide which dish to try. The food presentation was beautiful. I recommend checking this place out if you're in the area and looking for something other than burgers and pizzas. More...


H A.

18 July 2019

Delicious food and hospitable staff. Great vegan options. The mint tea is perfect for a summer day.


Tom W.

2 June 2019

Amazing Chicken Tagine. Highly recommended. Pair it with Sun Dogs IPA from Eastlake brewpub.


Bobbie T.

7 May 2019

Be sure to check out the newest restaurant at Global Market.  This yumminess was filling but did not feel heavy. Each dish had a a wide variety of flavors.We especially loved the lamb tangine with a prune, apricot and almond compote. More...


Christopher S.

29 March 2019

This is a gem buried inside the Midtown Market. The care and attention paid to the preparation of their food was apparent in every dish our group of eight passed around the table. My lamb shank tagine was perfectly tender and beautifully presented on a bed of rice with a plum, an apricot, a chunk of squash, some chick peas, some cabbage, and a little pile of some kind of sweet chutney-esque goo, all served on a beautiful piece of Moroccan stoneware. The vegetable plates we passed around had little piles of marinated cauliflower, roasted potatoes and beets, a sweet carrot and raisin salad, some pickled slices of cucumber, and green olives coated in a spicy paste (harissa?). This is counter service, though, in a glorified food court. (I cried a little bit when the friendly chef presented me with a plastic fork.) This food really deserves to be served in a real restaurant with a wait staff, a wine list, and proper cutlery. For now, though, you can get it for half the price (carry-out, even) if you don't mind the trade-offs. More...


Tyler F.

14 February 2019

Amazing food and even more amazing staff! The lamb and beef tagine are to die for! Best place in Midtown Global Market hands down!


Yeeleng V.

25 January 2019

I really liked this place. I hadn't had Moroccan food before, but man... really really good. Based off other people's reviews here, I picked out the beef tangine with a side of couscous (I've been craving couscous for awhile...)The place itself is just a food stall-ish place at the Midtown Market, but the market itself is pretty awesome (neat!). There was a small section of dining tables right across from the stall checkout and the lady behind the counter was nice enough to ask if I wanted some of the beef tangine sauce on top of my couscous side. :)The beef was really tender and easy to eat and the rice had a good texture to it, not sticky, but fluffy. The flavor was excellent. Subtle saltiness with spiced sugariness that must have been from the dates. It was definitely well prepared. The flavor was the meat and the meat was the flavor.!!I'd definitely eat here again; and would tell people to try it if their looking for Moroccan food or just good ethnic food in general. More...


Fox E.

12 January 2019

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Soraya E.

5 January 2019

BEST MOROCCAN FOOD! My husband and I are both Moroccans, and we are so happy to have Moroccan flavors in the twin cities. The food is so authentic, it taste just like home . This is the chicken and almond pastilla, and staple in the Moroccan cuisine that's usually served in gatherings and holidays . It's a sweet and savory dish, It was so good definitely recommend you try it. More...


Taals B.

12 December 2018

Great flavors. I talked to the chef/Moroccan lady at the counter and she was very helpful. Loved the kofta tangine, which comes with saffron rice, chickpeas, root veggies and other stuff. So flavorful. I also got a mini sampler of the salads and it was wonderful. I wish I could eat here every day. More...


Ted S.

6 December 2018

Amazing food with lots of wonderful flavors and aromas!  Hassan and his wife are great hosts!


Kara D.

26 November 2018

Moroccan Flavors is a shiny gem inside the Midtown Global Market. I don't think there are even any other dedicated Moroccan restaurants in the Twin Cities? So definitely drop in and do yourself a favor with these flavors.Even though each vendor has a small space in the market, Moroccan Flavors does a lovely job with adorning theirs with beautiful patterned platters and colorful decor. For food, we got the lamb shank tagine. It comes with a huge bone-in lamb shank, rice or couscous, and a variety of colorful toppings like seasoned vegetables and fruits. If you have it made without couscous, the meal will be gluten free. The lamb meat was incredible and fell right off the bone. I shared this dish with a few people, and we made sure that everyone got a taste of all of the toppings, because each one was bright and delicious. We even split up one piece of apricot as to not start a fight ;]. And what's more, the meal came up fast, was a big portion, and was only $12.95! More...


Ms D.

13 October 2018

One of the best places in the Market! The food is always fresh, authentic Moroccan favors with fall off the bone deliciousness. The lamb tagine is a favorite of ours. Huge, huge fans of the stewed plums and apricots in the meal. Treat yo self to something new. You will not regret it. Cultural excursion in yo mouth! More...


m O.

6 October 2018

Favorite new spot at Midtown. The salad sampler and any of the tangines are delicious. Come with friends and sample a bunch!


Mary Kay P.

19 September 2018

Fabulous food! Of all the nice choices at the Global Market, this is the one that piqued our intetest. The food is completely nondairy which meant my lactose intolerant husband had his choice of the full menu which rarely happens. He chose the lamb tangine and the flavor and texture of the lamb were perfect. The rice was soft and the vegetables cooked just right with lovely spices. I had the salad sampler with each choice better than the next  The potatoes were soft but with enough bite left to really enjoy the almost sweet flavor. The shredded carrots were mildly flavored with rose water and cinnamon while the spicey olives have just enough heat to provide some zing without covering the salty brine. I thought the beets were a bit bland but still good. My absolute favorite was the grilled eggplant - sooooo good. Next time - and we will be back -  we would probably purchase a baguette to sop up every drop of goodness. More...


Stuart M.

12 September 2018

Don't let the humble surroundings dissuade you.This is skillfully prepared, authentic Moroccan food using fresh ingredients and high end spices.We started with the assorted vegetable platter.  It came with 8 different vegetables, with a variety of seasonings, then finished with a drizzle of olive oil.  Just a wonderful way to take in a variety of healthy vegetables.Our other entree was chicken over couscous.  It had cabbage, and other goodies. While it was seasoned differently from the vegetables, it was equally delicious.From the "sides" part of the menu, we chose almonds, prunes, and apricots.  This could just as well have been in the "dessert" section.   The almonds had a roasted flavor, with prunes that were partly stewed, and partly whole.  The apricots added their sweet tang.All together, a very satisfying meal. More...


Vic C.

6 September 2018

Moroccan Flavors is inside the Midtown Global Market and has been here since April 2016. Moroccan food traditionally is a blend of different cuisines and cultures since the country is found on the northern tip of Africa where you have the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea that has influences from Europe and the Mediterranean. Common spices include cumin, saffron, turmic, cardamon, ginger and paprika. A well known dish of Moroccan food is a tagine, which is a delicious slow cooked stew with some type of meat (typically lamb or chicken), vegetables, dried fruit, nuts and spices. This dish is named after the vessle that it is cooked in, which is a conical clay pot it cooks in to give you that soft, fall of the bone, tender meat, delicious flavor and aroma. My husband and I decided to grab an early dinner/ late lunch here on a Saturday, a little before 4 pm. After looking over the menu, we ended up ordering:Lamb Tagine, $12.95 prior to tax- Braised lamb shank, served with carrots, yam and garbanzo beans on a bed of turmeric flavored rice. That lamb was outstanding and fall off the bone incredibly tender. The lamb was flavorful but allowed for the nature gamey flavors of the lamb to shine through. The portion size of this dish is plenty for 1 person. The rice was tender and so were the vegetables. I loved the variety of sides in this dish. Vegetable Tagine, $8.95 prior to tax- Not that I am vegetarian, but since my husband ordered lamb, I thought it would be nice to also share a vegetable dish. This dish had carrots, cabbage, garbanzo beans, marinated olives and some other kind of greens that was served on a bed of turmeric flavored rice. I truly loved all of the flavors and textures of the different offerings in this dish. You could definitely taste the turmeric, cardamon and cumin, but it wasn't overpowering or overbearing. I thought it was interesting though to have served cold olives with the rest of the food items being hot. I think I would have preferred for the olives to be heated. Hot Mint Tea, $2 prior to tax- My husband wanted some tea and I actually really liked it. It reminded me of a milk tea, but with mint. This tea was creamy and did not taste like the usual mint tea that I have had at American restaurants. ----------------------------(Total= $25.82 after tax)After we paid for our food, we sat at a table and food was brought out to us in less than 5 minutes (which surprised me it was such a short wait). If you want to experience the same dining experience, consider dining at Moroccan Flavors the next time you are at the Midtown Global Market. You won't be disappointed (unless you don't like tasty food and eat cardboard). More...


Kevin B.

12 August 2018

Moroccan Flavors graces the Midtown Global Market with their traditional and satisfying Moroccan cuisine.The menu is relatively simple: there are a few salads, a few couscous dishes, and a few tagines (stews over rice). The portion sizes are generous, and the food is well seasoned. Some of the combinations felt a bit awkward to me, though. For example, my beef tagine had a few apricots and prunes on top - they were tasty but felt a bit out of place. Still enjoyable nonetheless.The restaurant staff is friendly and kind, and there's little to no wait for food. There's also a small, nicely-decorated seating area - though you're free to take your food and sit anywhere in the Midtown Global Market.On the whole, a solid option for your next visit to the Midtown Global Market. Check it out. More...


Oren P.

9 August 2018

One of the newer and better places to eat in the area. The food is remarkably good - whether you like vegetables or meat. Most people probably prefer their (mint) tea hot but on a hot summer day, you will probably like it cold even better. Either way, I would suggest their salad sampler and either beef tagine, apricot, and prunes or kofta tagines. More...


Neva S.

3 August 2018

The owner is usually at the counter greeting customers and preparing the dishes. I've been here three times and that's been the case for me! The food is so good, I love the flavors. This place is worth a try! More...


M C L.

21 July 2018

I was here months ago, and I remembered it being very good. It is actually BETTER than I remember!! Had the vegetable plate and the chicken tagine.Eat here!


Sarah W.

16 June 2018

This place is a hidden treasure in Midtown market.  The foods seem so genuine, like something your hosts would make for you if they invited you into their home.  Don't expect over-seasoned, over-salted foods here, which is typical of what you would find at most restaurants.  Do expect flavorful foods and that tantalizing and unexpected combination of sweet and savory food that is a hallmark of Moroccan cuisine.I got the lamb shank, which was cooked to perfection with the meat literally falling off the bones.  The lamb shank was topped with dried apricot and date, and the whole meal was accompanied by roasted vegetables, chickpeas, and your choice of cous cous or rice.  It's very rare for a place to wow me, and this place definitely did the trick for me.Thank you for putting so much care into making quality food - this place is special! More...


H G.

1 June 2018

Delicious lamb dish with rice, couscous and a variety of vegetables. The plate is full of unique flavors that complement each other well. The service is fantastic. I was helped readily. The plate was prepared readily and with care. Great great place. Mint tea has the slightest hint of sweetness and it tastes great! Loved this restaurant! More...


Troy B.

25 May 2018

I really enjoyed eating at spot.  I really felt at home eating here.  Unlike other places in the market, there was not only only extra seating, but there was pictures, vases and artwork that gave me a small glimpse into their country.  Of course their food felt fresh and it was well worth the price.  They managed to do the flavors right with lettuce, kofta and (it seemed some fruit, I could be wrong).  Also their deseret felt like it just hit the spot.  This place should be one of the first stops to visit. More...


Faith B.

14 May 2018

Worth a drive - everything is beautiful, carefully made, inexpensive and incredibly delicious. Great for vegetarians, vegans and meat lovers (beautiful salads and slow lamb). Eat slowly to take it in! Good brewery right next door too. More...


Stephanie E.

10 April 2018

They definitely deserved the Hidden Gem award they received. I am impressed with the professionalism of their customer service. I can tell they take their food seriously and care about the customer's experience. This was delicious food with so much flavor. My BF got the beef tagine and I got the lamb special. The lamb was so tender the meat just fell off the bone. I will be back! More...


Renju K.

1 April 2018

A small shop located in the mid town global market .We had beef tagine .A bowl of saffron rice with beef which is cooked to perfection .It was topped with roasted peanut, apricots,  plums and tangy sweet sauces.Could see the magic of spices in the dish .They have variety of tagines like chicken ,beef and lamb .Also they have lamb shank.They have a great salad bar with varieties of olives and vegetables.This international shop is a must try in the mid town global market . More...


Mao M.

28 March 2018

Amazing food, amazing staff actually from Morocco. I really loved everything about this place! I wish I lived in Minneapolis so I could come here everyday!!! I found this place on Yelp and came to the market but I didn't see it on the floor map so I thought they closed. I was looking for something else to eat and then I came across this place! Thank God that I did. This made my trip to Minneapolis so much better :) Their lamb was the most tenderest one I've ever had in my life! More...


Hui C.

3 March 2018

Came here for lunch, store location is in a corner of the midtown global market, store number 126 - place was recommended by my colleague.The place doesn't look busy, but there's a chef who is constantly working.I had the beef tagine, kent had the kofta tagine.Both were excellent !The kofta tagine came with a small side of vege, couscous. The gravy for the beef tagine is more savory.We inhaled both dishes really quickly and boy is this place excellent. Each dish about $9A lady next to me got the lamb shank tagine, for $3 more, the plate looks huge and I will try that the next time.If u are in the area, u should drop by to check the food out !! YUM !!! More...


karen k.

20 February 2018

Yum!!! Food your good grandmother would serve you in boy size portions. Notably,  I ate the whole thing though and waddled home sated. Note that this Not diet food but utterly delicious and just what you need for a MN winter. Comfort food at its very best. There are Pictures posted of the meals should you not be familiar with the cuisine. Very helpful and kind woman at the counter. Thank you very much. I'll be back! More...


Amanda R.

25 January 2018

Every time I eat here, I'm amazed at the culinary delight! Some of the absolute best food I have ever eaten in my life!


Bet O.

8 January 2018

We loved every bite of our meals here at Moroccan Flavors. Beautifully presented, and served with well-deserved pride, it was a lunch to remember. We can't wait to go back. I had the lamb shank tagine. It was unbelievable. Fall off the bone tender and served with a delightful array of sides. Couscous, rice, olive salad and roasted vegetables. Yum. My husband had the kefta with the same sides. Portions were extremely generous. One entree would have been plenty to share. But, we soldiered on. Every morsel was simply divine. We just loved it. Excellent owner operated restaurant is a wonderful asset to Midtown Global Market. More...


Allison S.

29 December 2017

Such a treat to find authentic Moroccan food in the Twin Cities! I lived in Morocco and the flavors brought back happy memories! The lamb tagine was superb! Raja and Hassan were very hospitable and friendly!! Please support this wonderful couple and yummy cuisine! More...


El L.

15 December 2017

Tried the chicken tagine, so delicious and flavorful. And the gentleman who took my order was incredibly nice. Highly recommended.


Reid D.

7 December 2017

Very good food. We had slow cooked meats that were intensely flavorful.  The beef tagine was my favorite. The apricots and date added sweetness that made the dish very interesting.  The salad sampler was good as well with the carrot dish being the most unique. They added meatballs to the dish which combined with the sides were almost as good as the tagine. By far the highlight was the friendly and helpful owner. I had to stop myself from bro hugging him. Great experience and will definitely return. More...


Yan K.

6 December 2017

Amazing flavors, Moroccan tea is insane, and make sure to order off the menu, they know better what tastes good.  May not be the flashiest presentation of the menu, but the food is unbelievable.


Julie M.

29 November 2017

I love this place--the food and the staff! Why not five stars? I just think they can be a little more helpful with food selection. Everything is good, but I never know exactly what I am going to get and I wish they were just a bit more outgoing about their great food. Will that ever stop me from having this be my go-to place at the market? NO WAY! The food is delicious and the portions are very generous. Unless they are overwhelmed being busy, you likely can get your meal served on one of their beautiful platters or bowls to eat there. The dishes are worth staying put and eating right there. I have loved everything I have ever ordered there--the salad sampler was a good item to share so you could get lots of different flavors and see what you like best, the Tagine chicken--full of chicken, veggies, a delicious sauce, olives, rice and dried fruit. It's a flavor fiesta! More...


Brian S.

13 November 2017

Hasan showed amazing hospitality I cannot stress enough that this food was the best food we had on our vacation. His food is definitely a work of art and incredible to watch. His food is something that will fill a space in not only your stomach but heart and soul as well. Many compliments to Hasan Ziadi. More...


Jamie O.

9 November 2017

Went to Morocco in 2008.  Ever since - I have been trying to find food that comes close to the unique flavors I experienced.  The few Moroccan restaurants in town were a bit Americanized for me, and lacking that fresh and authentic Moroccan flavor.  Here you will find rosewater oranges, a myriad of salads, simple ingredients, quality tagine, incredible service, the Medina vibe.  Moroccan Flavors is all that and more.  Superb.I am fighting the urge to go back for dinner when I just ate lunch there. More...


Camila C.

5 November 2017

This place seriously brings me back to my time in Morocco - from the decor to the delicious, mouthwatering food! I've tried the beef tagine, lamb tagine, couscous, and mint tea. They're all so, so good and packed with just the right amount of flavor. Really reminds me of the delicious homecooked meals I had back in Marrakech. Also, like others have said, the owners are super welcoming and friendly. What more can you ask for?! More...


Margie P.

5 November 2017

I love this place! Such nourishing food that is soooo delicious!! You just feel great eating here!


Patricia D.

4 November 2017

One word: DELICIOUS! This is the real deal when it comes to Moroccan food. We tried the shrimp and beef tagines, and they were both perfect. Highly recommended!


A H.

29 October 2017

I went here a couple of weeks ago and it was one of the tastiest things I've ever eaten in my life. It was so good I went back twenty minutes later to try more things and then went again the next day! Everything is so delicious and the owners are so nice and friendly. I would highly recommend trying it and I'd particularly recommend the beef tagine. I've been craving it ever since and will definitely have to make a point to go whenever I'm in town. More...


Eapen C.

28 October 2017

My friend and I both ordered the chicken tagine, and when it arrived on the colorful crockery, with the fragrance of the food and the wonderful colors of the saffron rice and vegetables, it's immediately welcoming and inviting, and that's before even eating a forkful. The chef/owner is always friendly and treats you like a guest. We each got a little dish of salad of shredded carrots in rosewater as well as a some sautéed squash with honey and almonds, as a dessert, which the chef aimed as a homage to "pumpkin pie filling." These were both colorful and delicious.  The chicken was made up mostly of white meat rolled chicken, but a touch of dark meat leg on the bone really picked up the flavor of the dish.The mint tea is a must, just like being in a Moroccan home.You can't go wrong here, especially with the modest prices. More...


Dominic D.

30 September 2017

Best Moroccan food I've had in a very long time (since I was in Marrakesh)!


Maggie H.

23 September 2017

Great food. I never have had Moroccan food and I really liked it. The grilled eggplant and beets were very good. Fortunately it turns out I really like the Moroccan spices. It is different than the way Americans use spices but I really liked them. I really loved the carrots with rosewater and cinnamon. My favorite though is the apricots, prunes & almonds, there is tfaya in this dish too, which is so good. When he told me caramelized onions were a part of tfaya I could not believe it. Doesn't sound like a good combo but it is so good! You would never know there were onions in it, can't taste any onion flavor at all, it is very sweet.A husband and wife team run this great place. He spent 13 years in Europe working different places as a chef. You can tell. He gave himself a great education. They are a really nice couple.Now that I have read the reviews from others, especially the ones that have been to Morocco, I wished I loved here. Not sure when or if I will be back in Minneapolis and so may never find another Moroccan place this good! More...


Lisa R.

12 September 2017

This was an incidental place I ended up eating at while meeting a friend. I looked at the hot plate they had set up and saw some vegetables. I asked what it was and then said I'd take it. There was some confusion due to a language barrier because I thought I was getting that along with the beef she recommended. It turns out I got a different dish, with no vegetables. I shrugged, paid a little more than I was expecting (considering the cafeteria setting) and ate a very delicious African dish. More...


Ali A.

30 August 2017

When you're craving Moroccan food in Minneapolis. You HAVE to come to Moroccan Flavors. Chef Hassan will take care of you  #Moroccanfood #minneapolis #midtownglobalmarket #moroccanflavors #minnesota


Agnes H.

22 August 2017

If you have trouble deciding what to eat a midtown global market, just seek out the blue paradise within the market and you won't be disappointed. Midtown Global Market is a disaster for indecisive eater like me, but thank god they added Moroccan Flavors a year ago(?), I know where to go every time.Side note: every time I go I had my mind set on trying something new, but every time I go, I always end up in Moroccan Flavors. I ordered the Tagine Beef. The beef is cooked until fork tender and the seasoning is very flavorful. My only complain is that it is quite salty but that's exactly what rice is for, right?!The combination of beef and apricot brings the dish to another level; I always wish I had more apricot. I also ordered the rose water orange slices for dessert, please you must get this!! It's very interesting. Even non-adventurous eaters (aka my boyfriend's mom and her husband) thought the flavors were very complex and refreshing. I would get this again especially after a bike ride on the greenway!!P.S. The area around Midtown Global Market is very dangerous. My boyfriend and I biked there and parked our bikes outside and his bike was stolen (it was a kryptonite U-lock). The bike was parked on the lake street entrance on a Sunday under broad daylight, and yet, it still managed to be stolen. As we were reporting to the police, a  guy came up to us and told us that he had his bike stolen from there (a couple times) also and one time his back wheel was stolen (because his bike and front wheels were both locked with a chain lock). SO....BEWARE IF YOU PLAN ON BIKING THERE. More...


Ning D.

15 August 2017

I've had kofta targine and lamb shank targine. Both were fantastic. I particularly loved the apricot in the targine. I ordered the salad sampler and the owners were so kind to give me a sample of everything. Every salad was unique and well seasoned. My favorite were the spicy broccoli, potato salad, bell peppers and beets. Overall, delicious food at a low price with the best service. If I live nearby I would eat here every day. Would highly recommend this place to anyone. More...


Y K.

12 August 2017

The best food I had all over Minnesota really fresh good service amazing can't wait to be back!


Richard S.

24 July 2017

that's is right this place, the service and most definitely the food is as good as it gets!!! my friend and I share the beef tagine and the kofta tagine (so delish) and we couldn't help but to try the salad sampler as well, and were happy we did.   The owner was very gracious and super attentive and took his time explaining the difference between the two dishes, and preparing our meals with such a care.   The name Moroccan Flavors suits them right, for the food they serve is full of wonderful and exotic flavors. More...


Kristina T.

23 July 2017

My friend and I had plans to check out a nearby restaurant at the market, and I am so glad that I checked out the reviews for this place while I waited for them to arrive. The owner was extremely kind and helpful with making suggestions, and it was hard making our final selection. I recommend going with someone who is willing to eat family style so that you can expose yourself to as much as possible. We got the kofta tagine, the beef tagine, and the salad sampler. The kofta was incredible, full of flavor and plenty of vegetables to provide a complete sensory experience. The beef tagine was a nice homemade slow roasted meal that would appeal to meat and potatoes people (as long as you are open to apricots). The salad sampler was really enjoyable and we couldn't stop exclaiming that the other person try a bite of this little bit next. The tea was also very good, I was expecting it to be super sugary like most restaurants serve their mint tea, but it was very refreshing.I can't wait to go back to try the chicken next (with another kofta order as well). You can tell that the owners take a lot of pride in their cooking and put their hearts into their kitchen (which is very very clean). Make sure to read the articles about the owners by the register! More...


Melinda D.

19 July 2017

Unique for the area and distinctive in flavor and appearance. Owners are very courteous and responsive. I would return if in the area just to support this small business. I can see why they maintain wonderful yelp ratings. Great for vegetarians. More...


Josh B.

11 July 2017

Such delicious food! I just ate a salad sampler plate for lunch with NINE different delicious salads. Super tasty and wonderful! Very friend chef who clearly takes pride in his work. And such reasonable prices. You have every reason to try this place. More...


Tom S.

10 July 2017

Just had a late lunch at Moroccan Flavors.   The beef tagine was just excellent along with my mint tea.   I recently came back from a trip to Morocco and the food here at this restaurant was delicious, even better than I remember from my trip.   The owner even took time to chat with me about my meal and trip to Morocco.   The restaurant has a cool vibe with a modern Moroccan feel.  I have been here a few times now, and need to make this place a more frequent stop.   Shukran. More...


Anna R.

3 July 2017

Salad sampler was wonderful, got to try a little bit of everything minus the olives (I hate olives). There wasn't anything I didn't like. I particularly enjoyed the marinated bell peppers, what looked like carrots and raisins, and the mushrooms.I don't know if it was because I came an hour before they were closing, but the lady seemed really tired and not really friendly. She didn't explain what anything was, just scooped it onto a lunch plate and as I was paying she saw someone she knew and walked out to say hi to them. I kind of awkwardly tried to say thanks and then walked away. More...


Dan D.

29 June 2017

I've BEEN to Morocco ...Eaten couscous straight out of a mother's kitchen, tagine straight off the street markets of Marrakech...This place is FANTASTIC. And, Hassan and his wife (?) serve with a smile - and on beautiful, hand-spun pottery, no less.Complimentary mint tea  was the last straw... I'll be back! More...


Devin D.

25 June 2017

This restaurant provided me with the best Mediterranean food I have ever had. I definitely recommend the Lamb Shank Tagine. Fresh ingredients and the staff was very nice and helpful with my decision of food. More...


Sarah B.

11 June 2017

We went to midtown Global market for a quick dinner and happened upon Moroccan Flavors- we were blown away by the value and excellent meal. I had a lamb shank with carrots and couscous and my husband had beef. Our toddler was very pleased with the chick peas, oranges with rosewater and cinnamon.The dishes were around $10-$12/each and a large amount of food- could be shared especially with a side added. The friendliness of the employees also did not go with out notice. We will definitely be back. More...


Alison C.

20 May 2017

Love the beef couscous and chicken tagine. The food is fresh and tasty and reliably good.


Katherine M.

15 May 2017

Studied in Morocco for a year in college. Was at the Midtown Global Market and walked by. I was so excited to discover a Moroccan restaurant in the Twin Cities. I decided on a salad sampler and oranges with rose water and cinnamon for dessert. Everything was fresh and tasty! Definitely coming back to try a tajine! More...


Pamela B.

5 May 2017

We went just before closing.  The server was very pleasant, accommodating and friendly.  The food was delicious.  They serve the main course on top of rice or couscous. We had the lamb tagine and mixed cold salad.  It was very tasty and nicely spiced.  The lamb was tender.  I pulled the lamb off the bone while eating with my plastic fork.  Do not forget the mint tea.  Cold or hot, it too is delicious.  The spiced olives were really good.  We recommend you try this restaurant. More...


Valeria L.

9 April 2017

Their oranges drenched in blossom water are heavenly! The owners are also super nice and deliver great customer service, love this place!


Alex Y.

23 March 2017

The food and service was amazing! Very fresh and quality ingredients. It's awesome to see how much pride they take in their food and how much better it ends up tasting.


Steve P.

6 March 2017

My wife suggested we go to the Midtown Market after she went here once before.  While looking around for a place to try, I ran across Moroccan Flavors.  Since this isn't a place I couldn't normally try, I decided to give it a go.I had the lamb shank tangine (a weekend special) and it was amazing.  The shank was braised until tender and falling off the bone.  The food was great.  Next time I'm in Minneapolis, I'll be back. More...


Sisley W.

16 February 2017

It's the only five stars restaurant I've seen. Oh well, it totally deserves it.The chef looks like a real chef. He is very nice and gentle, and comes fromMorocco. I ordered a beef tagine first - it was good. Beef was flavorful and tender. I soon finished it and ordered lamb couscous. The chef carefully presented the ingredients and it looked like a dish from fancy place. The lamb was very tender. I was sensitive to gluten thus didn't finish the plate.I like the cold Moroccan tea more than the hot one. But they are both good! More...


Darrin C.

8 February 2017

So happy I found this place! The tagine is outstanding and the owners are super friendly. Highly recommended.


Daniel L.

3 February 2017

This is located inside the midtown global market. If you walk around the global market enough you'll notice this place. It has it's own cozy dining section away from the food court. I only had the beef tagine bowl, and if Moroccan food taste this good, I'm visiting the country! I really like how soft and tender the beef is, and the flavor was amazing that went really well with the plums and apricot. It only makes sense you have to eat it with the rice together to balance the rich flavor out. I think I'll come back for seconds! By the way, if you are a Midwest meat and potatoes person that likes Panda Express, this isn't the place for you. Couple of my Midwest friends find their middle eastern flavor different and therefore didn't like this place. However, I encourage you to explore and try out this type food at least once in your life! Highly recommend! More...


John L.

3 February 2017

complex flavors, friendly service, and affordable prices for filling portions. the salad sampler lets you try many of the cold salads, and the beef tagine is an obvious choice if you eat meat. splitting these two items is a great meal for two. More...


Alex L.

23 January 2017

Moroccan Flavors is a really delicious addition to the Midtown Global Market! I was a first timer and the chef walked me through everything and helped me piece together an extraordinary braised chicken couscous dish. It's located near the back of the market behind hot Indian foods. More...


Nima A.

15 January 2017

The chicken tagine with the preserved lemon and olive sauce was delicious - not too sweet like a lot of Moroccan food, served with a good supply of well cooked seasoned vegetables and rice. We went back and got a side of kofta (meatballs) to try! Their mint tea was also soothing and delicious. Would want to come back - gold place to eat healthy and delicious. Could have ordered without the rice even and been 100% satisfied More...


Bev G.

11 January 2017

Highly recommend this place! The gal at the counter  was very helpful. She helped answer my questions about what to eat. I ordered beef couscous, highly recommend. Next time I want the sandwich! It was fun to watch the gentleman preparing the fresh vegetables! I'm very delighted that we came, coming back to try other dishes. Order the salad sampler, everything on it was delish!! Have the Tea, what a nice tasty drink! Hot and fresh! More...


Peter C.

13 December 2016

The couple that own this little gem are wonderful and so kind. Tucked away towards the back [or is it the side?] of the Midtown Global Market, this place is a must to track down. I hope they do extremely well. First of all, I don't know how they make their traditional hot mint tea, but I would drive all over town for this! Scalding hot and with a hint of sugar and fresh mint. I cannot tell you enough. This tea is unreal. So, is the food! Beef tagine low-braised with apricots, prunes, and almond compote; and with turmeric rice. The flavors are so complex and made with love. Luxurious and velvety meat. Dish was under 10 bucks. Sampler platter was also great and my favorite were the roasted beets, oranges with rosewater and cinnamon, and tomato and cucumber. Overall, love this place and will be going back to try the other items! And that TEA! Yummy. More...


Stevie J.

6 November 2016

With so many good options at the global exchange I always struggled to pick which one to eat at.  Moroccan Flavors is so good that it's now my default option, and I generally only go elsewhere if I've already eaten at Moroccan Flavors once that week. I switch off between the beef tagine and there chicken couscous. Both have amazing complex flavor and the condiments you get with the dishes blow my mind. The ice tea is nice as well. The owners are very friendly and have meticulous attention to detail that shows me they really care about their work. More...


Marie S.

23 October 2016

Hands down foodie paradise...fantastic display of QUALITY Moroccan food. Skip the other stands and come here. The chef is the real deal and everything on my plate looks beautiful. Check out my pick of the salad sampler. The mint ice tea is not boring whatsoever. It's perfectly sweetened. So impressed. Thank you for making my experience at the global market memorable. More...


Stephen M.

1 October 2016

Simply outstanding. The owners are wonderfully friendly people who clearly take great pride in the food they serve. I ordered the beef tagine, and it was a remarkably good meal. Delicious tender beef, wonderful stewed fruit, crunchy almonds, and delicious rice. Order your food and take it into East Lake brewing to have it with a brown ale. More...


Annie L.

1 October 2016

Hassan and Raja are two of the sweetest, most generous people in the world. All of the dishes I've tried are amazing and I just keep going back. The beef tagine and all of their salads are incredibly well done. Give them a shot next time you're at the Midtown Global Market! More...


Jake R.

25 September 2016

Delicious, fresh food paired with kind service makes this place a cultural gem. I had the chicken tagine and it was perfectly cooked -- deep flavors and the chicken meat was falling off the bone. Everything tasted fresh and of high quality. I'll be back soon! More...


Bob B.

30 August 2016

Fantastic new place-worth seeking out. Flavorful, unique tastes-chicken tagine was wonderful, and lots of great smaller dishes as well. Quieter seating than other places in the market, too. More please! More...


Michael B.

12 August 2016

Tucked away in a small corner of the midtown global market , this unassuming location will blow you away with its incredible food and wonderful staff who takes so much pride in their food and are so friendly. I was looking for amazing flavor for my family  after spending a day with our new born at Abbott - we were blown away First the options seemed endless and having a trouble deciding they easily oblige samples for the many salads or meatsEnded up ordering a salad sampler and the chef was so flexible to customize the portions of the samplers to the ones I liked most which was the grilled eggplant and roasted beets. The flavors were so fresh , spiced perfectly and felt very healthySupplemented with a beef tag one Cous Cous. With mouth watering tender beef over a bed of Cous Cous, with chickpeas, carmalized onions, and veggies and some prunes it felt like I was getting a fine dining meal , that filled me up, for under $10.Moroccan Flavors, Hassan, Raja- Keep up the amazing quality and service! This is an absolute gem in the twin cities More...


Corey H.

11 August 2016

I felt like this was five-star restaurant food at deli store prices. The two employees were clearly Moroccan and I'm sure owned the place, very friendly and helpful. I had decided on the salad sampler and was finding it hard to narrow down to four salads when the owner told me I could have a tiny sample of every salad they had. Could he read my mind!? The olives were delightful, so spicy, perfectly so. The cauliflower: wonderful, eggplant: wonderful, cucumber salad: wonderful. If only I could eat here every day! More...


Pumpkin O.

9 August 2016

So great to pick up take out today. A great addition to the Global Market. Got a great endorsement from a Moroccan friend as well. Take time to stop in or pick up a few things to go. More...


Kay K.

5 August 2016

This place is the newest addition to the midtown global market and it's fantastic! The owners are a lovely and oh so friendly couple who are courteous and so appreciative of their customers.The food is fresh, not greasy, vegetables are crisp, the flavors shine through without being too heavy. The mint ice tea is fast becoming my favorite refreshing drink. The orange slices steeped in rose water is a healthy dessert (albeit a bit pricey). I find their offerings to be light and healthy. We tried the salad sampler, chicken sandwich, and beef couscous. All were terrific. We agreed that we have to go back to try the beef tangine next time. More...


Ruki R.

24 July 2016

Back again for the chicken couscous, and it's as good as ever. This time I was smart enough to ask about harissa and they do have containers of it waiting for you. I just wish I didn't have to eat out of a plastic container, but they come with the territory. Expand your palate and try the food. More...


Alana E.

11 July 2016

Omg you have to go. The salads are awesome! And the tea is delicious. I think they are a well kept secret right now cause they aren't often busy! The food is so fresh and lots of veggies and tasty options... More...


Walid S.

29 June 2016

After several failed attempts to find good Moroccan delicacies in the twin cities due to failed restaurants or totally clueless mis-adventurers I finally stumbled upon Chef Hassan's latest project.He finally brought to the city a real north African treat.  The chicken sandwich is a feast to savor but the salad sampler is a great introduction to what is to come. Traditionally Moroccan food rings a bell of cous-cous steamed over a boiling pot full of carefully flavored vegetables and optional beef or chicken. the combination of which oozes with an aroma  of cumin, traumatic, cilantro, and the secret ingredient (pickled lemon). the result is an outstanding experience as prepared by the famous chef himself and his wife.there is plenty to write but saving the effort I'd say very good almost excellent. What's missing is a traditional Moroccan style seating (tabla and talamid). More...


Melaney S.

25 June 2016

The first thing I have to say is please don't deny yourself this experience. Ok that said here is why. First the food. The eggplant oh the eggplant. I have  never tasted it quite like this, close, but the seasoning is perfect.  The olives are something normally you can leave on the side, but the way they spice them well you'll just have to try. I cou5 go on and on about  each dish on the salad side, but this one you just have to hear. Me: have you tried the oranges? Pete: They are oranges.Me: no they're not just oranges you have to try the oranges.Pete: fine I'll try the oranges comma oh my this makes me feel like I've never done anything special enough to deserve that. You're right they're not just orangesSecond the owners care so much. They really want you to be happy. They are the sweetest people. They seem to go out of their way for each customer they talk to. I don't know how they do it. Oh I forgot the hot sauce if you like hot sauce ask for the hot sauce. Ok that's enough go enjoy. More...


Ted C.

17 June 2016

As soon as Chef Hassan Ziadi (previously of the late St. Vincent) saw my girlfriend and I perusing his new menu at his new digs, Moroccan Flavors, he stepped forward and walked us through it personally. After the mouthwatering show and tell, we decided on the salad sampler. The menu says choose 2, 3 or 4 options, but he let us try them all! Flavorful, refreshing, fantastic!We couldn't stop there with the scents of the marinating beef and chicken wafting all around us. We opted to try one of the hot sandwiches, the Kofta, a marinated beef sandwich served on fresh, crusty, chewy baguette. Try it.You must.Don't miss the mint iced tea! More...


Gary L.

29 May 2016

We were floored by the incredible flavors.....Sumptuous, contrasting, and complimentary ingredients in a visual presentation that screamed "you are no longer in the Midwest."  This gem of a restaurant is the brainchild of a world-class chef. More...


Brian M.

27 May 2016

Excellent food and the owners are extremely friendly and willing to recommend a great dish. The portions are large and the prices are very reasonable. Check it out and you won't be disappointed. Make sure you order the mint tea. More...


N B.

12 May 2016

I have been already telling everyone I can about this place. The owner is a former chef from the french restaurant Vincent A. and has been cooking his entire life. My friend and I had the salad sampler, the Chicken Tagine, and the beef Tagine -- all gluten free. There is, of course, also couscous, but I went for the rice. I recommend the delicious mint tea as well. It is clear by how the owner treats each guest that he is truly grateful for your visit and is prepared to grow this into a fully operational, fine dining restaurant. Get this man's cooking while you can for under $10 for an entree. It won't be like this for long. Find them in the old Sonora Grill space. It's a little fast-foodish but I can see him growing this into a chic moroccan fine dining place. More...


Anthony S.

9 May 2016

Super Good!The food is super super good and flavorful. Both the beef couscous and tagine bowl were fantastic! We also got an entire salad sampler which consisted of 7 or 8 different Monacan salads. I suggest that you also get the mint tea which was great.I definitely will be coming back!! More...


Beth D.

1 May 2016

My husband and I visited on a Sunday afternoon and had a great experience! We ordered the vegetable couscous and a salad sampler. The owner was very gracious and described all the components of the dish as he compiled it. The vegetables were very colorful and surprisingly flavorful, which is something that we appreciate as vegetarians. The portions were of good size, we took home leftovers.  I have not had much Moroccan food for comparison, but we would definitely go back! The restaurant is a fast-casual concept, with the items being mostly pre-prepared and boxed up to  order. But this is typical of the other restaurants at the market. This new business adds to the fun and diverse options at the Midtown Global Market and I wish them great success! More...


Annie A.

27 April 2016

Absolutely delicious. I had the beef tagine and it was so tender I didn't need a knife.  The flavoring is so wonderful, good portions, and the right price.  Plus with the vibrant blue tables and walls it is just a beautiful place to be. More...