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We create and manage customized digital marketing systems for small businesses that attracts your ideal clients/customers, gets more leads, increases sales and grows your business.

(Digital Marketing, Sales Funnels, Lead Generation, Marketing Strategy, Client/Customer Attraction, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Ads, SEO, YouTube Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Internet Sales)

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Neil Kennedy

9 November 2017

Every hero needs a guide to help them win. You gain wisdom either through a mentor or through the pain. I recommend a mentor. I have access to some very gifted people. Frankly, that is why I asked Victor to help me in my efforts of messaging FIVESTARMAN. I highly recommend Montalvo Marketing to help guide you in your efforts to connect with people. More...


Ariella Michal

1 June 2017

Victor was great. Very knowledgeable, took the time to walk me through some processes. He clearly knows what he is doing!


Jaclyn Shedden

30 May 2017

I had a call with Victor about my new business venture and I was so pleased with him. I am in the very early stages and he was able to help me get some clear direction and path to move forward. He gave me specific goals and a timeline and great marketing advice!! He was so thoughtful in his responses to my questions and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend him!! Thank you for all your help and guidance Victor!! More...


Julia Satterlee

24 May 2017

I just had an incredibly energizing and supportive meeting with Victor, who is a marketing miracle worker. As someone who knows almost nothing about marketing, especially digital marketing and more specifically Facebook marketing, he was an invaluable resource and will be an incredible asset to my team and business. He was so encouraging, supportive and helpful. He brings extensive experience and knowledge to the table, but even more importantly, he brings a servant's heart. As he likes to say, he will be the Merlin to your King Arthur, making marketing magic! Get in touch with him if you could use this kind of help. I HIGHLY recommend him. Thank you so much, Merlin, er, I mean Victor Montalvo! More...