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Mizner Park Comedy Club

Boca Raton, Florida


Mizner Park Comedy Club

Boca Raton, Florida


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Jim Patterson

29 August 2019

They give comedians who are up and coming a opportunity to perform in front of live audiences The Comic Cure classes give us the opportunity to work on our comedy with Richie and Ben Leis


Hortensia Blair

7 April 2019

I say they are a group of very talented comedians specially Freddy Stebbins.


Carl Colaizzi

7 March 2019

Have a great time. sounds good then you was good


Cory Ringdahl

28 February 2019

Los Angeles has loads of standup classes, ranging from the emotional and holistic to master classes on joke theory. You will not get this from Richy Leis' "Intro to Comedy". What you *will* get is six weeks of hands-on, in-depth work writing, polishing, memorizing, and confidently performing three minutes of your own material. You will also get *laughs*. Out of class, Richy provides a grounded approach and provides loads of email feedback. In class, you'll learn how to be on stage, and what to do when you're there. If you want to experience standup, and you're willing to do the work, Richy Leis is absolutely the best introductory teacher you'll find. More...


Susan Jekarl

8 February 2019

I took this class on a whim, as I know Richy from volunteering for non-profit events. The first class in his Intro to Stand Up Comedy series was free and I learned an amazing amount of wisdom that any stand up comic should know. And I'm not saying you need to do comedy a certain way, these are basic fundamentals that can get anyone up on onto an open mic almost immediately no matter what your style. The class is just awesomely practical as well - how do you actually sound check yourself on a mic? You'll find out how to hook up the gear and so many more insanely priceless chunks of knowledge. My class was filled with all different ages/backgrounds/ethnicities and we were all very supportive of each other despite not really knowing each other and I can honestly say this class will make you a better human being. Or at least one that lighten the mood in a room and give people a much needed laugh. Our graduation consists of doing standup in a real comedy venue - we will perform at the Ice House in Pasadena. And some of us have already tested the water at an open mic or two! I'm looking forward to the next series of classes. More...


Elena Tayem

7 January 2019

What a cool find! I'm so impressed with all the comedians that Mizner Park Comedy Club brings to Boca Raton! Always a fun night! Ben Leis, the managing director, is awesome. Love his significant mother too ;) Laughter truly is the best medicine. Can't wait for the next show. Love how they give back to local non-profits too. More...


Richard Leis

7 January 2019

From the front door to the comedy show to leaving after, everyone was a delight to deal with & the comedians had us rolling on the floor! Thanks for the Laughs and the Love! See you at the next show! More...


Victoria Fear

7 December 2018

A jewel in downtown Boca - funny, diverse comedic talent meets local, passionate nonprofits. Several restaurants just steps away, which makes for a great date night or friends' night out. Tickets are super affordable and always worth it. More...