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Mandy Lennon

4 February 2019

Since starting weekly sessions with Mint Fitness I have started to feel at last I am doing exercise that is working. Feeling much more toned, healthier and enjoying. Definitely recommend.


Pablo De Kemptown

22 January 2019

Matt is a great PT. you feel as if he has a genuine interest in your life and fitness . He plans the sessions meticulously and targets them to fit your needs . I feel stronger , more confident and I genuinely look forward to the sessions . You know it makes sense !!! More...


Andrea Marie Allum

26 January 2017

Feel on top of the world after this evenings session! Growing stronger week after week & most importantly actually enjoying it! ��


Justin Anderson

4 April 2015

Really great new bit of kit. Really challenges but great to be able to actually monitor results and improve. Looking forward to the ARX leg press coming soon!


Rob Martin

29 April 2014

Has really helped me to get fitter, change my body shape and lose weight. Matt has done a great job


Mark T.

5 March 2011

I had been reading 'Body by Science' by Dr Doug McGuff and on the off chance typed on 'HIT (High intensity training in Brighton) and found Mint fitness immediately. I couldn't believe my luck that such an enlightened exercise protocol was being offered on my doorstep. I've weight trained for 23 years-always assuming that the "correct" exercise dosage should be 3 times a week at least (or as much as possible!).  I have been training since June at Mint fitness once a week for not more than 20 minutes and the results are amazing. Not only do I burn off more fat but I am stronger and leaner than ever (at 45). This is such a  worthwhile investment as the benefits of this kind of training include improved insulin sensitivity, better fat burning, stronger muscles and (according to new research) better cardio vascular health (without the need for hours on the treadmill) my stamina has also greatly improved. I think everyone should train in this way, men to maintain testosterone levels and keep trim, women to off minimise excess fat and improve posture and bone density. The trainers Andy and Matt are enthusiastic and incredibly encouraging and the thought of training the way I used to now seems laughable. Oh and my sleep has also benefitted. Looking forward to getting fitter as I get older. Mark Tyrrell Brighton More...


michelle s.

23 September 2010

I have two very young children and am no spring chicken myself. I decided I needed to start looking after myself more..get fitter and more toned and my gym membership was just a waste of money because I always found a reason not to go. With Matt at Mint Fitness it's been brilliant because I go twice a week for just half an hour a time and because I've arranged the time with him I don't wimp out! More importantly he's shown me that by training effectively and corrcetly you achieve more in that shorter time than in hours at a gym plodding away. I have definitely become more toned..even in a few weeks people noticed and it's good to know that by strengthening etc I'm protecting myself against osteoporosis and flabby middle age spread! I would thoroughly recommend Matt. He is a great teacher and pushes you hard enough to see results but not so hard that you're scared! More...


Angela B.

28 April 2010

I'm not all that keen on going to a gym. Not only do I not feel like being another drone running away on a treadmill but I also feel I'm not getting a very personal service and then there's the fear that you'll be spotted in your sweats by someone at work or dread or of dreads, someone you fancy. For this reason, a couple of my friends and I signed up for a 6 week boxcercise course with Matt at Mint. The groups are kept really small so you get the attention you would from a personal trainer without the extortionate price tag. We're addicted already! It's so much fun, I recommend it to anyone. 6 weeks is £60 but if you want 1 to 1 personal training you're looking at £30-45 per hour. More...

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