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I am a fully trained Advanced Mindfulness Coach (London Meditation) and Personal Nutritionist (The Shaw Academy).
I run mindfulness programmes in London, as well as individual coaching (online, in person).
My deep interest and knowledge is around the mind-body connection.



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It's the keystone to wellbeing. Without a healthy diet, everything else we do will be fruitless. But without mental wellbeing, nutrition is also wasted. So it is a delicate interplay between the two... look after your body - what you eat, exercise, rest - and look after your mind - mindfulness, hobbies, relationships.

Helping people who haven't yet had the opportunity to uncover certain truths about the mind and body.

To steer my own life in a direction that feels truly worthwhile and beneficial to others too.

I take a holistic, well-informed and scientific approach, rather than a 'one solution' type of answer. Our wellbeing is a complex interplay of many factors, but nutrition and mindfulness practice are two crucial things we can assess and change for the better, over time.