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On site fitness classes, in home/onsite personal training, in home/onsite nutrition, in home/onsite chef services, in home/onsite massage, motivational speaking

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Mike Caldwell

10 September 2018

It's a cool place to workout


Eli Trujillo

10 September 2018

Kim is very passionate about her clients and her profession.

Great trainer to work with.


Cathleen Lovette

4 June 2018

Bringing back old-school and classic charm; large well maintained dance floor. Restaurant district and free parking nearby. A rare and beautiful find close to the historical 5-points area. More...


Eli Trujillo

4 October 2017

Kim is very passionate about her clients and her profession.


Jami M. Guler

4 June 2017

I wish this place was still cool!


Joan Roco

4 June 2017

Been here on several occasions for different dance events. Good floor, nice facilities, god staff


Selena Acevedo

4 June 2015

live salsa classes

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Healthy living should be a priority for everyone who finds a quality of life important for them and their families. We all want to work hard and take care of our families but we will be hindered by a low quality of health if we are not proactive in taking care of ourselves

Our tagline is 'We meet you where you are' which means that we can come to you regardless of geographical location (within US) or your fitness/nutrition level (beginner, intermediate, advanced). We come to your location based on your schedule and your preference to make it as easy and convenient for you as possible. Our pricing is very affordable in order to fit within any budget.

You first need to have a great internal understanding of why your physical appearance is so important to you. Sometimes how we feel internally can affect how we look externally. So to get the body of your dreams, first consider the reason why its so important to you to look a certain way. We have worked with models, body builders, competitors, or just the average person wanting to feel better about how they look.

Our passion for helping people is what has kept us around for so long.

There wasn't another business that did what I felt needed to be done which is meeting people where they are regardless of where they are located or their fitness/nutrition level. I also couldn't find another business that had the passion that I had about helping people.

Our mission is to help people feel comfortable about trusting us with helping them improving their health, reaching their goals and setting new goals to accomplish. We are different from others since we can help people ages 2-92 regardless of location.