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Blanca Way

Michael is a Natural behind the lens, He not only capture actions, reaction, but emotions.
When I saw his pictures for the forat time I was like men!!
He is Good!!
I would love to have a photo session with my grandson and I, so I can proudly say, “My friend Michael Stenz is responsible for all these magnificent Takes”


Lisa Birdsell-Coughlin

I love Michael's live music photography . It is an art form that truly conveys the passion and intimacy that the artist is feeling in the moment.


Susan Roe Watson

Michael is extremely talented and obviously brings out the best in his subjects. His creativity and unique eye make his work stand out. He also has such a great personality he will put anyone at ease and help them feel comfortable, which lets their natural beauty shine through. Just scroll through his portfolio and it is obvious Michael has a rare talent! More...


Tara Marty

Michael has a special gift for photography. He has a unique ability to capture and portray emotion in a photograph. He's very knowledgeable about his craft, but also eager to learn and experiment with new ideas. He is very friendly and easy to talk to and work with. You will not be disappointed with the results! More...


Nicolás Ciotti

Art and life go hand in hand and you can't enjoy one without the other. My good friend Michael Stentz Jr. makes a good point of that statement with his amazing photos, either capturing simple and rewarding moments in life such as a yawning cat or unique and exciting events such as true performers giving their best on stage!!! Enjoy his portafolio!!!


Laura Meyers

This was the absolutely our favorite family photography session we have ever experienced! Michael came to our home and we took him on our favorite walk down to our local lake. He interacted so naturally with our kids, and let them guide him. He took his time, was super easy to relate to, and it was like a family playdate. He captured our girls' personality precisely! We had a few ideas in mind of some poses we were interested in, and he recreated them beautifully. Honestly, he is magic with his camera. I highly recommend. I won't ever use another photographer. For as long as Michael is willing, he's our guy. More...


Amethyst Aitken

My first interaction with Michael sums up the essence of his photography. It was post home divisional round game against the Panther and we beat them. Richard Sherman came out to do an interview on the field and was signing many fans autographs. He didn't quite make it to us but my brother yelled to him, "Here man! It's yours!" He wanted to give Sherm his beaded Seahawks medallion. Sherm, who was already jogging back to the locker room, wanted my brother to throw it, but my brother was reluctant. So Sherm came back and got it from my brother, Michael, a total stranger at the time, got the picture of my brother handing Sherm his medallion, you could see in the photo Sherm mouthing, Thank you.
Michael has ever since been capturing moments like this. It's what he does best. I know that if I ever needed a professional photographer I'd look forward to using Michael Stentz. He has a natural knack for capturing the best moments and bringing out the best in you, he's a real great guy that would make anyone's special events into beautiful memories.


Lee Harrison

We had the absolute pleasure of meeting Michael on our trip to Oregon over the summer. I couldn't believe our luck that he was going to be photographing the concert we were attending - a concert our daughter was singing at. It's not every day that your daughter gets to sing on stage with her favorite singer in the world, and when I knew Michael was the official photographer, I didn't even bother taking my own camera out of the case. The shots he got of our daughter on stage were incredible, moving, in poor light, razor sharp no matter how far I zoomed in...he managed to capture the all-too-brief moment perfectly. Not just the scene but the emotion and that little glint in a daughter's eye that usually only a parent sees. Such an amazing guy, it was an absolute privilege watching him work his magic. More...


Sabrina Habib Heppe

Michael is a great photographer! He did an amazing job capturing our family photos even with a busy two year old running around. He is warm, friendly and very professional. I would highly recommend him. More...

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