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I coach people who WANT to change and get results. My straight forward, highly practical, yet supportive and motivational personal training and wellbeing coaching can help you to:

+Create a balanced and energised body and wellbeing
+Stay motivated throughout the transformational period


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Elinor Perry-Hall

I train 2 or 3 times a week and can honestly say my Me V Me leggings are the best I have had, they stay put and I feel great wearing them. The range is flattering and classy and I feel as good in the gym as I do wearing them out and about. I highly recommend their British made products and the customer service is also excellent. More...

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To make sure that you have access to the people, support and information you need, to create the life and wellbeing you desire, I provide a range of workshops, coaching packages, training plans and events to inspire you on your wellness journey.

1-2-1 Personal Training with REP's Lvl 3 Qualified PT
Progressive Training Programs
Personalised Nutrition Plans
Wellbeing Coaching
Fun & Effective Workouts
1-2-1 & Group 12 week plans
Mobile Personal Training Sessions
Group Fitness Classes
Health & Wellbeing Talks
NourishME Superfood Cookery Workshops
Monthly Wellbeing Groups across Warwickshire and Solihull

For more information please visit www.mevme.co.uk

Making healthy and sustained wellness a fun, delicious, creative and inspiring way to live.....not just another thing on your to-do list!

When we enjoy what we are doing, love the way we live, and look forward to the foods we eat, it all becomes effortless. And that's my aim! To work with you and coach you through the transformational period to create a new way of living that you actually enjoy, that tastes delicious and not deprived, and brings you an abundance of energy to live your life to the full.

Being a supportive and encouraging influence that inspires my clients to keep going when things are tough, and cheering on my Clients at each triumphant success along the way. And also working with Clients to identify the barriers to them achieving their goals, and then helping them to remove these and get the success they are looking for always feels so rewarding.

My own personal fitness journey. I personally understand the reality of trying to fit our health and wellbeing needs around the daily demands of work, kids, family and a social life. I've spent time conducting online surveys and speaking to hundreds of women and men about their biggest challenges when it comes to their weight, food, fitness and health. This information motivates me everyday to keep supporting men and women on their wellness and fitness journey's so they too can achieve their goals and get success!

As an experienced and qualified Wellbeing Coach and Personal Trainer I get results and I'll always be honest and only offer credible and trustworthy advice and coaching. This is supported by the WellSpoken Mark awarded to MEvME. WellSpoken is the Wellness industry's recognised accreditation for delivering high quality, evidence-based and reliable information.