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Anna Ronan

22 July 2019

We had our spacepak central AC installed in our cape home that was a major challenge. We weren’t even sure central air was going to be a possibility for us but thanks to spacepak and their unique product, we were able to have central air both up and downstairs. 2 years later, the house cools nicely and the vents are beautiful looking! It’s hard to even tell they are AC vents. Thank you spacepak for an amazing product!! Highly recommend! More...


Ann Santarcangelo Wongsing

5 July 2019

We had it installed in May of this year. Everything they say about it is on spot. Every room in my 2 story house is the same temperature. It is aesthically fine & very efficient. They run the"tubes" thru the walls with minimal disruption to your current walls. The only walls they had to cut were in my closets to get to my first floor. I'm loving it. And in my case, was less expensive than traditional Central Air. More...


Jeffrey Remick

19 October 2015

Love the res heat pump chillers!