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M.C Home Improvements

Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire

3 hires on Bark

M.C Home Improvements

Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire

3 hires on Bark


M.C Home Improvements is a leading specialist in delivering high quality home renovation, ranging from new builds, refurbishments, fit outs, dilapidations and alterations.

Established in 2000, M.C Home Improvements prides itself on a complete knowledge of its craft, with a highly skilled workforce in place, managing projects from start to finish, and delivering on time and beyond client expectations.


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2 September 2019

I am not willing to pay a penny more than I have already done. In fact, I believe that you should compensate me for wasting my time and money, and for such a poor, unprofessional job, unfinished work and the mess and rubbish you left behind.

• We agreed that you will fit the new radiator. You gave me the measurement ‘400mm, doesn’t matter how tall’. I went to Wickes but they did not have that measurement. I bought the standard size radiator advised by Wickes but you said it was the wrong size. I went back the very next day to another store, Screwfix, and bought the 400mm. You said you would come the next day to install it.
• You came the next day, did some tiling and did not fix the radiator. At 1.18 pm you refused to fit it saying that you were rushing away to catch a ferry at Dover in a few hours.
• Since then, you have never come back to install the radiator.
• We agreed that you would fit a new door, of course with door handle. You gave me the measurement for the new door ‘1960 x 755 mm’. I tried to follow your measurements but Wickes did not have the exact size. I phoned you and you agreed that I could buy the standard size door and you would file it down to the correct size.
• You then fitted the door all wrong because you placed the door opening was on the wrong side. When one opened the door, it blocked the light switch so one could not switch on the light in the dark.
• You never filed down the door.
• You did not fit the handle.
• You came back the next day to refit the door but you did not fit the handle because ‘you were going away in an hour to Dover to catch a ferry’ and so you said you had no time to do the door.
• To date, we cannot shut the door and in a flat occupied by four people, there is no privacy.
• To date, you have left the door without a handle.
• You agreed to replace the bathroom window glass but you did not.
• You splashed paint on the window frame and never cleaned up the paint
• This was poorly finished with ugly chunk of thick grey grouting or filler stuck to the side of the electric shower.
• You failed to cut the tile around the show to the right size, leaving a hole which you appear to have filled with the chunk of grouting or filler
• You damaged the bath with two cracks. This is a big problem as not only are the cracks unsightly, the cracks will become a dirt trap and also water will leak out through them.
• The bath cost me £119. You need to replace it.
• I bought the boxes of tiles from Wickes, which is a reputable store but you kept saying that that tiles inside the boxes were broken.
• As you were constantly claiming that the tiles were damaged from Wickes, I was having to go back to Wickes to exchange boxes of tiles three times. As far as I am concerned, you were breaking them up. I saw a lot of broken and smashed tiles hidden in my garage. You wasted my valuable time, petrol and my money.
• You made a messy and unsightly arrangement of the tiles as you did not cut up the tiles in the correct measurements to fit around wall edges and corners. Instead, you made up the tiles which you had cut short with fillers or grouting.
• You left without cleaning the grouting and fillers stuck on the face of tiles. You should have cleaned them off with the correct cleaning solution and left the bathroom tidy and with a professional finish.
• You treated the ceiling but failed to apply at least one more necessary coat of treatment.
• You left the ceiling stained with grey grouting.
• You advised me to buy 5 planks of wood for the flooring and joints. I bought all 5 as advised by you yet you only used up about 2.5 planks since you abandoned 2.5 planks in the garage, costing about £82.50, plus left over joints.
• You wasted the wood, my money and my time.
Delays – 2nd July started Bathroom job
• You contacted me on 28th June and began the job on the 2nd July, you stripped the walls but in fact you stopped the work because of a hole in the floor. You claimed that you would have to contact your insurer and that the job required a structural engineer and refused to continue.
• I kept chasing you and you eventually sent a text on the 17th July to say your son was in hospital
• You said the job would take 1 week. In fact it took 2 months and is still incomplete.
• You went on two holidays during the time to complete my bathroom, which also was not agreed.
• Dictating to me when you will show up to work
• Sometimes Marcus would not even come due to taking up other jobs after mine
• Due to a hole being in my bathroom floor which was discovered on the 18th July, you took this opportunity to waste time and prolong the situation by contacting your Insurance.

Rubbish- 16th July left in garage, 19th July came to clear
• You left piles of rubbish in the garage despite our agreement that you will clear all rubbish. I repeated asked you to clear out the rubbish from my garage while you were working. You failed to do so.
• You left a lot of nails within the rubbish you left in the garage making it dangerous and risky for me or my three children to enter the garage without suffering an injury.
• Initially, you left the old bath, and other piles of rubbish outside on my neighbour’s driveway for 3 days, causing my neighbour to be very upset, resulting in harsh words being exchanged with my neighbours. I asked you over and over again to remove the rubbish before you eventually did so.

23 July 2019

Awful, was trying to extract money in an unacceptable way.

The customer tried to haggle down labour price by trying to offer payment as a back handed, the customer agreed to work being done and I bought the items but because he could get it off amazon for £30 cheaper he chose for me to return it which the company charge a £10 surcharge for returns work was completed and signed off

19 July 2019

Prompt, friendly and competent. I will happily use Marcus again.

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Family business started by my father and I myself took over in 2015, I have expanded the company from plumbing to do house renovations.