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Matt Heppell

Uckfield, East Sussex

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Matt Heppell

Uckfield, East Sussex



I am a freelance web designer and developer based in Uckfield, East Sussex designing and building modern, affordable and user friendly websites and mobile applications.

With over 6 years web experience I have built many websites across a wide range of industries, from single-page sites to large, complex applications receiving millions of pageviews per year.


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20 June 2016

Matt designed and hosts my web-site. He's set it up so I can make simple changes myself, which is really useful. He always responds quickly to requests, and works fast and accurately - exactly what you need!

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I believe there are three things which make a great website: ease of use, adaptability and white space.

Do you have a current site? Do you require a domain or domain transfer? Would you like me to host the site? What should the new website look like? Do you have any examples? Colour scheme/fonts? Do you have a logo? Do you need to sell online? Do you need access to make edits to the website yourself? What's your budget? What's your timescale?

I really like building websites. I consider myself lucky enough to have found something for which I have a genuine passion for and am able to make a living out of.

I spend the majority of my time hidden away in my home office building digital things: whether it's a website, a mobile app or just tinkering around with some new technology.

Each website requires a different approach, meaning there are always opportunities to learn new technologies.

I was looked after badly and undervalued when I was employed. I didn't enjoy the office I was working in and did the right thing in leaving.

Because I'm too stupid to overcharge and will always put in more than the necessary hours to achieve the best possible outcome.


I absolutely love developing and there are few better feelings that starting on a fresh, challenging project. My development skills are entirely self-taught and over the years I've built up exceptional knowledge of both front and back end technologies, meaning I can confidently build any website of any size in any industry. Building my own online fantasy sports platform was a great learning experience for me. It allowed me to build up solid knowledge of PHP and MySQL whilst maintaining a codebase which now receives millions of pageviews every year. I've also spent time building other large scale websites which include custom built features such as complex entry forms, online payment, invoice generation and automatic confirmation emails. I have created mobile apps using the Ionic framework, custom database driven applications and batch sending email solutions.

Once I have a full and in depth understanding of your business I will set about producing up a design mock up for your approval. This allows me to create your site exactly the way you want it, and changes can easily be made at this point rather than altering the appearance at a later stage. Only once has the design been approved will the development process begin. I have a distinctly clean and modern style, taking a minimalist approach with an emphasis on having excellent usability. Whatever your business, having a well designed and easy to use website can make a real difference. I understand the need to create a website that is tailored to your specific requirements and that carries strong brand recognition so the design process is vital.

With more and more people now browsing the internet on mobile devices, it is essential that your website looks great on any screen size. If your site fails to loads properly on a smaller screen chances are you might lose a potential customer. For these reasons, together with the fact that Google now takes into account how your site adapts to smaller screens when raking mobile search results, mean that having a website that is responsive is crucial. All my websites are responsive as standard and I achieve this through the use of Foundation: a lightweight, advanced responsive framework.

I think we'd all agree that appearing high up on all top search engines is vital to your business in order to get an edge on the competition. Unfortunately there is no magic formula to ensure your site ranks at the top and although search engines take many factors into consideration, I will do everything in my power to give your site the best chance to appear as high up as possible but please be patient - it doesn't happen overnight! It's worth noting that there are other factors other than the actual website structure that will impact your SEO. For example, search engines love to see regular content being added to websites and healthy backlinks from influential websites so there is also stuff you can do for yourself.

Unless I'm out on the bike or standing in a cricket field at the weekend, you'll likely find me working hard in my home office which means I'm usually by the computer so I can quickly respond to an email. Once a new website has gone live, this is by no means the end of the working relationship with the client - I'm always happy and available to assist with support queries or to make any further amendments to your site at any time.