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Masters Personal Training is a leading Lancashire fitness company offering bespoke personal training services to the people of the Ribble Valley.

We have a solid team of professionals on hand to help you with any of your health, fitness and wellness goals. Whether that's to lose weight, freedom from back pain or to have more energy, we're here to help get you there.

Offering a bespoke approach to personal training, we:

- listen to what you've done in the past (what's worked and what hasn't)
- agree your individual health and fitness goals
- offer a tailored solution for your body and mind
- assess your biomechnaics to ensure a programme is tailored to your body
- formulate your bespoke fitness programme
- be your personal trainer in all fitness sessions
- coach you on your nutrition, diet and lifestyle habits
- advise when you're unsure about something

We communicate with you every step of the way too: by email, phone, SMS and through our PT app (on your phone) to ensure that every question you have is answered.

If you're interested in hiring the very best personal training team in the Ribble Valley then take a look through what we offer below and what current clients have said about us.

Reach out for a complimentary consultation by filling in the form on our website (the link is on this page).

Masters Personal Training Reviews


Review of Masters Personal Training by Nick
5 13/02/2018 Nick

Before coming to MPT I'd been overweight for years.

I was looking for a personal trainer that was local to me and they got back to me fairly quickly.

Their price is about right and what they deliver is great. I have my sessions with Daniel and come to some of the fitness classes. Plus, I can workout there if I want to, but I generally don't (three times a week is enough!).

I've gone from being an overweight guy to looking and feeling a lot better. They haven't just helped me with fitness, but I've learnt a lot about nutrition and what I eat, and how to eat the right things when there isn't much choice.

I've also learned to love exercise. I wasn't too active before and my energy levels are a lot better now (maybe that's my coffee before I workout having an effect ;) ).

Review of Masters Personal Training by Jane Birtwell
5 27/01/2018 Jane Birtwell

I've been going to Masters for PT sessions for the past couple of years and really enjoy it. I feel so much fitter and stronger and I'm more aware of eating healthier. Hayley is a great tutor, and very friendly.

Review of Masters Personal Training by Simone Newell
5 27/01/2018 Simone Newell

Having tried and tested many other gyms in the past. l can honestly say lve never felt fitter or looked better(so my friends say) since joining MPT.l actually look forward too my PT sessions with Daniel and the classes are small and friendly.A great team effort by all who work there ????????????

Review of Masters Personal Training by Leonard Fenton
5 27/01/2018 Leonard Fenton

I've been with MPT for 13 years. Great people all of them. Always friendly and professional.

I've always loved the classes and my PT sessions. As the years have gone by my natural discipline and enthusiasm has waned but Dan has always been there to get me back on track and rebuild my motivation. Thanks Dan

Review of Masters Personal Training by Teresa Potter
5 27/01/2018 Teresa Potter

Happy to recommend Masters Personal Training. They provide a great service in a lovely environment. Really helpful and great for all levels of fitness and experience.

Review of Masters Personal Training by dave atherton
5 19/12/2017 dave atherton

Joined the gym in april/may 2017. I was recovering from spinal surgery and was in dire need of losing weight but, more importantly..... getting back to full fitness! Booked Dan as my personal trainer and I have not looked back!! I am fitter now than ever before!! They are a team of excellent trainers, motivators and bloody nice people!! They all have a great knowledge about exercise, diet etc... and they all enjoy what they do, which in turn, makes you enjoy it too!! The team at Masters Personal Training have literally......
Changed my life!!!! And I am and will be eternally grateful!!

Review of Masters Personal Training by Becka W
5 15/12/2017 Becka W

I joined Master's around 18 months ago and haven't looked back.

The gym itself is small, but packed with all the equipment you could possibly need, the atmosphere is friendly and everyone is there with the same goal in mind - getting healthier! This means none of the posing and feelings of "you don't belong here" I had in larger, more corporate gyms.

There is always a PT on hand to offer advice and help and other clients will happily answer any quick questions you have. Dan has kindly taken the time to give me advice on nutrition and I've had several PT sessions with Pete.

The PT sessions are great at helping you reach your end goal, introduce new exercises and correct your technique so when you're let loose on you're doing it safely! They have introduced a new app which helps you communicate with your PT, plus share your food logs, workouts and progress.

Review of Masters Personal Training by Martin Bell
5 21/09/2017 Martin Bell

Fantastic facilities, very knowledgeable PT’s would highly recommend Masters Personal Training

Review of Masters Personal Training by Sylvia Poll
5 24/01/2017 Sylvia Poll

Masters Personal Training has been the making of me... following a back injury 12 years ago I had a long list of "can'ts" and a very short list of "cans"... including can't ride a bike, can't lift heavy weights...
Two years ago a mutual friend introduced me to Masters PT. With Daniel's expertise in getting my back into correct alignment through precisely targeted exercises, I am now able to ride a bike for 10 minutes, and that keeps on increasing, and I recently completed a workout where I lifted a 15kg weight above my head 28 times... would have been 30 but the previous part of the workout meant my arms were spent!
I know going forward I will achieve my fitness goals, and I regularly recommend Daniel and his team to friends and family.
Thank you for showing me that my fitness life wasn't over!

Review of Masters Personal Training by Sam Egbo
5 08/10/2016 Sam Egbo

Daniel, Hayley and everyone always go the extra mile to support you with training, recovery from injury and nutrition. The extensive equipment and studio are used to great effect. Location is superb for outdoor training sessions. I've been a member of lots of gyms over the years but this is the most friendly by far. A pleasant environment for women to train in.

Review of Masters Personal Training by Hayley Masters
5 Hayley Masters

A brilliant place to train

Review of Masters Personal Training by Andrew Roberts
Andrew Roberts

Great place to train

Review of Masters Personal Training by Pauline Tarpey
5 Pauline Tarpey

Very motivational. Great place/people to help you achieve your goals

Review of Masters Personal Training by Janet Jenkins
5 Janet Jenkins

Love it! Love it! Love it! :)

Review of Masters Personal Training by Martin Bell
5 Martin Bell

Excellent place to train!!!

Review of Masters Personal Training by Lucy Woods
Lucy Woods

25 likes away from 500! Lets get them to the 500 :)

Review of Masters Personal Training by Stephen Parker
5 Stephen Parker

Awesome place to train.

Dreams can be achived :-)

Review of Masters Personal Training by Jamie Price
5 Jamie Price

A great place to train with the best guidance and support from all the staff!

Review of Masters Personal Training by Ashleigh Crook
5 Ashleigh Crook

I travel 40 mins to train here, classes are top and there are classes to suit everyone. All the trainers are excellent very positive and motivational!

Review of Masters Personal Training by Dario Mst
5 Dario Mst

Just passed my PRMC thanks to Daniel and his team... Not only did they help me get physically fit but helped me gain the confidence and determination I needed to push myself... Highly recommended

Review of Masters Personal Training by Richard Newman
5 Richard Newman

If you want to loose weight, get fitter or build muscle this is the place to go!

Review of Masters Personal Training by Donna Cooper-Holmes
5 Donna Cooper-Holmes

Well after a morning on the slopes we all want to thank Dorothy Masters for her weekly ski fit sessions. We have all felt the benefit from the sessions. Hoping she continues to run the sessions for next year! X

Review of Masters Personal Training by Nick Sanders
5 Nick Sanders

A great team of trainers from the Ribble Valley who have an unlimited amount of motivation and encouragement.

Review of Masters Personal Training by Michelle Payne
5 Michelle Payne

Great gym, great team. I've just moved to the Ribble Valley from Manchester and it's fab to find such good facilities just around the corner.

Review of Masters Personal Training by Jack Stones
5 Jack Stones

The staff and personal trainers are second to none, their knowledge is great and at a reasonable price!! a top set of people and very good at what they do!!!

Review of Masters Personal Training by Simone Newell
5 Simone Newell

Thanks to you all a great team effort .Look forward to my PT sessions feel fitter and healthier.

Review of Masters Personal Training by Matthew Paul
5 Matthew Paul

Have helped me to overcome and surpass some horrific injuries. The trainers have helped my knowledge base on nutrition, technique and workouts. Just come back from one of the fitness camps and can't feel my body ��

Review of Masters Personal Training by Jaimie Sadler
5 Jaimie Sadler

Love the Box Fit class on a saturday!! Seeing results after a couple weeks of attending, extremely affordable and something for all fitness levels.. All of the instructors that have held the class always make you feel great, that your smashing the workout! Sam is always motivational and always coming up with new ideas to keep us working hard :-)

Review of Masters Personal Training by Sylvia Poll
5 Sylvia Poll

I’m not a typical gym bunny, and the experts on Daniel’s team are all fully qualified, knowledgeable and caring. They help you achieve your own goals, at your pace, whether that is to trim up, lose weight, or gain it, you can trust these experts for advice. If in doubt, give them a shout!

Masters Personal Training

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Masters Personal Training Q&A

Company Q&A

How do you help your clients achieve their fitness goals?

Health and fitness goals are unique to you.
You might want to lose weight, tone those flabby bit or improve your fitness, and everyone wants more energy throughout the day without resorting to caffeine all of the time.
So, your training should be specific to you too. Not just about your body, but linked with your mind and how you think too.
That's why we help by coaching you as an individual to help you make better and healthier food choices.

We support you when you're struggling to stick to your plans because, let's face it, you’re not going to be ‘on it’ all of the time.

There are going to be days when you just can’t be bothered, and we’re here to help keep you on track during those times.

During your sessions you’ll find we'll be highly motivational and working towards getting you the most out of your training sessions.

What’s the secret to getting the body of your dreams?

There isn't really any secrets.
The one main thing that will help you above all others is consistency. If you keep working at a goal then eventually you’ll reach it.
The bigger issue for most people is keeping the consistency and that’s where we step help.
Working on your own goal all alone is hard.

Some days it'll be easier, but if was easy all of the time then everyone would have the body of their dreams, but they don’t because it’s not easy.
It’s hard and you need help. You're not failing or inadequate if you ask for help, it's strength: that you realise you need that help and to ask for it.
It’s far easier to stick to your journey if you have help along the way too.

What do you love most about your job?

There are lots, but one thing is seeing the changes in people’s bodies and their minds. When they start to see (and feel) the results that makes me feel great.
It's priceless.
And anyone who knows me knows that I’ve always said "If I won the lottery tomorrow I'd still be in work the next day",

What inspired you to start your own business?

I had a friend who was working as a personal trainer at the time and he wanted me to work with him as a self-employed trainer.
At the time I was working for a local gym as a fitness instructor doing basic programmes, showing people around the club, and general cleaning.
I’d wanted to become a personal trainer for about two years, but I didn't have the money to go on the course. So, when I got a call from him it was like fate knocking on my door.
I called him up and I’ve not stopped since.
I started by shadowing him for about 6 months whilst I competed my courses to get my first PT certification.
And within the next 6 months I was doing about 40 PT sessions a week across two different clubs.

Why should our clients choose you?

It’s a little cliché, but we really do care about people.
I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve just walked up to someone working out in a gym and helped them out.
For me, healthy living is a passion, not a job and I like to see people get great results from the fitness industry. After all, people tend to see a personal trainer more than they see their doctor so we’re the first line of defence in their health.
Because of this I tend to attend many training courses so that I can help more people achieve their goals and get them there quicker!

Services provided by Masters Personal Training


Bespoke Personal Training

We offer personal training as our core service, but it isn't just any personal training. Bespoke personal training means that the whole service is tailored to you and your body. This begins at the start when we sit down for a conversation about where you are now in your health and fitness and what your goals are (where you want to be). Then, after you've gone through a full assessment, we'll write and then implement a full fitness programme for you. As personal trainers we'll be with you throughout each fitness session with us in the fitness studio and we're also there to offer any advice that you may need on nutrition, eating, going out, how to "cheat", lifestyle habits and how to get the body shape you've always wanted. No matter what your goal (whether to lose the belly or look fit in your bikini on your holidays), we'll work with you and pass on our knowledge to ensure you get to where you want to be. Here's a page on our site where you can read some more:

C.H.E.K Holistic Health Practitioners

A number of the team are trained by the CHEK Institute: elite level training in the health and fitness industry. If you have chronic back pain or issues with your posture (like most people do) then one of our C.H.E.K Practitioners can help you with a specific programme to free you from the pain and give you your life back: be free to play with your children/grandchildren and do all of the things that you want. We also have CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coaches who can help you if you're stressed out and your choices in your diet and eating habits aren't as optimal as other areas of your life. We'll help you with your overall health and energy: you'll have the 'spring' back in your step in no time at all.

Pain and Injury Rehabilitation

If you suffer from pain or have an injury then we can help. Pain can cause you to feel tired all of the time, be stressed with worrying about when the next incident is coming, drain most of your energy and cause you to lose your temper with loved ones. No one wants to be in pain and feeling all of the negativity that surrounds it. We'll help you become pain free and have a new found energy in your life, which will mean you will have more energy to do things that you love and you'll have the confidence not to worry where the pain is. If you want more information then you can visit this page:

Biosignature Modulation

We use Poliquin's Biosignature Modulation to measure skin folds on your body that we then put into a computerised system. This system then informs us of a few things: - what your body fat percentage is - what areas of your body should be worked on first - an average hormonal profile - areas of your body that may be stressed If you're struggling to lose body fat then this programme can be enlightening and help you target the areas of your body where stubborn fat is. It'll help both you and the practitioner see what areas of your body are highlighting which hormones seem to be out of balance. Once we're aware of these we can offer corrections to your fitness training programme, modify the intensity of different exercises, introduce relevant supplements, change lifestyle habits and change some aspects of your nutrition.

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