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Hela Hela

Absolutely best massage in London! Keep coming back for more.


Georgina Bailey

This isn't just about the massage, its about the full MASAJ experience which is a rare find!


Leanora Vero

Scarlet is the best! Go book now or you may regret it


Esther Barkowsky

My very first massage and I absolutely loved it! I definitely recommend Scarlet and her miraculous hands! :)


Jimena Tascon

The deep tissue massage is incredible! Felt loose, well and relaxed after my massage :)


Sara Beyerle

Scarlet has been very helpful with my tendinitis and contractures problems. She has a natural gift for massaging and can understand where you body needs more focus. Thanks Scarlet!!!


Bee Crawley

Been to a few places but this is the best in London!


Holly Barber

Great relaxing massage, felt totally at ease with Scarlet from start to finish. Very professional but friendly service & great value! Definitely recommend


Sinead Newman

Best massage I have ever had, and I've had hundreds!! Scarlet is so knowledgeable and can just feel what needs working on. So lucky I found her, and so sad that she is leaving Barcelona! More...


Eveline Oudshoorn

I have back problems my whole life so I am a critical customer, but this was really good. I liked the easy contact with Scarlet, the atmosphere and the prices are fair aswell. I would definately recommend going here :)..! More...


Michiel Van Deursen

I have to say Scarlet is amazing! She made me feel at ease from the moment I walked in. Scarlet is very friendly and highly professional. She provided a soothing, relaxing massage but also managed to work on my sore muscles. One of the most rewarding massages I ever had. The experience feels like a luxury massage but is really affordable. Highly recommended, I will definitely go back!! More...


Alice Lee

Leaving my massage with Scarlet I felt amazing - relaxed, happy and comfortable in my own skin.
She was professional, kind and clearly knew exactly what she was doing. I felt in very safe hands (literally!).
Can guarantee if I was in Barcelona currently I would be getting massages weekly (wishing they were daily) and feeling all the better for it. - I honestly don't think I have ever had a better experience.


Aldine Reinink

What a great masseuse Scarlet is, every time I went to see her I feel reborn! An hour with her is such a relaxing experience, but she gets my body to work as well. I love the oils she uses, the music she plays, the whole atmosphere is as enjoyable as can be. And she is a lovely person! More...


Scott McGregor

Well I was lucky enough to have my first Masaj experience today. Scarlet really knows what's she's doing, I told her about any little niggles I had and she asked about my lifestyle and tailored a massage just for me.
I felt super relaxed while I was there, and I've never had a massage like this.
This is going to be a regular for me!


Lizzie A R Hug

The best hangover cure on the planet. Incredible service and such an amazing price. I cannot recommend Scarlett enough. I've had a lot of massages but Scarlett wins hands down! It's a very tailored services and just feels so personal to you, I promise you'll leave feeling so relaxed and sparkley!!!! Enjoy xxxx More...


Katrin Voegeli

Great treatment by Scarlet, providing a lot of relief and easing my pain materially.
I appreciate her calm and soothing personality and the offered recovery drink after treatment was a great top off!


Millie Barïng

Scarlett is a fantastic masseuse, striking the perfect balance between proper deep tissue work and an enjoyable, relaxing experience. I left feeling like my muscles had been expertly loosened up, but also relaxed from the therapeutic head and face work. She knows her stuff and pays attention to detail. I also really liked the fact that she started with my feet and always worked towards the heart. Thank you Scarlett, I'll be back!! More...


Clémence Billoud

Scarlet is an amazing massage therapist. I've had several massages with her and will keep going back. She's not just good at massage - she's very knowledgeable about the human body & always has recommendations at the end of the massage to deal with problem areas. She believes massage is more than just a luxury treament - it contributes to physical well-being. Highly recommend her. More...


Kendall Schultz

Had such an amazing experience getting a massage from Scarlett- I can't recommend her talents more highly. The massage was super relaxing but also felt intense and productive, as she was able to scope out and focus on the problematic areas. The next day my typical muscle pain (from working at a desk all day) has eased, I slept so much better last night and I'm in an all-around better mood. Will definitely be returning! And her studio is beautiful and calming. More...


Annie Bovril

I had the most wonderful experience at Masaj with Scarlet. From the very start I was made to feel extremely comfortable and relaxed, and the peaceful, calming environment where I had the massage was perfect! I was extremely tense before and had far too many knots from sitting slumped at a desk all day, but scarlet worked them out, with pressure that was the perfect mix of strong and soft! She has miracle hands and I will absolutely be making a 'Masaj' a monthly occurrence! Thank you! More...

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