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We're a Seattle-based digital marketing group that's committed to delivering impactful photo, web and print solutions for clients. We're equipped to capture imagery and visual subject matter of all kinds, including product photography, portraiture, eco and studio photography.


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Pleasant Ridge Bed & Breakfast

11 August 2016

Andrew helped us transform our web presence from mediocre to exceptional. Within 24 hours of launching our new site we made back a good chunk of what we spent on development. It was truly mind-boggling. Our site continues to perform beyond our expectations. It is a powerful business lead and financial transaction tool. Andrew’s skills and insight were key in helping us get a head start with our new business. His customer service was above and beyond. More...


Mark Sternik

27 May 2016

MAS Digital did a fantastic job creating my firm's website. Andrew is extremely knowledgeable and responsive. The site he created is professional, clean, effective, and represents my vision. I highly recommend MAS Digital Media! True professionalism! More...


Vincent McDonough

27 May 2016

I’ve hired a lot of contractors/consultants over many years – both personally and professionally. mas digital media is among the very best. There is so much to like about mas, but it all starts with their tag line: “our work revolves around you.” And they mean it! My engagement took a long time for reasons unrelated to mas. Yet they stuck with me, always looking to be helpful, and never complaining that it was taking longer than contemplated, or that what I needed them to do was beyond my original vision and their original scope. Throughout it all, I would receive emails from mas very late at night and very early in the morning. Those emails told me not only that they were diligent, but that they had made my concerns and my priorities their own. I indeed felt their work was revolving around me. I am very happy with the web site mas produced for me, and for the support they continue to give me as I approach my launch date. I recommend mas unconditionally. More...


Guru Gayatri Kundalini Yoga & Meditation

28 May 2015

Patience is a true virtue with MAS Digital Media . I'm 61 and I have a new business. I knew that I would need a designer to design my web page and then there's all this social media craziness. I had contacted a few media sites but I became overwhelmed within minutes. They were talking fast and saying all these words that I didn't understand. A friend recommended Andrew to me and it was one of those ahh moments. Andrew had patience and talked to me in jargon I could understand and if I didn't understand he would explain it again and ask if I had questions. I felt that I was actually designing the web site together with him. He was excited for my business and how it would grow. Andrew was always available or would promptly call me back if I had questions with the web page.If you are looking for someone who is authentic and has a passion for creating the best for your business .....it's Mas Digital Media .....and especially Andrew. More...


Jean Hales

28 May 2015

Mas digital media provides a highly personalized, professional and efficient approach to website development, while incorporating the latest in SEO technology. But mas digital media does so much more than develop outstanding websites. Through working with Andrew, my non-technical brain now has a foundational understanding of the ever-evolving digital universe and how to use that knowledge to make better business decisions regarding the use of technology. More...


Keith Hitchcock

28 May 2015

My company (Hocus Focus Media) collaborated with MAS Digital Media on a recent website project. I was impressed by the thoroughness of thought and attention to detail that went into each aspect of the website design. I can tell that Andrew really cares about his clients and his clients' goals. I wouldn't hesitate to work with MAS in the future, and I have already referred them to others. More...


Bill Munroe

28 May 2015

The ideal vendor for all things digital is MAS Digital. We have repeatedly turned to MAS Digital for assistance with our own business needs. We also have brought them in to help meet the often demanding expectations of our clients. From strategy to execution, MAS is practical. They bring experience and leadership to our projects, yet they are amazingly creative. They can quickly generate fresh marketing perspectives, and they are excellent project managers. I am pleased to recommend them. More...


Skagit Media Marketing

28 May 2015

From the moment I met Andrew I knew he would be a perfect partner for our growing website development business. I could go on and on about all the many things I appreciate: communication, timeliness, follow-through, creativity, transparency and, on top of all that, he's also one of the smarted people I know. Working with Andrew will allow us to offer clients more than ever before. Highly recommend. More...


Ken Jackson

28 May 2015

I have been using the services of Mas Digital Media for years. I run an online marketing service and sometimes my clients need assistance in areas that I do not cover. Mas Digital Media is the one place that I send my clients for these services. To me having a trusted place to send my clients is critical. I know that when I hand them one of my clients they will be treated right and given the best service and pricing available.They have consistently served all of my clients needs and usually deliver more than expected. My self and my customers have nothing but praise for the services they provide. You will be well served using them. More...


Farshad Ansari

28 May 2015

Andrew is outstanding in his skills, customer service and most importantly his ability to think out of the box. He goes out of his way to assist his customers and his work is great and innovative. He assisted me in development of my site and has done a great job developing my site and I am very grateful for all his work.We are working on the second phase of our project and we are looking forward to the next phase. Thank you Andrew!Dr. Ansari More...


Darla Mae Cook

28 May 2014

Beyond what I expected and I usually have high expectations! Every project that I have come to Andrew with has been met with the highest level of professionalism and has been completed in a timely order. His creativity never ceases to amaze me! I'm usually looking for something on the simple side and convenient to use, he always delivers a user-friendly idea that is still simple but mind blowing awesome at the same time. There is no one else I would trust with this aspect of my business!!! More...


A responsive web design (works for desktops, pads, and mobile devices) that is designed for simplicity. A minimalistic design allows the information to be easily understood and is considered the most user-friendly. When possible, ensure you are offering a personalized user experience and not creating distractions for your customers. Great site architecture is key to getting your customers to the key areas of your site and through the call to action. Our goal is to make the site appealing and easy to use for you and your customers. We specialize in content management systems that give you the control. Other details are a quality host that provides CDN (content delivery network), so your site loads as quickly as possible. We also strongly advise the use of an SSL (secure site certificate) to safeguard the site and your all information. We can consult and advise you through the entire process.

Typically customers want to see examples of work. The second question is typically about costs. Many times a customer that has limited experience with the web may want to understand what is included in the process to build the site and how they will manage it after it is built.

I think of photography as two parts of a whole. Composition, balance, and tones are the technical elements. Equally important, is the creative element. To understand how these technical elements support the subject and capturing the moment when all these elements come together.

What is the process? What are costs? What do I receive for your services? These are the most common questions.

We evaluate the client branding information, if it exists. We assess their competitors, so we have an understanding of how the particular market is working to appeal to the market. Our goal to give our clients an edge. We'll access the site content and design the site informational architecture. From there we work with the marketing content, create a beautiful visual field that layout the information and apply visuals that impactful and provide context to support those marketing messages.

We want to get a sense of the overall goals and expectations for the end product. We also prefer a list of sites they like and understand why. This helps us when we are reviewing the content. From a marketing perspective, we also want to be aware of their online and offline competitors. it's helpful to understand what they do well and where we can help you find an advantage to it better, from a web marketing standpoint.

We also need to understand the site features, such as e-commerce, email subscriber capture, subscriptions, memberships, etc. Once we have an understanding of these requirements, we can proceed with a proposal.

I like the opportunity to work with a wide array of business owners. Each business is unique and has unique requirements. Working in this industry for over 15 years, we have lots of experience in our toolbox to draw from.

I have been working in the field since 2001. I like the applying creative solutions to solve customers challenges. We like creating visually striking designs and creating solutions that work.

Our success rate is excellent and our client retention rate is high. We have worked with the majority of our clients for over 4 years, with the exception of newest clients. Our goal to work with our clients in a long-term fashion, if it is appropriate for them.


We're equipped to capture imagery and visual subject matter of all kinds, including product photography, portraiture, eco and setting photography.

We're committed to developing relevant, impactful, creative visual solutions to help you more effectively communicate with your target audience and achieve your objectives.

From website design, to web-app development, to content refinement, information architecture, SEO and beyond, we put the web to work for you.