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I am a Destination Wedding Photographer based in London. I also photograph Portraits and Event Photography. My style is a blend of documentary and stylish portraiture.


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The secret to taking a great photograph is to be present and in the moment and to connect with who you are photographing. Adding dimension and character to your work takes letting go of thinking and seeing what is going on, being with who you are with, rather than coming in to a shoot with a whole bunch of interpretation. In short ... keep it real.

Logistical details obviously, time, place, ideas the client may have. Most importantly however I am interested in people. Every client is different, it is never a one size fits all. Experience is important but it's also important to retain a begginers mind,

People. Photography has created in me, by requirement, a slowing down in life, so that I am taking in the vibrancy and beauty in what can seem like insignificant mundane moments to other people.

I have been taking photographs from a young age. People would always be asking me to do shoots for them and eventually I took the plunge. To this day I feel so grateful to be getting paid for something I love to do.

Because I am genuine. Well obviously I would say that. But my intention is always to create with my next work the best photography I have ever taken. I'm not sure I always tick that box but having that intention gives me an edge. I also was originally a street photographer and have an natural affinity with people. I love character and I love hearing peoples story. I hope this is all reflected in my work.



Alternative Wedding Photographer based in the UK. Shoots also destination weddings.

You can see a video of an event I did for Brooklyn Brewery above.

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