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Marsden Martial Arts LLP Reviews

Marsden Martial Arts LLP Reviews

Review of Marsden Martial Arts LLP by Loretta Kerry
5 26/02/2018 Loretta Kerry

Starting martial arts has helped me gain so much confidence in myself, not only my ability to defend myself but also in day to day life.
Marsden Martial Arts feels like a second home, everyone is so friendly and supportive!
I would recommend to anyone wanting more confidence, fitness or to lose weight! It's an all rounder :)

Review of Marsden Martial Arts LLP by RGL ltd
5 04/09/2017 RGL ltd

Great place to train! Clean, tidy and professional! Great instruction!

Review of Marsden Martial Arts LLP by Toby Drysdale
5 12/08/2016 Toby Drysdale

Nice family martial arts centre who teach such a wide variety of martial arts styles. If you are in Chesterfield then you should definitely head down to Marsden Martial Arts and give them a go

Review of Marsden Martial Arts LLP by Lucy Bryant
5 12/08/2016 Lucy Bryant

My children have trained here for 10 months now and love it. Their confidence and self control has changed so much that even school have commented on their better behaviour. Friendly, warm, family atmosphere.

Review of Marsden Martial Arts LLP by Paul Needham
5 05/09/2015 Paul Needham

Thanks to Steve at Marsden Martial arts for making my daughter, partner and myself feel welcome.
It was our 6 year daughters first Martial arts lesson which she really enjoyed.

I can highly recommend Marsden martial arts to any person thinking about there kids learn some kind of self defense or adult wanting to do some kind of combat sports.

Review of Marsden Martial Arts LLP by Heather Cagnasso
5 Heather Cagnasso

I've been bringing my 6yr old daughter here for 1 month now. She really enjoys coming. The lessons are a good mix of fun and games, learning moves, paying attention, listening and being kind to others. Very well balanced and keeps the young ones interested as well as helping them to make friends. Its defence techniques are appropriate for the age of the children. Very friendly atmosphere. Totally recommend Marsdens to anyone with young children thinking of learning valuable protection and social skills.

Review of Marsden Martial Arts LLP by Kerr Russell
5 Kerr Russell

The loveliest bunch of people to exist, if you want to get fit why go to a gym where you feel like an alien and not go to a place like this that make you feel as if you are family, well and truly an infinite out of 5 you can't compare anything to this club because it is truly unique and beautiful.
Signed Bear

Review of Marsden Martial Arts LLP by Carl Cappellano
5 Carl Cappellano

Great place with great people, My whole family love coming hear. Highly recommended

Review of Marsden Martial Arts LLP by Neil King
5 Neil King

I joined the Academy last year in November with my boys too. It is really nice to have found something to do with my son's that we all really enjoy. The teachers at Marsden Martial arts are all awesome and friendly and I am getting fitter as I'm going more and more. It's a great life choice made to join this Academy and I do not regret it one bit.
I have made a lot of new friends and feel privelidged to be a part of this MMA family.

Review of Marsden Martial Arts LLP by Connor Rhodes
5 Connor Rhodes

Sensei Steve, his sons, his wife and his gym members are an unbelievably welcoming family.

Steve spent his own time with us before we signed up making sure we felt comfortable, welcomed and had had all of our questions and concerned answered.


On our first day all of his members were VERY friendly and welcoming, which was great as a few people in our group felt nervous about martial arts.

We were ensured there was no need to be nervous and this was proven correct.

We were shown techniques slowly and safely and then when it came time to practice on each other, we were placed with higher grades who could ensure we wouldn't get hurt and would look after us.


We had a great time and a great workout while also learning lots about martial arts.

We would recommend Marsden Martial Arts to ANYONE.

Review of Marsden Martial Arts LLP by Paul Barnett
5 Paul Barnett

Joined Marsden earlier 2016. I've previously trained in a number of martial arts for about 20 ish years, and I was instantly impressed with the standard of the instructors and other students, as well as the friendly welcoming atmosphere from all, so settled in straight away.

I've since been constantly learning something new and improving on what I know. The 2 brothers (instructors) do an incredible comedy double act while teaching (but still keeping it professional), which adds to the entertainment and sets a fun scene to train in.

Marsden has improved my martial arts, fitness as well as dropping a few pounds in weight, all while having fun with a new group of friends.

Review of Marsden Martial Arts LLP by Stephanie Robinson
5 Stephanie Robinson

I have struggled to get my son (Thomas) involved in any after school activity. Then a friend said go to Marsden Martial Arts. We had an introductory session and during that my son looked close to tears, I think because he was totally out of his comfort zone. Afterwards, we talked it through about joining and he said he wasn't sure but for my son that's as close to a yes as I could get lol so 3 training sessions under our belt and he loves it I'm so pleased I can't tell you and it's down to the family that run Marsden Martial Arts and the family that trains with them. I want to say thank you all so much for welcoming us. For anyone thinking about joining them, don't think, just do it!! You won't be disappointed

Review of Marsden Martial Arts LLP by Cheri Southam
5 Cheri Southam

I started out real shy and disappointed in my capabilities being a bigger lady, worrying that I might not be able to do it. But they all have cheered me on and been there when I’m down on myself to pick me up and I truly look forward to going there and giving my best until I make it right :) First class training and always a friend in sight. The staff and trainees push my skills to the limit, pick me up when I'm down and have become a second family to me and my daughter. I was real proud to watch MMA at a recent competition. Our competitors had lots of skill and respect on the mats. It’s wonderful to be trained by a family of professionals, that make it all seem so easy and encourage dedication and respect. Thank you all at MMA, you are a blessing in my life.

Review of Marsden Martial Arts LLP by Claire Hartley
5 Claire Hartley

Tristan, my now 6 year old son, has been coming here for nearly 3 years. I can honestly say, hand on heart, that Marsden's MMA has had a remarkable impact on him. He has gone from not listening and constantly being on his own mission to now being attentative, confident and kind, consistently. He is now in the family class and because he absolutely loves coming, it got me to sign up a few months ago. At 43 I though I was too old to learn something new. I'm not and I love it too! Being a single parent working full time, I have to think carefully about how I spend Tristan's time and mine. This is by far one of the best decisions I have made for us both. A 5 star rating isn't high enough - i'd give it more! Thanks for everything - you are all great!!

Review of Marsden Martial Arts LLP by Cara Rogers
5 Cara Rogers

So my lil one (Ethan) had his introductory session yesterday! And after a few bumpy minutes of seeming to be shy and embarrassed and totally out of his comfort zone seemed to really enjoy it by the time he had finished.... Aisha spent so much time with him! Encouraging him along and just being so patient! It was hard to sit back as a parent and let someone else do the work! When we got given his kit he totally changed character and seemed to have alot more confidence! He couldn't wait to go back and put his gear on again! Lol... ! So took him again tonight for a session and he has totally enjoyed himself! He even told his dad to get up early on Saturday to take him again!! Lol. The guys are really good and you can tell All the children respect them and each other! It's going to be great watching his confidence grow and his skills develop! So much his dad is thinking of joining!!! Can't wait to get his little brother signed up but he's not three till the end of January! Now that will be a challenge for the guys! Kinda kicking myself we haven't done anything like this sooner! Great team of people who are down there! Would defo recommend and that's just after one full session. Thanx guys.

Review of Marsden Martial Arts LLP by Anna Squires
5 Anna Squires

I just want to say a big thank you to you all I sat and watched arwen on Monday I realised just how far she has come on not just in martial arts but her concentration she sits there watching you all taking in every bit of what you all are saying to them all she's turning in to such a lovly littel girl this is part your doing I just wanted the chance to say thank you to you all she loves coming and is thriving at Marsdens.

Review of Marsden Martial Arts LLP by Liam Rogers
5 Liam Rogers

So today was the turn of Ellis to join the Marsden crew! He turned 3 yesterday and had his introductory session last nite after months of itching to get on the mats! Sensei Brandon was amazing with him. Very patient and praised him loads! Wasn't pushy and let him get comfy with the new surroundings. Suggested we took him to a main lesson tonight which we did! Ellis loved it! Tried his best to get involved! Listened and seem to really enjoy it! Think he had a lil wobble but was soon back on the mats with Aisha who wouldn't let him escape! After positive comments from sensei Steve and sensei Brandon, quickly signed him up! Gi on straight away which he refused to take off! And even wanted to get back on the mats and try grading! Lol.... couldn't thank or wish for a better bunch of people to help develop my lil ones!! The boys really enjoy coming! Keep up the fab work guys!

Review of Marsden Martial Arts LLP by Rebekah Knight
5 Rebekah Knight

Asher has been to a few classes with little Ninjas now and he absolutely LOVES it. He asks me what day it is everyday to check if it's time for little Ninjas. A huge huge thank you to Miss Aisha for making Asher feel so welcome and at home at Marsden martial arts. He looks for you the moment he's through the doors. His listening skills at home have improved dramatically, his confidence has peaked.. I could not recommend more if I tried. Absolutely worth every penny. The families that attend are really nice, there's always a friend to have a chat with for me and for Asher! My little girl is 4 months old and already I can't wait for her to be old enough to start! Sensei Tom and Sensei Steve are fantastic teachers! Extremely patient and just all-around BRILLIANT!! If you're umming and arring about going- GO!!!

Review of Marsden Martial Arts LLP by Nathaniel Scott Ward
5 Nathaniel Scott Ward

amesome family friendly place. me and my friend both attend. i would advise to anyone who is interested in martial arts or who just wish to better themselves to join this club.the sensi's are understanding of different ability levels and play to your strengths whilst bettering your weaknesses, also they are really friendly and obviously very knowledgeable.

Review of Marsden Martial Arts LLP by Larissa Carty
5 Larissa Carty

I apologise for my terrible writing before I start.
I signed Corey up in March this year, I'd been having a few issues with his listening skills, and controlling his behaviour when he is worked up or frustrated.
Recently he has been attempting (and sometimes succeeding) in pushing the boundaries, to the point where he had gotten so worked up he kicked me in the mouth, causing my lip to split, pinching, biting and also hitting his siblings leaving very clear marks and bruises. I was at the point where I felt like a failure as a parent, that there was no way out. I arrived at the following lesson, and spoke with Sensei Steve, who booked Corey in with Sensei Tom for a talk for the following Saturday. I spoke privately with Sensei Tom, explained everything that had been happening, and he explained his past experiences and how to deal with them. Afterwards he took Corey in and spoke privately with him, before bringing me back in with Corey and amazingly explaining a few ways on how to help Corey improve.
It took a few weeks, alot of tears, and I hate you mummy's! I wish someone else was my mummy! Etc. But I pushed through it and didn't give in. Corey is now like a whole new child, he still has his amazing personality, but finds it easier controlling himself. Of course like with all children, he has his moments to see if he can break any of the new boundaries, but realises quickly that the rules are in place and will be staying.
Marden Martial Arts are definitely the way forward. So much so I signed my Daughter up in August. You don't come here and just become another student/parent of a student. You become part of a huge friendly, and welcoming family!!
Thank you Sensei Tom, Sensei Steve, Sensei Brandon, Sensei Lyn, Aisha, Jake, Lucy and everyone else here. You are all amazing!

Review of Marsden Martial Arts LLP by Rebecca Keetley
5 Rebecca Keetley

Wow what can i say, the team's fantastic! Sooooo welcoming and friendly, they definetly get the job done well, my son Jayden absolutely loves it, this i totally a forever thing!!! Thank you for being just amazing

Review of Marsden Martial Arts LLP by Oli Merrin
5 Oli Merrin

Really great place to learn. Such a great friendly atmosphere and everyone, sensei's and fellow students make you feel very welcome.

Just a quick update. Now almost 3 and half weeks since I started and lost a nice 8lb already and feel So much better in myself.

Thank you to all thoes at Marsdens martial arts that's help in my journey so far.

Review of Marsden Martial Arts LLP by Rachael Butcher
5 Rachael Butcher

Far more than just martial arts. They really help build your children’s confidence and take time out to be there for you and your children if you need them. It’s very family orientated and friendly. Our eldest has been going for almost 4 months and he is always counting down to his next lesson.
I cannot praise them enough.

Review of Marsden Martial Arts LLP by Lisa Byers
5 Lisa Byers

Jake has now joined the leadership program to black belt and is so excited. He has also been asked to be a mentor to the young students, little ninjas, so he’s pretty pleased with himself. A great programme to inspire, ins-till confidence and provide skills that are immeasurable to a young adult. Thank you Sensei’s.

Review of Marsden Martial Arts LLP by Becky Reader
5 Becky Reader

I signed kyra up in December and I wouldn't look back she has come on leaps and bounds all thanks to these guys she's gained more confident and has respect and made alot of friends been for a progress review and before we left I signed her up to leadership so all good thank you for dedicating your time sensei Steve sensei lynn sensei Brandon and sensei tom your all brilliant thank you :)

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