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My full name is Chloe Tiegan Manley and I have been passionate about photography since I was ten years old. On my tenth birthday, my dad brought be my first point and shoot camera with a 32gb SDcard. At first I thought it was a pointless gift but then my mum encouraged me to use it.



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I love the photographing part of this job because it is therapeutic for me and the camera is the main part of the job.

I wanted more responsibility for myself. I wanted to be in charge of myself. Give myself a push into something i would never imagine doing. Now i can.

Clients should choose me because I am willing to help them with they're choosing of photographs. I help them decide what is best for the photograph. I am not just in this for the money, i am also in it to help clients with their needs. I am very punctual and have worked around customers for their needs.



£10 per hour Pet photography £15 per hour Baby photography £20 per hour Engagement photography £20 Hen/stag due photography £20 per hour Birthday photography £25 per hour Portfolio photography £200 Wedding photography