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Dan Brown

17 February 2014

I have been going to Tim for a few weeks now and already have lost weight with my own tailor made diet provided by Tim that suits my schedule and lifestyle brilliantly and the excises that are made to concentrate to the places I wanted to loose weight, I feel more energetic and a lot more happy with myself than I have done for a long time, Tim is very professional and I would recommend him to<span id="moreReview479234" class="hide"> anyone.</span>


Leah Stares

16 February 2014

I would highly recommend Tim Melbourne to anyone who is looking to lose weight. I had numerous sessions with Tim last year and although I did not have a great deal to lose, he helped me achieve a weight loss of over 9lb. <br /><br />Tim is incredibly patient and makes you feel at ease. I am a very shy person, but was made to feel comfortable and that I could be myself. Most importantly, Tim is<span id="moreReview479061" class="hide"> exceptionally qualified and knows what he is talking about, not only exercise but the importance of eating healthily. <br /><br />To know that Tim has gone through the same weight loss process and that he has been able to maintain such discipline is highly motivating in itself. <br /><br />I am incredibly thankful to Tim for all of his help and advice.</span> More...


Lauren England

15 February 2014

Thanks to Tim I managed to lose the weight I wanted by listening to his advice on what to eat and when, I found this very useful as it meant I could make little changes to my eating habits but have optimal results. He also taught me different exercises, things that you don't always see at the gym and could do at home, exercises that helps work certain areas of he body helping you to loose weight<span id="moreReview478918" class="hide"> in places you feel most insecure about. <br /> I found Tim really easy to get along with and tell him what I wanted to work on and he designed a plan to best get me to the goals I had specified and help me work hard to achieve the look I was after. <br /><br />Lauren England.</span> More...


Jill Haslam

15 February 2014

I have been seeing Tim for a few weeks and I am already feeling the health benefits of our training sessions. Each session is tailored to me personally (I do have some health issues) and targets the areas most needed, with a focus on increasing my metabolism and fat burning. Tim changes the exercises in each session so there is no chance of getting bored with the routine or your body getting<span id="moreReview478920" class="hide"> used to repetitive activity. I cannot lie and say any of the sessions have been easy, they haven't! but the whole point is to maximise your efforts in the right direction and results happen Tim is there to guide and motivate you through to the end. I now do far more than I ever expected to and know that I will get even better, fitter and healthier My sessions with Tim are not only exercise based but great emphasis is placed on your whole body and mind transformation, including food intake, cravings, mood swings and lifestyle choices. <br /> Some of us have in the past been inclined to add exercise without altering anything else, exercise alone will not transform your health, your mindset needs to accept the changes required and be acted upon. <br /> I am coming to terms with and changing lifelong habits with the help of Tim, through his expertise in his capacity of personal trainer and coach. <br />I am motivated to change my old ways and I am looking forward to a healthier new lifestyle with Tim's guidance.<br /><br />Jill Haslam.</span> More...