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Majority Media specializes in partnering with small to mid-size companies in establishing themselves online. Our Web Design division customizes packages to suit your business needs and budget. The ideal is to build something that helps you reach your goals.


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Dolores Ragin

9 August 2019

Designed a video of a listing for me, great work

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The ability to tell the story you want as a company. A website should be able to meet the clients' current and future needs. By that I mean allow for room for growth. Whether it be product and services or simply the ability to update your message. Show your goals as a business and for your potential customers.

We customize our designs to client needs. The first thing we like to get an understanding of is their business goals. Their budget and their plan going forward to ensure the website evolves with them.

Where are they in the process? Have they already secured their website domain? Do they have hosting and SSL? These are the structural things to have in place in order to understand the starting point and their needs.

Helping our clients follow their dreams and realize their goals. The excitement attached to the building and hitting the milestones. Helping to empower our clients to build a successful business.

I've worked in advertising for 20+yrs. People would ask about starting their business and what it takes. Unfortunately in the corporate environment. They're mainly interested in clients that can bring in 5+ figures. I enjoy helping entrepreneurs and business owners to grow their business. Seeing the actual results and the difference it makes in their lives.

My goal is to not just build a website but empower the clients that I work with to be successful. Genuinely enjoy helping people realize their goals and dreams of starting and growing their business. It helps to partner with people that are just as invested in your success as you are.



Majority Media provides customized web design packages to suit our clients' needs and budgets. Hosting, SSL, helping attain website domains. Our product suite is extensive and can be customized to each client's specific goals. Whether you're just starting out and need a website built from scratch or need the tools for self-service where you can make the updates to your site yourself.